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Kanye West is “devastated” by the savage attack on Rihanna!



Kanye West ‘devastated’ 
by Rihanna 


Rap star says singer 

is like his ‘baby sister’ 

Kanye West has condemned 

the alleged attack on Rihanna 

that took place earlier this 



As previously reported, 

Chris Brown is accused of 

assaulting a woman, with 

eyewitness reports claiming 

the ‘Umbrella’ singer 

was the victim.

Now rap heavyweight 

Kanye has waded 

into the turmoil. 

He told On Air with 

Ryan Seacrest: 

“The beginning of the 

‘American Boy’ performance 

[at the Grammys] was 

when I really heard what 

might have happened.

“I was completely devastated 

during the performance.”


He continued by praising 

the 20-year-old’s talent: 

“She has the potential to be 

the greatest artist of all time. 

That’s my baby sister, 

and I will do any and 

everything to help her 

in any situation.”


“I don’t care how famous 

she is or even if she just 

worked at McDonald’s, 

that should never happen.”







2 Responses to “Kanye West is “devastated” by the savage attack on Rihanna!”

  1. Chris is a big fool for doing this is not fair am not rihanna fans but as a human Chris have to know that they are all stars and he have to think on what people will say about him or her. i hope i have the chance to see him. you know what i will do? am gonna put my gun on his fucking heart.

    fuck you asshole Chris b

  2. Kanye West and new logo…

    Kanye West went to classify his new disc as a pop album, stating his disdain towards the contemporary backlash to the concept of pop music and expressed admiration for what some pop stars have accomplished in their lives….

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