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Angie Harmon dares go against the Hollywood and Media “Obamagasm Thought Police”!

Angie Harmon:
I’m Not Racist
Because I Disagree
With Obama

March 30th, 2009



Angie Harmon is not afraid

to come out and say she
doesn’t like how President Obama
is handling the job —
but she’s sick of having to
defend herself from being
deemed a racist.

“Here’s my problem with this,

I’m just going to come out

and say it.”




“If I have anything to say against

Obama it’s not because I’m a racist,

it’s because I don’t like what he’s

doing as President and anybody

should be able to feel that way,

but what I find now is that if you

say anything against him you’re

called a racist,”

Harmon told Tarts at Thursday’s

Los Angeles launch of the

new eyelash-growing formula,




“But it has nothing to do with it,

I don’t care what color he is.”


” I’m just not crazy about what he’s

doing and I heard all about this,

and he’s gonna do that

and change and change,

so okay …

I’m still dressing for a recession

over here buddy and we’ve got

unemployment at an all-time high

and that was his number one

thing and that’s the thing

I really don’t appreciate.”



“If I’m going to disagree

with my President,

that doesn’t make me a racist.”


Angie Harmon

“If I was to disagree with W,

that doesn’t make me racist.

It has nothing to do with it,

it is ridiculous.”


Angie Harmon

Speaking of dislikes,

the starlet has also had enough

of the double-standards in the media.


Angie Harmon

“I do think McCain would

have done a better job,

only because I think he

has more experience.”



“I also think if W or John McCain

or Reagan would have gone

and done a talk show,

the backlash would have been

so huge and in his face,

and ‘What is our president doing?

How unclassy!’

But Obama does it and

no one says anything,”

Harmon said.












3 Responses to “Angie Harmon dares go against the Hollywood and Media “Obamagasm Thought Police”!”

  1. Totally agree with the her point of view.

  2. Angie Harmon

    I adore your beauty, hope to see you one day.


  3. I love that you’re speaking your mind on this subject. It’s about time someone in a spotlight wasn’t afraid to say what is true without fear of being scorned. PS: you’re so gorgeous too !!!

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