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Desperate (for ratings) Housewives Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher lesbian kiss!



Bosses on US TV hit 
Desperate Housewives have 
come up with a steamy way to 
keep viewers interested following 
the departure of blonde bombshell 
Nicollette Sheridan – 
they are planning a passionate 
same-sex kiss between 
Teri Hatcher and
Eva Longoria Parker, 
WENN reports Feb. 16th.

The ABC show announced Sheridan, 
who plays Wisteria Lane’s resident 
man-eater Edie Britt, 
would be written out of the show 
in the forthcoming season.

And to keep the show’s ratings on top, 
TV execs have thought of a novel way 
of enticing TV fans to tune in – 
some girl-on-girl action, 
according to Celebuzz.com.

A source tells the website,
 “Anything is kind of possible right now. 
You’ve got Grey’s Anatomy and 
Private Practice basically becoming 
one two-hour show, 
the longest Dancing With the Stars 
tease ever.
“I don’t think a kiss between Eva and 
Teri’s characters could be ruled out, 
especially if it keeps people interested 
in the show.”






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