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Eminem has a crush on Sexy Sarah Palin!





Eminem eyes sex 

with Sarah Palin 

in ‘We Made You’ 



April 9th, 2009

Eminem has put Alaska 

Governor Sarah Palin 

under the firing line, 

depicting her in a raunchy 

sequence in the video 

of his new song.


The rapper, 

who has been on hiatus 
since 2005, 
whips other celebrities 
including Lindsay Lohan, 
Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse, 
Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres
and Britney Spears
 in the ‘We Made You’ video.
The song, 
his first single from his 
comeback album ‘Relapse’, 
out on May 19, 
shows a woman dressed 
as Palin in a skirt and 
bustier splayed 
out on an office desk.


Eminem makes the sexually 
explicit taunt as he appears to 
dress as her husband Todd Palin, 
reports the New York Daily News.

Lines of the song read: 

“Well I can be as gentle 
and as smooth 
as a gentleman, 

Give me my venom,
an inhaler, 
and two Xenadrine,

 And I’ll invite Sarah Palin 
out to dinner,
 then Nail her, 
say hello to my little friend.”

The 36-year-old also 
tongue-lashes Jennifer Aniston, 
who he says should be with him, 
and not her on and off 
boyfriend John Mayer.
        “Date an M&M?    

         Those tiny fat 

         bald candies? 

              No thanks!”


           Jennifer was not

         quoted as saying.







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