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Dicky Sze Ho-chun off to jail for stealing Edison Chen sex photos off Chen’s computer!



Jail For Technician

In Sex Photo Scandal


April 30th, 2009

A computer technician 

will be jailed for stealing 

sexually explicit photos 

of Canto pop icon Edison 

Chen Koon-hei that were 

distributed on the Internet.


A Hong Kong court yesterday 

found Dicky Sze Ho-chun, 24, 

guilty on three counts of 

obtaining access to a computer 

with a view to making a 

dishonest gain. 

The images showed Chen engaged 

in lewd sex acts with a string of 

female celebrities, 

including Cecilia Cheung 

and Gillian Chung.


                  GILLIAN CHUNG




                  CECILIA CHUNG




The scandal destroyed Chen’s 

entertainment career in Hong Kong, 

forcing him to take early retirement 

from the local industry.

Chief Magistrate Tong Man 

told Sze that a jail sentence 

was inevitable due to the 

seriousness of the crime.



“You breached the 

trust of your employer,” 

he said. 

“You took advantage of your 

position as an employee to 

steal the data from Chen’s 


Chen’s laptop was taken to 

Elite Multimedia Ltd for repair 

in the summer of 2006.



Sze’s colleague, 

Chris Tse Lap-kiu, 

discovered the images and 

saved the data to an external 

hard disk to use as back up 

during repairs. 

Sze later copied the images 

to another computer server 

connected to the Internet.

He showed the images to two 

female staff at a household 

store and gave one a compact 

disc with 1,300 photos.



The images were widely 

circulated on the Internet last year. 

The court was told that Sze knew 

it was wrong to access computer 

data without the customer’s 


Defense counsel Kevin Tang 

pleaded for leniency, 

saying Sze was just 21 when 

he committed the crime and 

was ignorant of the law.



Magistrate Tong remanded 

Sze in custody for sentence 

on May 13 but ruled out a 

community service order. 

The court is waiting for a 

pre-sentence report on Sze, 

who does not have a 

criminal record.




Sze appeared calm when 

the judgment was handed 

down yesterday. 

Outside the court, 

Sze’s mother said the family 

could not afford to appeal 

and begged for a 

lenient sentence.

“How can we appeal? 

We have no money,” 

she said.

Solicitor Vitus Leung Wing-hang 

said the offence carried a 

maximum three-year prison term. 

He believed Sze would be 

sentenced to a maximum six 

months in a detention center.






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