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Rihanna does not want to press charges against Chris Brown!




has told police she 

does NOT want to 

press charges 

against boyfriend 


allegedly battering 


Emily Smith 

reports for 

The U.K. Sun 

March 4th.

The 21-year-old is refusing to
help with their investigation
after rekindling her romance
with the singer.

But detectives may still have 

a case against Brown, 19, 

and will hand their file to the 

Los Angeles County District 

Attorney later this week.

A police source said: 

“Rihanna says she doesn’t 

want to testify against him. 

She has had a change of heart 

and doesn’t want the case 

to proceed.



“However detectives are still 

building their case based on 

what she originally told them 

and accounts of witnesses.

“If the DA decides they 

have enough evidence, 

they can proceed without 

Rihanna’s testimony.”

Brown was said to have beaten her

in a row after a pre-Grammys party

on February 8.

Shocking pictures emerged of 

the Umbrella singer’s injuries — 

which included bruises to her eyes,

 nose and cheek and a swollen mouth.

But the couple began to make 

up when he called on her birthday 

last week and deluged her with gifts.

They were reunited in Miami during 

a stay at rapper SEAN “DIDDY” COMBS

£14million home.

They flew to LA together on Monday.

Her family are said to be upset 

about the couple’s reconciliation.

A relative told a US magazine: 

“No one wants them back together. 

I don’t want her to make a mistake, 

and I don’t want her to ever 

go through this again.”

Fellow RnB star USHER has 

questioned Brown’s behaviour 

after the picture of Rihanna’s 

battered face was released.

He was spotted laughing in 

the sea on a jet ski in Miami.

Usher said: 

“I’m a little disappointed in this. 

After the other photo? 

C’mon, Chris. 

Have a little bit of remorse, man. 

The man is on a jet ski? 

Like, just relaxing in Miami?”

Fans have launched a web petition 

urging her not to get back with 

R&B star Brown.

It says on website dontdoitrihanna.com:

“We the undersigned feel Chris Brown 

should not get another chance 

and Rihanna should move on.”

One comment posted said: 

“You are supposed to 

be a role model. 

Would you tell

your fans to do this?”






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