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Kate Winslet still talking about The Reader, the story of an evil SS guard who who could not read.

Oscar winner Kate Winslet
has brushed off criticism of
her recent Academy Award
acceptance speech after failing
to pay tribute to movie producer
Harvey Weinstein,
WENN reports Feb. 28th, 2009.

The beauty, who was previously nominated five times, finally won the Best Actress honour at the prestigious Hollywood ceremony last Sunday, claiming gold for her role in The Reader.
But Winslet has been singled out for forgetting to thank Weinstein,
who pushed to have the drama,
about an illiterate
Nazi prison guard,
released in time for consideration at the Oscars.

He clashed with producer pal Scott Rudin over the film’s December release date –
because Winslet’s other Rudin production,
Revolutionary Road, was also set to hit cinemas at around the same time.
Weinstein won the battle and Rudin subsequently withdrew his name from the movie’s credits.
And Winslet has come under fire for failing to acknowledge Weinstein’s efforts to get the film released early –
but her publicist insists it was simply a mistake.
The actress’ representative, Heidi Slan, tells the Los Angeles Times’ GoldDerby.com website,
“I am sure this was an oversight considering she thanked him at SAG and BAFTA.
Winslet received critical acclaim at the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAGs) and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTAs) earlier this year,
taking home the Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress prizes at the respective events for The Reader.

LEADING Holocaust

education groups are

staging a last-ditch

bid to stop Kate

Winslet winning an

Oscar for playing a

Nazi concentration

camp guard in

The Reader,

Simon Rothstein

reports for

The U.K. Sun

Feb. 20th.

























British actress Kate, 33,

has already won a Bafta and Golden

Globe for the part and is favourite

to walk off with the Best Actress

Academy Award on Sunday.

But experts have denounced the

film as “Holocaust porn”, “sick” and

“a repellent form of revisionism” –

saying that Kate’s portrayal of illiterate

SS guard Hanna Schmitz is overly



Hanna was a Nazi involved in the

deaths of hundreds of Jewish women

and children at Auschwitz.

In the movie she conducts a passionate

affair with a much younger man after

the war is over,

insisting that he read to her

before they make love.

Years later, after they’ve split up,

he discovers she was a Nazi and watches

as she stands trial for war crimes –

accepting a longer prison sentence

rather than admit she can’t read.

Mark Weitzman, head of Jewish human

rights and Holocaust teaching organization

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre,

has slammed the film for its



He said:

“Essentially it takes a woman who

serves in, is responsible for,

is complicit in, you pick the words,

in the deaths of at least 300 Jews –

and her big secret shame is

that she’s illiterate.”

Trudy Gold, the chief executive of

the London Jewish Cultural Centre,

told the Jewish News:

“This is just one of a spate of films

portraying sympathetic Nazis.

“This woman acted monstrously,

there’s no question about that.

“The question is have we gotten to

the point where we have to make

heroines out of Nazis?

“I do find it a bit sick.”




Ron Rosenbaum – who wrote critically

acclaimed book Explaining Hitler –

started the campaign earlier this month

urging Academy voters not to give

any gongs to

“the worst Holocaust film ever made”.

He said:

“What a heart-warming fable about

the wonders of literacy and its ability

to improve the life of an Auschwitz

mass murderer!

“True, she’s unrepentant for the most

part about allowing those women and

children to burn to death,

although we do see one scene in which

it turns out she’s saved some pennies

in prison that she wants to be given

to the children of the women

she murdered—thanks!

“But most of what we see of her prison

experience is her excitement at her

growing literacy skills.

Get a load of those pages turning!

Reading is fun!”





Evil serial killer

Henry Lee Lucas
could not
read either!







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  1. So what the fuck you want?

    Jews always get whatthey want,
    BECAUSE of WW2!

    But when THEY fuck something up,
    they’re just victims,
    nobody understands them.

    For how many years will Europe
    apologise for failing protecting them
    against Naci’s?

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