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Gordon Ramsay drops the “F Bomb” even more than Madonna!



Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey Swears

132 Times In 2-Hour Show

by James Desborough

January 2nd, 2009


THE heat’s on Gordon Ramsay 

after he used the F-word a 

record 132 times.

His two-hour show Ramsay’s 

Great British Nightmare was 

peppered with the obscenity.

He screamed at staff in two failing restaurants, 

who hit back with 50 F-words of their own.

Ramsay tried to rescue The Runaway Girl in Sheffield and the Dovecote Bistro in Devon in Friday’s special. 

He bellowed at Runaway Girl boss Justin Rowntree: 

“Your business is f*****d.” 

He added:

 “What a f***ing muppet.”

And in Devon, Gordon was just millimetres from hopeless chef Mick Martin’s face as he yelled: 

“What f***ing makes me furious is you think you can get away with re-heating f***ing food.” 

Off camera, crazed Ramsay shattered a £1,000 flat screen TV and smashed two tables.

 Mick, 55, said last night: 

“Gordon was a bully. 

He deliberately wound me up.”

Channel 4 had 49 complaints but is braced for more. 

Watchdog Mediawatch UK yesterday urged the government to withdraw the channel’s public funding. 

Boss director John Beyer said: 

“Gordon doesn’t need to swear. 

There’s so much public concern about swearing on TV.”

Channel 4 defended Gordon, 

42, who the News of the World revealed last year has cheated on his wife. 

A spokesman said: 

“It was after the watershed. 

The swearing is a expression of Gordon’s passion.”




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