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Playboy insults conservative women in an attempt to boost sagging sales




Playboy Writer


Conservative Women

June 6th, 2009


A writer for Playboy magazine 

lists 10 conservative women 

that he says are worthy of 

an anger-fueled sex act.

“There is a way to reach across 

the aisle without letting principles

fall by the wayside. … 

We may despise everything 

these women represent, but … 

they’re hot. 

Let the healing begin,” 

wrote Guy Cimbalo.

  •  Rep. Michele Bachmann

  •  Michelle Malkin

  •  Megyn Kelly

  •  Mary Katharine Ham


  •  Amanda Carpenter


  •  Elisabeth Hasselbeck

  •  Dana Perino

  •  Laura Ingraham


  •  Pamela Geller


  •  Peggy Noonan


    Playboy’s Web site 

    has pulled the article.




2 Responses to “Playboy insults conservative women in an attempt to boost sagging sales”

  1. The women are gorgous, and intelligent. I would love to take any them to dinner, if only we could find something to talk about other than religion and politics.

  2. It is obvious that even old liberal progressives have no respect for women whom are not leftwing

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