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Ghost photo captured at Tantallon Castle!







                             TANTALLION CASTLE PHOTOS

                                           IN EAST LOTHIAN




The Mid TowerThe East Tower and Curtain Wall


The Visitor CentreThe Dovecot


Telephoto View from the South WestCurtain Wall Stairs


The East Tower and Curtain WallThe Mid Tower


The CloseThe Fore Tower


                             The Interior of the Mid Tower
















AN eerie image 

of a figure at a 

Scottish castle 

has got ghost 

experts spooked, 

Harry Haydon 

reports for 

The U.K. Sun 

March 26th.














The scary shot was unearthed 

during the biggest ever 

investigation into photographic 

evidence of ghosts.

The picture, 

taken in May last year, 

shows a spectral figure in fifteenth 

century dress peering out of a 

barred window at 

              Tantallon Castle in East Lothian






No mannequins or costumed guides

are used at the castle and photo 

experts have confirmed that no 

digital trickery was used.

Even ghost sceptic Professor 

Richard Wiseman admitted 

to being puzzled.

“It is certainly very curious,” 

he said.

“We ran it by three photographic 

experts and they said it hadn’t 

been Photoshopped at all.




“The figure appears to be 

in period costume, 

but we know 100 per cent that 

Tantallon Castle is not the sort

of place that has dummies or 

costumed guides; 

they just don’t go in 

for that sort of thing.

“I suppose it could be a visitor 

looking a little bit strange. 

Perhaps someone will 

come forward. 




Another possibility is an odd 

reflection of sunlight, 

but it does look very like 

a person. 

The explanation 

is not obvious.”

Tantallon Castle, 

a ruined fortress dating back 

to the 14th century, 

stands on a remote rocky headland

near North Berwick on the East 

coast of Scotland. 

It was badly damaged in an attack 

by Oliver Cromwell’s forces in 1651.




Christopher Aitchison, 

who took the photo, said: 

“I was not aware of anyone, 

or anything, 

being present in my picture.”

Psychologist Prof Wiseman, 

from the University of Hertfordshire, 

who has made many studies of 

the supernatural, 

launched the investigation 

a month ago.

Members of the public were 

asked to submit ghostly images 

for experts to analyse, 

the best of which were posted on 

the website 


More than 250 pictures were received 

from all over the world and more 

than a quarter of a million people 

voted for what they considered to 

be the most convincing photos.
















The long walk to Tantallon Castle by armadillow54.


           Outer Gate by armadillow54.


           Tantallon Castle - eastern edge by armadillow54.


Tantallon Castle - Firth of Forth by armadillow54.


Tantallon Castle by armadillow54.








69 Responses to “Ghost photo captured at Tantallon Castle!”

  1. This is not a surprise to most of the Buddhists.
    There are so many things happening in the universe which scince will not be able to find out reasons no matter how advance it is.

  2. Oh my GOD this is all some seriously fake shite 🙂 But good for a laugh, I suppose!

  3. It sort of looks like the king from the burger king commercials to me LOL>

  4. Science will always provide answers given enough time. I don’t buy this for one second.

    • Oh please, people use to think gravity was fake also. It dosent mean there isnt a scientific explanation for the existence of spirits. You do remember we are all made up of energy. I have an uncle who is a scientist with JPL (NASA) and he believes in the possibilities of spirits.

  5. The “ghost” figure doesn’t seem to blend in with the environment. It’s much brighter than the walls, and reminds me of a poster or photo.

    At my local theater, there’s a cardboard cutout of a priest in one of the windows. This photo reminds me of how that cutout looks like from faraway and zoomed in.

  6. This sortof thing is plenty creepy. The really eerie ones are the ones in which it’s a family reunion picture, and a dead relative shows up (I’ve heard of similar things with Civili War reinactments, and dead soldiers appearing the pictures taken.) Strange, strange stuff…

  7. is it real?

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  9. Get serious that could have been forged by any artist.

  10. Try harder the next tym those snaps are not realistic.

  11. Look, with photoshop, you can no longer rely on photographic evidence for anything! Since the existence of ghosts is very improbable, most likely all these photos have been faked–perhaps by people who would like you to believe in ghosts. A strong dose of healthy skepticism is highly called for at this point.

    Harleigh Ky son Jr.

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  13. This is a great story,and its not surprising that ghosts do appear sometimes! Most of the spirits are lost and dwell at the places they’ve known while they were living! Great job,Rash

  14. My family lives near Tantallon Castle (which is in East Lothian, not Fife as written in the article ….) Which makes me think it must be a hoax when they can’t even identify where it is. We’ve never heard of ghosts there. But it’s good to get publicity to get more people to go there and pay for the restoration work!

    • Chris (the guy who took the picture) is a friend of mine, I have spoke to him in some depth about this picture. Firstly Chris is not the type of guy who would fake this picture. I know its easy for me to come on here and lie but you’ll just either have to believe me or discard everything I say. He has in no way altered this picture either, he was there with his wife (as a tourist) and tried to take an arty picture. He noticed something in the image when he got home and admits that if his camera had not been 10mgp this photo would not exist. He has been back to the castle with experts to try and re-create the image but with no luck, he has also said that you need to stand in that window at a very strange angle to appear in that position. Make what you will of this picture but I can guarantee that Chris gas not faked it and he is happy to accept any logical explanation for it. Its a shame that no-one has found one yet.

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  16. No , I dont believe in ghost, that’s not real. Have you ever seen or heard that someone’s been killed by ghost ? certainly………….., in HOLLYWOOD !! So. be realized, It is just a HOAX guys !

  17. THANK YOU for the correction,
    Coach Val,
    I changed the story
    to read East Lothian.

    for reading 22MOON.com !

    I would love to visit
    your amazing country –
    my ancestors are from
    Scotland and England.


  18. Didn’t you read the article? It hasn’t been photoshopped. People are quick to dismiss something like this because what they can’t explain makes them uncomfortable and afraid. Be courageous and embrace the unknown!

  19. I used to be one of the skeptics; hard-core skeptic. I believed in absolutely nothing that science could not observe, quantify and replicate in the laboratory. However, all of that was shattered with the experiences my family and I had in our home in Birmingham, AL. Everyone who entered my home for any length of time was able to experience paranormal activity. We went through all of the logical channels trying to debunk what we were experiencing as natural occurences, but to no avail. Finally, with a digital tape recorder I was able to obtain undisputable proof that what we were experiencing was not of this world and way beyond my understanding of the universe. My whole belief system has changed as a result, and although I know there are a lot of hoaxes and I still remain skeptical as the rule of thumb; I will never say never again. Many things are possible, whether we believe in them or not. Experience is the best teacher and I have also learned that only a true experience will change someone’s beliefs. Actually, that is the only thing that should change them.

  20. Ghost? what kind is it?

  21. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss things like this as I once was – having been pretty heavily skeptical of this sort of stuff, until I saw this UFO (read the comments too – its not just me!).

    Though I’d like to know whether that scaffolding was near the window in question and maybe someone could have played a prank?

    In articles such as that in ths Sun (a newspaper reknowned for hyperbole), we are almost always not given the complete details – as they would ruin the mystery.

  22. Hey guyz, i don’t think that this stuff is a prank or a joke. This is real, cz ghost do exist in this world. Not everyone is able to see them with their naked eyes, but still there are people who can. So, people, plz dont take it as a joke, instead believe in it. And try avoiding going out alone to such lonely places, alone as well as with your families, and especially at night, specially with small kids.This is a friendly harmless advice for your safety. Thanks.

  23. All you sceptics make me laugh. You are so ignorant and closed minded that you cannot even acknowledge that there may be things in this world that the human race don’t understand yet. Most of your moronic, semi-literate, textlish ramblings display perfectly your level of intelligence and education. Stick with your Flat Earth Society meetings you dimwits.

  24. It looks more like a painting behind the bars.
    It’s definately a 2d picture, maybe evn a poster.

    How anybody can see otherwise is beyond me.

    Mind you in this age of depleting intelligence
    “expert” is fast becoming a joke

    also the “blowup” arrows indicates the whole window expanded,
    Look properly and it’s actually ony the left half of the window
    up to the center beam.

    Some people are too desperate to believe this
    The “sceptics make me laugh” comments make me laugh
    this whole pic is laughably bad (and I am not a Sceptic either)
    This is an embarrassment to the genuine cases.

  25. Of course, whoever is running this site has chosen to deliberately suppress the rest of the expert’s opinion, which can be seen on http://www.richardwiseman.com – “The image doesn’t show any signs of having been altered at all … However, after enhancing the shadows it looks like it could be somebody coming down the spiral staircase.” But I suppose a bit of commonsense and truthful reporting is too much to expect from a site like this.

    And I bet Valencia is American. Why is it that so many Americans resort to vicious abuse and think that that is somehow a substitute for rational debate and is going to win arguments? Apologies to Americans if I am wrong in this case, but I have so often seen this sort of childish outburst on US websites. It doesn’t do any credit to either individuals or the US – people just think “typical Yank.” Friendly advice Valencia, no matter what your age or nationality, for relating to real people as well as joining in internet discussions – politeness costs nothing and will help you get your point across, while verbal abuse will just make people turn away in disgust, or perhaps smack you on the nose (or put a bullet through you if you’re in America). We all get angry from time to time, but never put anything in writing until you have calmed down and considered “Does the other person have a point?”

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  27. Hey it must be a ghost. I was told about this story two days ago by text by Mrs Aitchinson. Chris is the most honest person you could ever meet. If he has a ghostly figure in his picture then there is one. Congratulations. x

  28. Can you run that past me again please Carol? An honest person tells you it is a ghost so it must be true? In the first place, honesty has absolutely nothing to do with the value of someone’s opinion. In the second, what Chris actually said (assuming we cantrust this site to be accurate) was “I was not aware of anyone being present in my picture.” Think about that sentence for half a minute. Does that mean “There definitely was not anyone in the picture when I took it?” No, it doesn’t. It means that Chris Aitchison cannot say for sure whether or not anyone was standing at the opening when he took the shot. In other words, plenty of room for doubt.

  29. Hello Squeezer and all,

    I’m originally a Californian, and your US/Yank comments hurt a little, tho’ I don’t like the US “shoot first” attitude either. I’ve been an Anglophile and Celtiphile since age 4 or 5 (instigated by a diet of “The Avengers” and The Beatles and etc. etc. etc.) so am pretty immersed in British culture. For fairness, and with your Yank argument in mind, we should remember the impossible snobbery of some of the British “upper” classes (and American, too — some just as bad). And also, when I went to school in London with a group of Americans, I was disappointed to hear, on the 1st day, the “We don’t want you here” speech from “an angry young man” sort of professor who told us Americans that we were too stupid to ever grasp the rules of cricket because it was too English and was all about “leather and weather” and there was no way we could ever get it and “we don’t want you here.” When he said, “Any questions?” I unfortunately didn’t pipe up and reveal that that was my second stay in England and that the people in the countryside had welcomed me, and some partly because I was American, and of course that I’d been immersed in the culture since age 4 or 5. It was the typical leftist-Marxist university attitude from this English professor, which is so common in the USA now — I think I only had 2 university classes in the US where Marx wasn’t dragged in somehow — they really had to exert themselves to haul in Marxism from the most unlikely corners. It was tiresome. And I’ve always wanted to get ahold of that professor again and tell him he was absolutely full of it. Once at night outside a pub in Whitechapel I came across a Welshman trying to pick a drunken man up out of the street. I stopped and helped him, and the Welshman told me, “That’s what I like about you Yanks — you’re open-hearted.” A reminder, please, Squeezer, that all us Americans aren’t “shoot first” types. What else fed my Anglo- and Celti- philia? King Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Moody Blues, ELO, Elgar, John Ireland, Ian Fleming, The Iveys/Badfinger, Land Rovers and Minis, W. W. Jacobs (ghosts) and Dickens (ghosts) and M. R. James (ghosts), Wilkie Collins (ghosts), the Brontes, Hardy and Houseman, and that Norwegian/Welsh-Celtic/Anglo, Roald Dahl — and more and more on down the line. With that lineup just as a starter, how could anyone not be an Anglo- Celti-phile? Now, has anyone seen the second Tantallon photo, taken 32 years ago? It’s another figure-in-the-window pic.

  30. It scares me that so many people in the world have no idea what science is about. Science isn’t about being closed-minded, it is about accepting the most probable explanation. I, for one, have not seen enough evidence that ghosts exist. In fact, almost everything that I have seen suggests that they do not. I mean, if ghosts existed and were capable of being photographed, wouldn’t we see more “unequivocal” photos? Most people interested in the paranormal will tell you that most of the ghost photos out there are rubbish; only a select few are real. If that is really the case, then why? Are ghosts extremely rare? Why is it that some people can see them, but others cannot? Why are they photographed so rarely? Everyone wants to think that ghosts exist, it give us hope of an eternal existence. It makes us believe that our dead loved ones are still out there, somewhere. I wish it were true, but I have no reason to think it is. This photo doesn’t change that. There are plenty of things in the world that we do not understand. Just because we don’t understand them, does not mean that there is necessarily a supernatural explanation.

  31. Now I am actually NOT a sceptic – I actually do believe in ghosts and always have done since a child…..BUT what I cant understand with this pic is that I didnt know you can get ghosts now in 3d format and in superb colour….amazing that… maybe one day the ghosts will look really authentic and get served a beer in a pub, buy a newspaper and nobody would realise, except the monetry difference lol, mind you in todays world who would wanna come back lol…

  32. I’m very curious about these sorts of pictures and it’s true that many of them could be photoshopped, or simply be a trick of shadow – particuarly the one of the apparent black figure on the beach. Clearly, in this case it’s simply a cove in the cliff face that has been reflected into the sea – actually I’m surpried that anyone would even suggest it’s a ghost! Of course in the case of Tantallon Castle this could be just another visitor, as that would be the most likely explanation if the picture hasn’t been doctored. However, I know from some strange things I’ve uncovered among my own photos, that I have to wonder – I know I didn’t photoshop them (Goodness I wouldn’t know how!!) but that’s simply my word against another’s, so you see the problem there.

    Surely we are only just beginning to unravel the mysteries of conciousness and time, one explanation could be sometimes the past intrudes into the present in some way, so that might be one explanation of so-called hauntings, surely even sceptics might entertain that idea, given what we now know about Quantum physics. However, I do personally believe in the survival of conciousness after death, I’ve just had experiences myself that are too extraordinary to explain away, but I’m on no crusade to prove my point:-) I think it’s much more interesting to say ‘what if…’ and not dismiss everything out of hand as hallucination or fraud, but it’s also wise to look for ALL possible rational explanations first. Interesting picture whatever it’s nature!

  33. Nowadays, supernaturals are being seen everywhere. This is not surprising. I hope one day Science will provide explanation about these paranormal beings and in general on Superstition. But this day might be far because Science and Superstition are for the moment two poles apart. But the increasing proof of superstition must lead Science to find an answer to this subject.

  34. BRICKS?! Look at the colour of the bricks in the light and the colour of the moss on the walls. I love ghost pictures but the face is to square to be anything else.

  35. Is it just me or do the railings in the zoomed in version not match the railings in the main version?

    I can’t tie them together.

    We are all often guilty of this.
    Is it the blatantly obvious we overlook
    when trying hard to see the things we want to see
    in order to confirm the positions we have taken?



  36. Cool fake but it doesn’t look the same from the close up to the original. Still looks good though.

  37. I can only say that most of us who’ve been in really, really, old houses with history have had very weird things happen. I can honestly say in my situation I was not the only person that witnessed a very strange phenomenon. The pics on there, however, don’t look all that kosher.

  38. 😉 believe it or not, lets just respect the opinions of the others…^^ but the photos are cool…

  39. Hi,I just want to start by saying ghost do exsist. Im not gonna say that everyone who dosent belive should start beliveing coz we all have the right to belive or disbelive in anything but i know that ghost do exsist as ive seen them not in photos or on the televison but really seen them my sister has also seen them. When i was younger me n my sister drew a picture off what we had seen we didnt show each other the pictures untill we had finished and when we put the pictures together they were both the same. but i do think the picture of the woman in the window is fake as you can see every detail of her face n its not like that with ghosts n she is too solid you can actually see though ghosts……….And Musarrat ghosts dont just appear at night they do appear in the day time aswell and most of the time they harmless xx

  40. Photoshopped… Spooky though!!

  41. about 34 years ago the same man was in a picture behing people by a picture that looked a lot like him….spooky






  43. reading through these comments i have concluded that chris must have driven to tantallon with a manequin or a large poster or something like that,then place it behind the bars or something,while no one seen him ,then took the foto,then waited untill a competition for the best ghost picture came along (about 1 year)or something,then paid all 40% of the poeple that voted for the pic to win(about 115,000 poeple)or something ,for what ,nothing,nothing at all,…….get a grip of reality poeple IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT IT IS A GHOST,but u cant say that its a 100% fake ,the fact is,its a very strange picture FACT

  44. OMG!!!!!!! A GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, people, WTF are you ON? This doesn’t even look all that human on close inspection. Congratulations on your fascinating picture of light on rubble.


  45. My thanks to Val Coach. Your comment on the restoration work made me smile and remember.
    I remember the parrafin lantern that had to be carried to go down and see the dungeon before they put in the electricity. And a sexy Bridget Bardot standing on the edge of the cliffs before they built all the fencing. And the canon hole that you could crawl through at night.
    I’ve heard that the next project is to lay down carpets so that the Ghostbusters can creep about without scaring away the spooks.
    The castle has a very rich history but as far as I know there is little mention of ghosts. Personally, I never saw any ghosts but I’ve run out of there across the moat bridge scared shitless.

  46. this message is to zaggy,i do believe in ghosts and the fact that strange things do occur,thats why im commenting on this web site,if its just light on rubble as you say then why are you even wasting your time commenting on it(make your mind up son)

  47. Could I just repeat what I said above, as no-one seems to have noticed. An expert opinion is that “it looks like it could be someone coming down the spiral staircase.” It is really a very important point that the area behind the railings is accessible to the public, and the most likely explanation is that the figure is in fact another visitor. The claims that he/she is in period dress is very tenuous – all that can be seen of clothing is something around the neck. It is claimed that this is a ruff, but why not the top of an anorak. Because anoraks are not as sensational as a Tudor ruff perhaps?

    Eric, I am sincerely sorry that you are hurt by my comments. I should have stressed that (along with Australians) Americans are the warmest and most hopspitable people I have ever met. It’s just that on internet sites you do sometimes come across people who I judge from their vocabulary are American and who indulge in very insulting language if someone disagrees with them. Unfortunately there is a lot of anti-American feeling around the world, mainly because of US foreign policies which individuals such as yourself are in no way responsible. It is obviously unjust that you should have suffered because of that and I am very sorry that you have experienced it, especially in my country.

  48. I find it curious that most of the skeptical comments are marred by atrocious grammar, misspellings and of course, the sure sign of the uneducated: “lol”.

    The more realistic something looks, the more likely people will think it is fake. But if it looks fuzzy or less than clear, then of course the photo is lambasted as no good. So it’s almost pointless to have a photo of anything paranormal at all…unless you have an objective mind.

    I wonder if a lot of “ghost” photographs are actually “timeslips”. We think of time as running from Point A to Point B but does it always? Maybe this photograph is actually some one-in-a-million anomaly…an actual picture of the past. Maybe the face in the window is wondering if the odd figures he saw in the courtyard for a split second were real. No, it couldn’t be…

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  50. If you turn the picture clockwise 90 degrees, you will see it’s a duck.

  51. […] when a research project led by the sceptic Professor Richard Wiseman released a photograph in which the image of a “ghost” can allegedly be seen at a barred window in the castle’s gatehouse. Great play was made of […]

  52. How do you know its really a ghost
    and not a fake picture

  53. I have seen similar spirits
    from what I beleived to be 16th century
    England during a stay at a stone
    farm house bed and breakfast in 2004
    in the Cotswolds.

    Those spirits were dressed in period garb
    but I only saw them from the chest up.

    One was kingly looking,
    the other wore black with a pleated ruff/collar.

    I will be going to Scotland in early April 2010
    and plan on visiting this castle.

    I will encounter your ghost.

  54. who knows what it might be

    any how ghost or not untill the scientist

    find the proof

    i guess its the unexplained

    for now

  55. Is Thom Skelton of Muncaster Castle

  56. nun realbout dat dats whats up

  57. yeah Ralph!
    Thom Skelton is the ghost! o_O

  58. I know this photo is genuine.
    Professor Robert Wiseman,
    Hertford University admitted he
    was puzzled and carried out his
    own research with Dr. Cairen O’Keefe
    of Most Haunted fame.

    Despite many attempts to actually place
    the Ghost in exactly the same position
    they failed.

    I am amazed at some of the outrageous comments
    posted on this site by people who insist they know
    more than those who were directly involved is beyond belief –
    sheer arrogance.

    if you knew him is genuine
    and would not subscribe to
    anything fake or contrived.

  59. You cannot convince anyone
    who hasn’t seen a ghost that ghosts exist.

    And even if you have three people
    who are sitting to lunch
    (as it happened in my home)
    and you all hear some noises at the gate
    and then see a mysterious flash of white go by…
    it will still be impossible to prove
    that all three have seen a ghost.

    What everyone has to remember
    is that not everything can be explained
    in terms of science and that there are
    things beyond our understanding.

    These things exist.
    Ghosts exist.
    Some see them,
    others don’t.

    We all have different experiences right?

    Does this mean your experience
    is more real than or mine is more
    real than yours?

    We all know the answer to that question.

    If you don’t believe in ghosts,
    it’s perfectly ok. Just give some
    measure of respect to those who do
    and those who have seen them.

  60. Well said Helena.

  61. the castle is not scotish it is irish im am a destant desendent of the rulers

    • this castle IS NOT or IS haunted, who knows, ghosts are part of gods nature we have to accept them, they willl do us no harm seeing as they are cretures of god!
      by the way im not a christian this is just what i think!
      are you the desentand???? are you sure its haunted?

    • Tantallon is in East Lothian, Scotland, sorry to dissappoint you mate. Alba gu Brath! Erin gu Brath!

  62. I’m not a sceptic when it comes to ghosts
    or strange things happening as I have seen
    a ghost and heard a ghost.
    I was 12 years old playing soldiers in my
    bedroom I looked out the window and I saw
    an evil looking face staring straight back
    at me.

    This was in broad daylight I was stuck
    planted to the floor couldn’t move when
    I did I ran out of the bedroom and jumped
    screaming for my sister.
    I jumped from The top of
    the stairs to the bottom.

    I know what I saw and it wasn’t
    a figment of my imagination.
    Years later when I got married
    I brought books on the occult God
    witchcraft and the like.

    I was reading them in bed.
    When I woke up one day my wife turned
    and said Andrew how did you get those
    scratches on your back and chest it
    was a cross on my chest that drew blood
    but there was no blood.

    The scratch marks on my back were from
    the top of my neck to virtually bottom
    of my back.
    I have no recollection or
    explanation or felt anything.

    4 or 5 days later my wife and I watching TV.
    Living room used to be my bedroom when I saw
    the face at the window.
    All of a sudden there was three
    gigantic bangs on the adjoining wall
    The bangs were so loud it made the room shudder.

    Have no explanation on the noise.
    The scratches on my back pounds on my
    chest or the face I saw the window when
    I was 12.
    (This house was the house I was born in)

    my wife told me to get rid of all the
    books so one evening I did and took them
    to a church and left them by the big doors
    for the priest to dispose of them How he liked.

    After that nothing really happened.
    About 18 months later I wife met a new
    friend she was a secretary at Harlequins
    rugby football club one day she asked her
    to come to our house for tea as they were
    walking down the road on the opposite side
    of the road The lady said to my wife oh my
    God there is a small boy on top of the
    chimney over there.

    My wife said I can’t see any boy anyway
    they went upstairs with their tea sat
    down The lady said to my wife again don’t
    look now but that boy is now staring at
    us by the door.

    My wife couldn’t see any boy
    but the lady said he is there.
    So you see there has to be some thing
    all the happenings that happened to me
    and my wife could not be made up.

    Have more true stories events but
    they are far too long for now.

    If you have read this far thanks

    Andrew Coster

    • Thank You for sharing that Andrew!

      I can relate to reading the occult books –
      I read dozens upon dozens of books about witchcraft,
      ESP, paranormal growing up because I borrowed them from
      my Mom so I could use science to disprove the Occult.

      Skipping way ahead in my story,
      years later I had learned the hard way
      the Occult is very real.
      after the things that happened to me
      (thats another story)
      I threw myself full on into the study of
      the Occult and Witchcraft for about two years
      so that I could somehow get some payback for
      what they did to me and some others.

      ‘Christian Counseling and Occultism’ by
      Kurt Koch and all his other books opened
      my eyes.

      but don’t ANYONE start this type of
      study unless GOD is protecting you
      and you pray for the gift (curse?) of
      being able to handle the Dark Stuff
      without getting sucked into the powers
      the Occult will tempt you with.

      (Yet another story)

      Thank You for sharing Andrew,
      I know you write the truth, whew.

      Now you know why I only do jokes,
      politics and photos and mostly
      skip occult stuff because it’s
      just too heavy for most people
      to deal with the truth.


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