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Vacuum dirt not babies!


Notre Dame holds

first Alan Keyes


By Ann Coulter

May 20th, 2009


How about for next year’s

graduation ceremony Notre Dame

have an abortionist perform an

abortion live on stage?

They could have a partial-birth
abortion for the advanced degrees.

According to liberals,

the right to kill babies was

enshrined by the Founding Fathers

in our Constitution —

and other constitutional rights are

celebrated in public.

The right to bear arms is honored

in 21-gun salutes, turkey shoots,

Civil War re-enactments,

firearms demonstrations and,

occasionally, at Phil Spector’s house.

The right to petition the government

for redress of grievances is celebrated

at political rallies, tea parties, marches,

protests and whenever Keith Olbermann

has a fight with his cat.

The free exercise clause is observed

in church services, missionary work,

peyote-smoking Indian rituals,

and for a few days after every time

Bill Clinton gets caught having

an extramarital affair.

So instead of inviting a constitutional

lawyer to yammer on about this

purported constitutional right,

why not show it being practiced?


How about a 21-vacuum

hose (D&C) salute?
Maybe have the Notre Dame

marching band form a giant

skull-piercing fork?

How about havinging the president

throw out the ceremonial first fetus,

like on opening day in baseball?

I’m just brainstorming here,

folks —
none of this is written in stone.

Being such a prestigious institution,

Notre Dame could probably get

famed partial-birth abortion practitioner

George Tiller to do the demonstration

at next year’s graduation.

Obama could help —

inasmuch as Tiller the abortionist

is a close friend of Health and

Human Services Secretary

Kathleen Sebelius.

This is a “constitutional right”

like no other.

Even its supporters are embarrassed

by the exercise of this right.

They won’t practice the

right in public —

they won’t even call abortion

by its name,

preferring to use a string of

constantly changing euphemisms,

such as “reproductive health”

and “choice.”

It would be as if gun owners

refused to use the word “gun”

and the NRA’s motto were,

“Let’s all work together to keep

hunting safe, legal and rare.”


Liberals were awestruck by

Obama’s statesmanlike speech

at Notre Dame,

but whatever he says about abortion

is frothy nonsense because we’re

not allowed to vote on abortion

policy in America.

If it’s a “constitutional right,”

we can no more vote on abortion

than we could vote on free speech.


With Roe v. Wade,

abortion supporters ripped the

issue out of the democratic process —

limb from limb, you might say —

and declared their desired outcome

a “constitutional right.”

They have hysterically defended

that lawless decision for the last


All of Obama’s soothing words

about joining hands and not demonizing

one another are just blather as long

as that legal monstrosity remains

the law of the land.

Showing his open-mindedness,

Obama asked,
“How does each of us remain firm

in our principles …

without demonizing those with

just as strongly held convictions

on the other side?”

(What do I have to do to get you

murderers and you non-murderers

to shake hands and be friends?)

A good start would

be letting us vote.


Liberals can be all sweet reason

as long as their preference for

abortion on demand is lyingly

called a “constitutional right,”

immutable to the tiniest alteration

by the voters.

In the minuscule areas where

abortion policy can be affected,

Obama has shown his passion for

compromise by always taking the

most extreme pro-abortion position.

On his third day in office,

Obama overturned the

“Mexico City Policy,” which prohibited

U.S. taxpayer money from being spent

on overseas organizations that perform

or actively promote abortion as a

method of family planning.

Obama has filled his administration

with Planned Parenthood veterans

and friends of partial-birth abortionists.



As an Illinois state

senator in 2002-2003,

Obama repeatedly blocked

and voted against the

“Born Alive Act,”

which would have allowed

doctors to give medical care

to babies who somehow

survived abortions

and remained alive,

wholly apart from

their mothers.

Even the extremist National Abortion

and Reproductive Rights Action League

declined to take a position on the bill.


The same bill in the U.S. Senate passed

unanimously — and that means that

abortion-happy nutcake Barbara Boxer

voted for it.

But Obama apparently thought it was

important to affirm a woman’s critical

right to fourth-trimester abortions.

Here’s my idea for how we can
“live together as one human family,”

as Obama proposed at Notre Dame:
Go ahead, demonize pro-lifers,

Obama — call us

“right-wing ideologues.”

But just once,

support one little policy

that will save a single

unborn child.


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