You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Hugh Jackman is a nice guy!




Hugh Jackman has 
asked fans on social 
networking website 
Twitter.com to tell him 
about their favourite 
charities – 
so he can donate £67,000 
to the most worthwhile 
WENN reports April 15th.

The X-Men star has invited fellow 
‘tweeters’ to recommend causes they 
believe will most benefit from 
the windfall, 
and he has vowed to give the generous
 sum to the selected charity on behalf 
of the person who can deliver the most 
convincing and impassioned plea – 
within the short textual limit 
the website allows.

Jackman writes on 
his official Twitter page:
 “I will donate 100K to one individual’s
 favourite non profit organisation.
 Of course, 
you must convince me why by using 
140 characters or less.”

“The more passion shown 
for your charity the better!
 Get the support of your friends and 
teach them the importance of giving.”
The Australian actor’s announcement 
comes less than a week after he was 
forced to admit he had recruited an 
assistant to update his Twitter.com page –
 following an embarrassing blunder in 
which his blog mistakenly referred to 
Sydney’s famous Opera House as 
the ‘Opera Centre.’


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