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Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton wants Rihanna to kick Chris Brown to the curb!




Salt-N-Pepa star 
Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton 
has reached out to Rihanna
following her violent 
bust-up with Chris Brown
begging the singer not to 
make the same mistake of 
sticking with an abusive 
partner as she did, 
WENN reports March 20th.


The 1990s hip-hop star was allegedly 
beaten at the hand’s of her ex-husband 
Anthony Criss throughout their 
decade long relationship.


And Denton admits it pains her to 
see a similar cycle happening to 
the Umbrella hitmaker – 
who was allegedly assaulted 
by Brown in a fight last month, 
but, after a brief split, 
reconciled with the star.

She tells Essence magazine, 
“I know people will say 
I have a lot of nerve advising 
her when I stayed 
with my ex-husband for 
ten years and suffered abuse, 
but that’s exactly why 
I can talk to her.”




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