You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

The Door To Hell located in Darvaz, Uzbekistan!

The Door
To Hell






This place in Uzbekistan
is called by locals 
“The Door to Hell”. 

It is situated near the 
small town of Darvaz. 

The story of this place 
lasts already for 35 years. 

Once the geologists 
were drilling for gas. 
Then suddenly during the 
drilling they have found an 
underground cavern, 
it was so big that all the 
drilling site with all the 
equipment and camps got 
deep deep under the ground. 

None dared to go down 
there because the cavern 
was filled with gas. 
door to hell in Darvaz 3

So they ignited it so that 
no poisonous gas could come 
out of the hole, 
and since then, 
it’s burning, 
already for 35 years 
without any pause.
door to hell in Darvaz 4

Nobody knows how many 
tons of excellent gas has 
been burned for all those 
years but it just seems 
to be infinite there.
door to hell in Darvaz 5
door to hell in Darvaz 6



9 Responses to “The Door To Hell located in Darvaz, Uzbekistan!”

  1. You dont know
    or understand the seriousness
    of the truths about Hell.

    That place may certainly not be it.

    But there is such a place below our feet.

    And the only way to not end up there
    is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for
    the eternal Salvation and security of
    your soul through “Faith” and faith
    alone by the grace of GOD.

    “For all have sinned and
    fall short of the Glory of GOD.”

  2. Well said Jamal,
    I agree with you %100 percent.

    Timothy 1:15

    “This is a faithful saying,
    and worthy of all acceptation,
    that Christ Jesus came into the
    world to save sinners,
    of which I am chief.”

  3. 🙂 How nice.
    You cannot publish a story without having comments
    from religious wacko’s referring to religious doctrines
    that have nothing to do with Jesus/Joshua the Messiah/Christ
    as they did not even exist (the Hell part) in the time,
    when Joshua the Son of Miriam was walking the world
    and that have been constructed much later
    for motivational purposes.

  4. Beautiful photos of an
    unusual geological phenomenon…
    well tied-in with the paintings of
    hellfire and damnation.

    Did you notice the mountain ranges
    surrounding the flat plane of that region?

    It’s frightening to think there could have been
    an eruption large enough to produce a caldera that size.

  5. Lol.
    There is no such thing as a god.
    or hell.
    But I’m not going to stop you people
    from thinking it is all true.
    But fuck i want to visit that place 🙂

  6. As amazing as it seems,
    i’m a bit skeptical about how it happened.
    is that the only spot or are there others?

    who knows,
    maybe that entire area is “the door to hell”.
    Not just that cavern.

  7. I don’t think this place is located in Uzbekistan.
    It is probably in Turkmenistan not Uzbekistan.

  8. It’s in Turkmenistan, not uzbekistan


  9. You guys sucks,
    there is not such things as ” Hell” or “Heaven”
    Jesus xt never talked about “hell”,
    that idea only show up in theology in 1550,
    did you know that the pope already erased
    the “purgatory” on the theology books?

    By the way, beutiful place..
    its interesting,
    have any of you guys hear about
    the underground fire in colorado
    that swallow houses?

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