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Liar Liar Brad’s Pants On Fire!




Brad Pitt is a liar 

for denying that a steamy 

on-set romance with 

Angelina Jolie killed his 

marriage to Jennifer Aniston

sources close to the 

situation report in the 

January 26th issue of 

The National Enquirer!

Sources claimed to The Enquirer 

that Brad was fibbing when he 

said his marriage to Jennifer 

was not in trouble.  

It is claimed he started dating 

Angelina during the filming of 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith.



“By the time they finished 

filming the bulk of the film – 

which was shot through the 

first five months of 2004, 

everyone on the set took it 

for granted that Brad and Angie 

were a couple.  

Plain and simple, 

he’s a lier about his relationship 

with Angelina and when it started.”

The source continued,

“He was blown away by Angie.

She changed the direction of his 

life with the way she was a mother 

and a humanitarian – 

and Jen didn’t stand a chance.”





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