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John Mayer kicks Jennifer Aniston to the curb, you can do better Jennifer!



FILM beauty


has been dumped by musician 

boyfriend JOHN MAYER, 

according to pals, 

Simon Rothstein reports 

for The U.K. Sun 

March 13th, 2009.


The singer, 31, 

is reported to have told 

the former Friends star, 40, 

their relationship was over when 

she returned home from her 

recent trip to the UK.



Jen – who last week wowed fans in 

Britain at the premiere of her new 

movie Marley & Me – 

is said to be happy with the split.

A friend told People: 

“Jen is moving on with her 

life like she always does. 

She seems happy.”

The actress foreshadowed the 

break-up in her most recent interview. 

She told a mag: 

“Whoever said that every 

relationship has to last forever?

“That’s hoping for too much.

“I think every relationship 
is a world unto itself.”

Jennifer and John first got 

together in April last year,

 before splitting, 

then getting back together.

They put on a public display 

of affection at this year’s Oscars.



During their previous break-up, 

John said: 

“I ended a relationship to be 

alone because I don’t want to waste 

somebody’s time if something’s not right.”

The singer has moved into a new 

bachelor pad in LA, where he will 

concentrate on his music.

Jen – 

who is divorced from BRAD PITT – 

is being supported by pals including Friends 


Representatives for the 

couple had no comment.



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  1. looks hot & I’d like to fuck her

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