You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Sarah Palin is a threat to the liberal two party political monopoly!






Sarah Palin

is scaring the

liberal power 


We all know Democrats hate 

and despise Sarah Palin.

Many Republicans seem

to feel the same way.

The reason is obvious.

Sarah Palin is conservative.

If I may be allowed to 

speak rashly for a moment,

it boils down to this.

Democrats are Socialists,

Republicans are 

Socialist Lites,

and both parties lost sight

of the American Constitution 

decades ago.

Both parties are all about

maintaining their power.
Sarah Palin is a conservative,

not in name only but in action.

Sarah Palin is the last best

hope for America,

perhaps the last best

hope for breaking up the two

party shell game that has been 

played on the American people

for over a century.

Both parties hate that

threat to their eternal 


Both parties seem to be

OK with Socialism – 

leading to Communism,

taking over the United States

as long as the elite few are 

the Communist leaders.

Sarah Palin 

stands for America,

and she won’t stand for 

the two choice Republicrat 

Demopublican Power Party 

which fools almost all of 

the people,

all of the time.
The Power Party does

not hate her because

she is beautiful,

or smarter than they are.

They hate her because

she cannot be corrupted.

They hate her because

she uses the G word in



They hate her because she

is a shining light that shows 

them for what they are –

sophist well dressed pretenders

who trade power every four 

years to make the American 

people feel they have a choice,

to appease the dumb masses.

Sarah Palin serves a master

greater than power and

money combined.

The Power Party

secretly say they 

will be damned

before they give up

the money and power

they love more than

America and the

“G” word.

For once,

they are

telling the truth.

              Rash Manly
            May 5th, 2009

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