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Rihanna song “Emergency Room” she was working on seems a premonition!




had been working on

a song about killing

a cheating partner 

when she was 

allegedly attacked 

and left bloodied 

by her boyfriend 


The U.K. Sun 

reports Feb. 12th.





















The Umbrella singer had been 

collaborating with rapper AKON

 on the track, called 

Emergency Room, 

which describes a woman 

intending to wreak violent 

revenge on her unfaithful fella.

The song, 

leaked on to the internet, 

includes a graphic description 

of hospitalising the man then 

removing his intravenous drip.

Rihanna sings: 

“I’m going to leave your 

heart broken on the floor/ 

You’re gonna be in 

the emergency room/ 

I’m standing by your bed/ 

And so tempted to pull out your IV

“Tryin’ to call a nurse 

but nobody can help you now/ 

Let me see you 

try to live without me/ 

Now where’s your heartbeat?/ 

Flatline on the ECG.”

The track also recounts the moment 

when the deception is discovered.

It goes: 

“I gotta say I found 

this a bit shockin’/ 

It’s on receipts to 

tell you went shoppin’/ 

You bought some Nike shoes. 

But why you buying stockings?”

Rihanna reportedly claims singer 

boyfriend Brown hit her after they 

left veteran music chief 

CLIVE DAVIS’s pre-Grammys 

party in LA on Sunday.



She also alleged Brown threatened 

to kill her during the attack, 

according to gossip website E!

Rihanna and Brown had begun 

arguing in his silver Lamborghini 

when he pulled up in a side street 

and she threw his keys out of the car — 

sending him into a rage.

After failing to find the keys, 

Brown returned to the car, 

put his hands around 

Rihanna’s neck and screamed: 

“I’m going to kill you”, 

it is claimed.

He later turned himself in 

to police and was charged 

on suspicion of making criminal 

threats and released on £35,000 bail. 

It is understood 

other charges may follow.

Last night Brown’s 

former stepdad spoke out, 

claiming he “wouldn’t be surprised” 

if the singer had assaulted Rihanna.




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