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Psychologist Lisa Turner says orgasms are good for you!




GIRLS who get

lots of sexual thrills

are also the most

likely to hit career

and health highs,

claims Britain’s

first orgasm coach,

The U.K. Sun

reports Feb. 9th.

Psychologist Lisa Turner,





says the right type

of orgasm will

“massively increase your energy.”

Studies suggest that 28

per cent of women rarely,

or never, achieve full orgasm,

and many resort to faking it –

as Meg Ryan did in that famous

When Harry Met Sally scene.



But the real thing won’t

just help your sex life,

Lisa says good orgasms also

boost health and concentration

and help women perform better

at work.

She believes:

“You will feel more vital,

healthy, and energised.”




who offers lessons in love,

says there are four different

types of orgasm.

The clitoral orgasm

“In the past it was not recognised

that women needed clitoral

stimulation in order

to achieve orgasm.

Now this is commonly appreciated

but often to the detriment to the

other kinds of orgasms that

women can achieve.”

The Vaginal Orgasm

“This type involves the “G” spot

and other highly sensitive areas

that are inside the vagina.

These orgasms are very different

and can be either more or

less intense physically,

but energetically they raise

your energy rather than deplete it.”


Multiple Orgasms

“Where you stay at the height of sexual excitement

such that you have a series of

orgasms one after another.

just like a string of pearls.”

The Full Body Orgasm

“These are rare in most women.

Not because they are

difficult to achieve.

With the right training,

and practice anyone can

achieve a full body orgasm –

including men.

These can go on for

anything up to 30 minutes,

although several minutes

is more usual.

She says the most common

block to ultimate enjoyment

is past trauma,

or an inability to let go.




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