You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Angelina Jolie scandalous sex secrets!



Angelina Jolie is a jealous, 

cunning lair who cheated 

on Brad with a famous 

rock star, 

schemed to lure him away 

from Jennifer Aniston – 

and even slept with her 

own mother’s boyfriend!


Renowned investigative reporter

 Andrew Morton makes these 

claims in a shocking new 

tell all book, 

reveals the May 18th issue 

of Star Magazine.



who was handpicked by 

Princess Diana to write 



is researching every aspect 

of the 33 year old Jolie’s life.

Morton claims Angelina spent 

time in a mental institution 

in 2000, 

and married Billy Bob Thorton 

just hours after her release.


“That period in Angelina’s 

life is still a mystery, 

even to people who 

are close to her,” 

Morton told Star magazine.


“Was she committed, 

or was she a 

voluntary patient?  

I want to get at the truth 

and discover why she was 

there at all.”


A source told Star that 

“She was so obsessed with 

him that she threatened to 

kill herself if he didn’t 

marry her.  


Angelina was very dramatic, 

and because she carries 

knives and did drugs, 

he thought it was possible 

she could harm herself.  

He was so worried he 

agreed to tie the knot.”

In her teens, 

Angelina was 

captivated by vampires, 

a family insider reveals.


“She was always asking her

 boyfriends if she could taste 

their blood.  

She even wanted to become 

a mortician.”

In her younger days, 

Angelina was barely 

recognizable as the 

glamorous icon 

she has become.


In school, 

“people called her 

Spider Lady and Freak 

because she was so 

thin and pale, 

and she only wore black,”  

claimed another source.  

“She was far from popular.”

            ANGELINA at 16

By the time she was 16,

Jolie had turned into a 

gorgeous woman and learned 

how to use her beauty to 

snag a much older 

married man.


A source revealed 

that Angelina 

“had a brief but steamy affair 

with a guy her Mom knew.” 

She knew he was attached – 

and 20 yers older – 

but she still seduced him!  

She was a total sex kitten.”

One time Angie’s mother 

Marcheline had a big fight 

with her boyfriend.


“March and her guy 

had a huge fight, and Angie 

saw her chance to seduce him.  

She felt so guilty about it, 

she confessed to her mom.  


She promised she would 

never do something like 

that again.”  

An insider told The Star.


As Angie grew older, 

her taste in sex partners 

expanded to include women.

Actress Jenny Shimizu 

was one of them, 

the Star claims.




To this day, 

says a source, 

“Angie checks into 

hotels by herself, 

and Brad doesn’t 

ask questions.  

But it’s because she still 

likes to sleep with women.”
































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