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Czech President Vaclav Klaus dares tell the emperor he is wearing no clothes!






Czech president 
attacks Al Gore’s 
climate campaign

January 31st, 2009

Czech President Vaclav Klaus

took aim at climate change 
campaigner  Al Gore on 
Saturday in Davos in a frontal
attack on the science of 
global warming.
“I don’t think that there 

is any global warming,” 

said the 67-year-old liberal, 

whose country holds the 

rotating presidency of the 

European Union.

“I don’t see the 

statistical data for that.”



Referring to the former 

US vice president, 

who attended Davos this year,

he added: 

“I’m very sorry that some 

people like Al Gore are not 

ready to listen to the 

competing theories. 

I do listen to them.



“Environmentalism and the global 

warming alarmism is challenging

 our freedom. 

Al Gore is an important person 

in this movement.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the

 World Economic Forum, 

he said that he was more worried 

about the reaction to the perceived 

dangers than the consequences.

“I’m afraid that the current crisis will

 be misused for radically constraining 

the functioning of the markets and 

market economy all around the world,” 

he said.



“I’m more afraid of the 

consequences of the crisis 

than the crisis itself.”

Klaus makes no secret of 

his climate change scepticism — 

he is also a fierce critic of the 

European Union — 

and has branded the world’s 

top panel of climate experts, 

the UN’s IPCC, 

a smug monopoly.
















5 Responses to “Czech President Vaclav Klaus dares tell the emperor he is wearing no clothes!”

  1. Our President Klaus need urgently mental assessments

  2. I applaud the Czech President for airing his views without fear of prejudice. Obviously the other side of the issue has the financing and the backing of the status quo. Just as obviously they are getting shriller in denying the cooling data that has been compiling for the last 6 years around the Globe, while their forecasts are for warming. The last 10 years have cooled, really, but working down from the high of ’98 is alittle dishonest. If the planet were REALLY still warming as predicted by the crackpot AGW model, would they have changed the mantra to Climate Change?
    Ask 1 of the guru’s, pick a guru, to explain the mechanism of increasing CO2 leading to cooling events…

    Antarctic ice levels are at 30 year highs, Artic Ice is in it’s 2nd year of recovery, well past last years 20% increase over 2007 levels and the Media doesn’t want to support it. Greenland’s Glacier is growing, but people are mum or sending out misleading reports of “rising” temperatures in Antarctica… We need more honest (if gutsy) politicians like the President Klaus!

  3. I did not get any special cuddles from my girlfriend last night. I wonder if I can blame that on Global warming as well!!. I question to ask the Gore

  4. Like every religious movement it requires a zealous prophet & faithful followers. How sad that people do not stand back & analyse the facts instead of swallowing the hype. This will pass & its back to the Ice Age. Then again we do have the problem of comets & asteroids hitting our planet causing a similar catastrophe. I might stay in bed until its all over.

  5. Global Warming is real and is happening.
    In fact, the phenomem
    began approximately 14,500 years ago,
    or at the end of the last ice age.

    It has progressed continually since that time
    and if it were not for global warming,
    humans would not have been able to
    develop a into a viable species.

    When the axis around which the earth rotates wobbles again,
    the next ice age will begin again and
    we will have global cooling
    and the reformation of the polar ice caps.

    In about 50,000 years we will look back
    and laugh and say,”Al Who?”

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