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Elaina Smith, 7, is the world’s youngest “Agony Aunt”!


Girl, 7,

Is Agony Aunt


April 3rd, 2009

A seven-year-old girl 

is working for her 

local radio station – 

as Britain’s youngest 

agony aunt.

Elaina Smith was offered the 

post after she rang a phone-in 

on Mercia FM and told a woman 

caller who had just been 

dumped to go bowling with 

friends and drink 

a mug of milk.



Her advice was such a hit that

 she was given a weekly slot on

the station’s breakfast show, 

reports the Daily Mirror.

Now she gives tips on everything

from ending a stale relationship 

and how to get a man to dealing 

with lazy older brothers.

Elaina, from Coventry, said: 

“I really enjoy it. 

I say whatever comes into my 

head and people like what I say.

I used to want to be a vet,

 but now I want to 

be on the radio.”

Her mum Karen Harris, 31, 


“Elaina’s dad and I separated.

She’s always trying to set me

up with people in town.

“I’m happy being single 

but if I do need advice 

I know who to ask.”




When one listener wrote to 

Elaina asking how to get a man,

she replied: 

“Shake your booty on the 

dancefloor and listen to 

High School The Musical.”

Another girl asked what 

she should do about her 

lazy older brother. 

Elaina answered: 

“Tell him to get a job and 

stop watching Loose Women

on the telly.”

When a woman asked how 

to get her man back, 

Elaina told her: 

“He’s not worth the heartache.

Life’s too short to be upset 

with a boy.”




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