You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

London Fashion Week goes nudist chic!

                                         Photo by BIG



THIS season’s 

must-wear colour 

is nude – 

completely nude, 

Charlotte Martin 

reports for 

The U.K. Sun 

February 27th.














From London Flash-ion Week 

to the Nude York runway shows, 

models all over the globe seem 

to be getting their kit off 

in the name of couture.

Take this snap from 

London Fashion Week – 

the model wore an 

eye-popping heart, 

two glitter discs and 

a feather hat to cover 

her modesty.





2 Responses to “London Fashion Week goes nudist chic!”

  1. excellent model

  2. If nudity is legal in some countries, beaches with all aged people, even public beaches, parks and other public places, why do they censor nudity in comunnication media? Are communication media in free countries against law and human rights and look more or the moral ideas of those who dont understand freedom and law?
    Why there is censorship and covering part of bodies while showing a report about nudity?
    Hipocresy, intolerance, not knowing laws?

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