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Rihanna accepts an engagement ring from Chris Brown, NOOOOooooooo!!!




Rihanna accepted an 

engagement ring from 
Chris Brown, 
reports the March 30th issue
of The National Enquirer, 
in a story written by 
Sarah Cordes and 
Patricia Shipp.

Brown forked over $54,000
dollars for a diamond ring
from jeweler Van Cleef 
& Arpels, 
and a wedding is 
“in the works”, 
a family friend told 
The Enquirer.

But Rihanna’s 18 year old
brother Rorry Fenty has 
vowed revenge on Brown.

“Rorry is fuming.  
He can barely 
contain his rage, 
and he’s shocked that 
his sister still has anything
to do with Chris,” 
a family friend divulged.

“Rorry says he intends to
confront Chris man-to-man
for the beating.”

Rorry had clashed with 
Chris Brown in Barbados
last summer.

“When Chris visited 
Barbados with Rihanna 
last summer, 
Rorry took Chris aside
 and told him, 
‘Make sure you treat 
my sister well,” 
said the family friend.

“But Chris responded 
by taking a dig at Rihanna.”

“He boasted to Rorry 
that Rihanna should be 
thrilled to have landed 
someone as special and 
in-demand with the ladies
as he is.  
That did not 
sit well with Rorry.”

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