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Mariska Hargitay has arresting beauty!

Law & Order: Svu star
Mariska Hargitay is battling
back from a collapsed lung
and will return to work on
the show next week.
The actress injured herself
during a sled-riding accident,
but is on the road to recovery,
her co-star Richard Belzer

Belzer, who plays Detective
John Munch in the cop show, says,
“She’s doing great.
She’s absolutely OK.
If you believe in it say
a prayer for her.
If you don’t send her
appealing thoughts.
She had a little accident sledding.
But she’s ok and she’ll be
back to work next week.”

Hargitay’s injury forced her
to miss the Golden Globe awards
on Sunday where she was
nominated for a Best Actress
in a Television Drama.

2 Responses to “Mariska Hargitay has arresting beauty!”

  1. Stay well, since Meloni left; SVU needs you more than ever. I watch every episode for your talent and beauty of course.

  2. Marishky,
    with you’re love for humanity,
    why don’t you run for president?
    God Bless Your Soul. Gene

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