You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Lady GaGa black tape bra fotos!

                                    photo by SMART PICTURES


                                   photo by MAGIC MOMENTS





AFTER seeing 

the latest in a long 

line of pictures of 


showing her boobs, 

I reckon it’s time to 

resurrect Bizarre’s 

Buy Her A Bra 


Gordon Smart reports

for The U.K. Sun 

reports April 17th.























Two years ago I had enough

 of seeing BRITNEY SPEARS’

 saggy bangers and demanded 

she get some support.




Now it’s Gaga who can’t

 keep herself covered up.

Here she is at London’s

 Bungalow 8 club with only

 black tape to preserve 

her modesty.




The singer, 

filming the video for new 

release Paparazzi, 

also showed off her pants as

 turned a camera on 

waiting snappers.

The only thing she kept 

covered were her eyes. 

Even her feet were on show, 

in see-through neon heels.

What does she do when 

she has a gentleman caller – 

dress before bed?











2 Responses to “Lady GaGa black tape bra fotos!”

  1. who cares, it’s not like you’d look away if she walked up to you naked

  2. i got wood

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