You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Kareena Kapoor meets John Rambo for the first time – will it be their last?!!



Hollywood hardman 
Sylvester Stallone is bringing 
John Rambo back to the 
big screen – 
for a Bollywood blockbuster, 
WENN reports April 18th.

The actor, who has played 
the iconic Vietnam war 
veteran in four films, 
is set to shock fans by 
showing the softer side of 
the unstoppable soldier 
in musical romantic-comedy 
production Kambakht Ishq.

But Stallone is Rambo only 
by name in the movie; 
he plays a Hollywood actor 
whose stunt-double falls in 
love with the film’s leading 
lady Kareena Kapoor.

And Bollywood bosses are 
hoping some Hollywood 
glamour will boost the movie’s 
box office appeal – 
Bond girl Denise Richard’s 
and Superman Returns star 
Brandon Routh have also 
reportedly signed 
on to the project.


                    THE STORY
           BEHIND THE STORY!
The number one
terrorist in the world
is finally located by
the American Homeland
Security Wetwork Squad.

Kareen Kapoopoo.

The Squad sent their
top wetwork operative-
John Rambo.

But they made one mistake.

They forgot they
were dealing with Rambo.

What happens when 
Rambo goes after
Bollywood Superstar
Kareena Kapoor in a
dangerous case of
mistaken identity,
and her singing and
dancing skills are 
an even match for
Rambo’s firepower?

            The results
          are explosive!











     Kambakht Ishq.
dancing feet of fury!








      kambakht ishq.
   Dangerous curves!






       kambakht ishq.



   Dance With Danger!













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