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Audrey Horncastle can knit you a Maxi Mounds!




Knitter has 
her knockers


A Sussex octogenarian

has an unusual hobby – 

knitting woollen breasts.

Audrey Horncastle gives her 

woolly boobs to daughter 

Rhona Emery

a community nurse, 

to help teach new mums 

to breast feed.

And the 84-year-old, 

from Woodingdean, near Brighton, 

has churned out more than 

100 knitted breasts in little 

more than three years.

She said: 

“It only takes a few days to 

do one and then I pass it on 

to my daughter. 

It’s a bit of fun. 

I enjoy the knitting and they 

are being put to good use.

“People give me a strange 

look when I tell them what I 

am knitting and it is unusual 

but they are fun to do.”

Mrs Emery said: 

“I went to a breast feeding 

training course and was told 

about how these things are 

useful but that they were difficult 

to get because the pattern is 

hard to do.

“My mum is good at knitting 

so I gave her the pattern and 

she was able to do it. 

It has just built up from there.”

Mrs Horncastle, 

who is only paid for 

the cost of materials, 

says she will carry on knitting 

as long as there’s demand.

“I try to keep the basic fleshy 

tone but sometimes people 

ask if I can put in a bit of colour 

as well just to make things a 

bit different,” she said.







4 Responses to “Audrey Horncastle can knit you a Maxi Mounds!”

  1. dost dobreee-czech republic

  2. Hi ya, I came across your site and what you’re doing with knitting is so cool. I love it. Big hug

  3. Can you supply me with your pattern for knitted breasts. Our knitting club at work would like to make these.
    Many thanks

  4. Bonjour. J’habite à Marseille en France et je suis émerveillée de voir tout ce travail !! Serait-il possible d’en acheter ? Ou pouvez-vous me fournir les explications afin de tricoter moi-même. J’ai 68 ans et cela servira à ma petite fille
    erci mille fois et encore bravo.

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