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Global Warming Myth Exposed! – part 7 of 11



Global Warming:
The Myth

Part seven of eleven


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Global warming 

According to the GISS figures, 
last month was the warmest October on record around the world.  

This struck some observers as odd.  
There had been no reports of autumn heat waves in the international press and there is almost always blanket coverage of any unusually warm weather since it fits into the widespread media bias that climate catastrophe lies just ahead.  

In fact, quite the opposite had occurred; 
there had been plenty of stories about unseasonably cool weather.

The killer frost 

Turn up the heat, somebody.  
The globe is freezing.  
Even Al Gore is looking 
for an extra blanket.  

Winter has barely come to the northern latitudes and already we’ve got bigger goosebumps than usual.  
So far the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports 63 record snowfalls in the United States, 
115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month.  

Only 44 Octobers over the past 114 years have been cooler than this last one.   


[Much more about 


GISS errors here.]
New Hope for 

Things are looking up for the global warming skeptics.  
First of all there is the global temperature.  
After holding constant since 1998 it has dropped markedly in the last two years. … 

Recently the Germans prudently declared a ten-year hold on non-stop global warming.  

What with a flip in the Gulf Stream they realized that the numbers weren’t going to look too good for the alarmists in the next few years.



NASA measures 

NASA is spending around 20 million dollars a year to deploy and monitor 3000 robot buoys around the worlds oceans and the data coming in doesn’t support their theory on global warming, 
in fact it turns out the world has cooled slightly in the last five years.  

It’s surprising the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this, 
you would think the fact that the earth is cooling would be front page news.
NASA Confirms 

NASA has confirmed that a developing natural climate pattern will likely result in much colder temperatures.  

Of course, the climate alarmists’ favorite dubious data source was also quick to point out that such natural phenomena should not confuse the issue of manmade greenhouse gas induced global warming.



Global warming is 

In South America, 
last year was one of the coldest ever observed.  

In Buenos Aires, it snowed for the first time in 89 years.  
Chile had the roughest winter, according to the agricultural minister, in the past 50 years.  

Most of Antarctica is actually getting colder. 

According to a University of Oklahoma temperature specialist David Deming, “unexpected bitter cold swept the entire Southern Hemisphere in 2007.”
Antarctica Ain’t Cooperating!  

National Geographic magazine featured a cover story entitled “The Big Thaw,” 
and based on what you would see in that issue, 
you would think there is absolutely no debate about rapid and undesirable changes occurring in Antarctica all due to the dreaded global warming phenomenon.  
As we have shown over and over, 
nothing could be further from the truth!
Snow forecast 

Think it’s cold?  
You have good reason.  

Seattle just experienced the coldest first week of June, 
according to climate records dating to 1891, 
said Cliff Mass, University of Washington metrologist.  

Both 1999 and 2008 share the record, 
with 1917 falling in second place, 
he said.  
“Just wait until tomorrow,” 
he said, 
when temperatures are going to be even colder.



A Heat Wave, But …  

In late May, 
despite Green predictions that the Arctic is melting so fast that it will provide a new route, 
a Northwest Passage, 
for ships, a group of eco-tourists on a vessel offering polar expeditions found themselves trapped when a former Soviet icebreaker, 
refitted for visits to the supposedly disappearing ice, 
was trapped in late May by ice.




Gaiag Me With a Spoon 

Gaia can be a fickle goddess, 
as Earth Day celebrants in Canada discovered this weekend.  

But the irony of an April blizzard driving an Earth Day celebration indoors, 
in this age of global warming, 
seems lost on reporters who have swallowed environmentalism hook, line and sinker.



See Gore, 

Geophysicist Phil Chapman, 
the first Australian to become a NASA astronaut, 
and who served as mission specialist on the Apollo 14 lunar mission, 
writes in the Down Under newspaper the Australian that 
“the rout of Napoleon’s Grand Army from Moscow was at least partly due to the lack of sunspots.”  

This is more than a historical footnote.  
The same pattern of solar activity that doomed Napoleon is occurring as we speak.

35 Inconvenient Truths:   

      The Errors In 
     Al Gore’s Movie

     by Lord Monckton

      Link to it below

 and tons of other stuff
  on this amazing site!





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  1. Awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!
    It is the best blog!!!
    i love this blog!!!!!
    Go ahead and keep it up

    • I have to wonder what short circuit of the brain allows you to distort facts and tell outright lies in service of your agenda. Let’s start with the above photo, which you credit to Newsweek which has (oh surprise) the asterix Photoshopped out next to “global climate change is a hoax”, the article is actually an article about climate change deniers. “Global Warming”, is not the theory – climate change is. Our weather is getting more extreme and more erratic, that’s a -fact-. There is a lot of good, reproducible science behind man made causes. Doing something about it is way cheap compared to consequences, just ask new york/new jersey. There is no upside to burying your head in the sand.

      • Yeah,
        we need to get rid of CO2 gas-
        that awful stuff that makes plants grow,
        plants which produce oxygen,
        plants that animals eat.

        Science genius Al Gore knows all.

        When it is too hot- it’s mans fault.

        Too cold- mans fault.

        Bad weather- mans fault.

        Ever heard of Climate-Gate?

        In my youth,
        the impending COMING ICE AGE
        was all the rage-
        science said so,
        and science is never wrong.

        The whole ‘Climate Disruption’
        scam is an excuse for the UN
        to sell carbon tax credits and impose
        a global tax on the dumb masses.

        Al Gore has made approx $700 million
        dollars on his Chicken Little Hysteria Tour
        so far.

        The same Al Gore that had SAT scores
        100 points lower than George Bush,
        (who is no genius)
        the same Al Gore that was called a
        ‘crazed sex poodle’ for wanting a
        Happy Ending during a massage,
        the same Al Gore that flunked out
        of Divinity School.

        Al Gore is a con man who makes a fortune
        off preaching The Sky Is Falling,
        the same Al Gore who says the sea is
        rising yet he built one of his mansions
        on the seashore.

        Do some research besides listening
        to high school teachers and getting
        news off the Jon Stewart Show.

        Look up ‘The Impending Ice Age’
        it was all the rage a few decades ago.

        Look up ‘Climate-Gate’ and see how
        data was faked to prove doom and
        gloom predictions.

        And your hero Obama is going to
        lose the election in 2012,
        but no doubt you will blame that
        on Racism,
        it can’t be Obama’s idiot policies
        and Marxist leanings.

        Get rid of CO2 gas and all life
        on Earth dies,
        lets do that.


        P.S. – Speaking of Time Magazine,
        here is what they said in 1974-

      • You mention Time Magazine,
        the geniuses who say
        Global Warming is real-
        here is what they said in 1974

  2. I can not thank you
    enough for such kind comments!

    I will keep it up for sure.
    I love doing this blog,
    and I care deeply for you readers!

    Moon is different from anything
    else on the web.

    I never know what
    is coming next,
    being a lunatic
    has its advantages!

    for reading 22moon!


  3. i think global warming is a hoax

  4. Great stuff.
    I’m a statistician and I could never figure out their computer models.

    I thought that surely they knew that if you added all of the factors that would go into the global temperature and the relatively few good data points for global temperature,
    you would get an over-saturated model.

    Creating policy on what they surely must know is an oversaturated computer model is one of the most absurb things I have ever heard of.

  5. Super interesting post JDSTATS –
    thanks for sharing that!


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    also, would you be interested in sharing a link??

  7. Is it possible to provide sources
    of the information given here?

    Especially that regarding the NASA figures?

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