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Michael Phelps may have smoked a bong – get the cell in supermax prison ready for a new con!!!


A British newspaper 
published a photograph 
Sunday allegedly showing 
multiple Olympic gold 
medal-winning swimmer 
Michael Phelps inhaling 
from a glass pipe 
generally used to 
smoke cannabis, 
WENN reports Feb. 1st.

The News of the World 
weekly said the picture was taken 
on November 6, 
almost three months after Phelps 
won an historic eight gold medals 
at the Beijing Olympics, 
when he went to a party at the 
University of South Carolina.

The report claimed 23-year-old 
Phelps was visiting Jordan Matthews, 
a girl who was a student at the 
university and who he was 
secretly dating, 
and threw himself into a series 
of parties in houses and bars.

The photograph shows Phelps, 
wearing a white t-shirt and a 
baseball cap back to front, 
holding the pipe — 
known as a bong — 
to his lips and 
apparently inhaling.
The tabloid quoted a 
partygoer as saying: 
“You could tell Michael 
had smoked before. 
He grabbed the bong and 
a lighter and knew exactly 
what to do.

“He looked just as 
natural with a bong in 
his hands as he does 
swimming in the pool. 

He was the gold medal 
winner of bong hits.

“Michael ended up 
getting a little paranoid, 
because before too long 
he looked like he was 
nervous and ran out 
of the place.”

There was no immediate way 
of establishing whether the 
newspaper’s claims were true.

The News of the World 
claimed that when it contacted 
Phelps’s management team 
they offered 
“a raft of extraordinary incentives” 
in return for not publishing 
the photograph, but the 
newspaper refused.

Phelps was recently named 
the US Olympic Committee 
Sportsman of the Year for 
making Olympic history in 
Beijing by collecting the most 
golds won by any athlete at a
 single Olympics, 
giving him a career total of 14 golds.

He also set seven 
world records in Beijing.

One Response to “Michael Phelps may have smoked a bong – get the cell in supermax prison ready for a new con!!!”

  1. If Michael Phelps is into smoking pipes then good for him. Just because he enjoys smoking a water pipe does not mean he should have to lie about it and talk about the “big mistake” he made. The government makes a mistake every time it enforces marijuana prohibition at the expense of America and good since. America should grow up and quit attacking its own citizens for how they decide to spend their recreational time.

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