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Kegel exercises don’t require a gym!


THIS strange looking 

gadget might look 

like something you’d 

find in a dodgy 

sex shop, 

Simone Cave 

reports for 

The U.K. Sun 

Feb. 27th.














But devices like this 

are actually recommended 

by medics to tone a 

woman’s pelvic floor.

Used regularly they can 

tighten up internal muscles 

which will have a sensational 

effect on your sex life.

Women who have strong 

pelvic floor muscles are 

more likely to have stronger, 

longer orgasms. 

And their partners will 

reap the benefits too 

because the vaginal muscles 

will be better able to grip.

If you’re young, fit, slim and haven’t had children then your pelvic floor is probably in pretty good shape.

But being overweight and giving birth are known to slacken the pelvic floor.

Age also has an impact because muscles relax as oestrogen levels decline, 

which explains why many women run into problems when they hit the menopause.

The most obvious sign of a problem is bladder weakness and is most likely to occur when you sneeze, laugh, run or jump.

But the good news is that you can reverse the damage.

The most commonly recommended way to do this is pelvic floor exercises – 

pulling your muscles inwards and upwards as though you’re trying to stop yourself weeing or passing wind.

Do this several times a day, 
every day and you’ll see a difference in three to four months says NHS physiotherapist Gill Brook, 
who is based at the Bradford teaching hospital.

She says: 

“As well as giving better 

bladder control, 

having a firm pelvic floor helps 

vaginal tone and this will give 

you and your partner more 

sensation during sex.”

In an ideal world we’d all do daily pelvic floor exercises and keep ourselves taut throughout our lives.

But the reality is that these exercises are boring, 

most of us forget to do them, 

and when we do many 

of us do them incorrectly.

Gill explains: 

“I’ve seen women tighten up 

their buttocks and tummy muscles, 

and some even push their pelvic 

floor outwards as though they 

are giving birth.”

This is where the pelvic 

‘toys’ are useful. 

They not only work your 

internal muscles, 

they help you find them 

in the first place.

The scary looking clamp-like device, 

pictured above, 

is a Pelvic Toner.

It’s spring-loaded to help you 

develop bionic strength as you 

do a resistance workout by 

squeezing it shut.

Ideal if you’re already quite 

strong ‘down there’ and you can 

add extra springs as your 

muscles develop.

It is said to train your muscles 

to super strength, 

but it’s difficult to use if your 

pelvic floor is weak.






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