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Sharon Osbourne claims Dannii Minogue wants to (BLEEP) Simon Cowell!




SHARON Osbourne 

stunned a TV 

audience by 

claiming Dannii 

Minogue was only 

on X Factor 

because she 

“wanted to f*** 

Simon Cowell”, 

Colin Robertson 

reports for 

The U.K. Sun 

Jan. 13th.





















The former reality show judge 

also branded the Aussie singer’s 

plastic surgery “appalling”.

Shazza, 56, 

let rip in an ITV1 interview 

with Piers Morgan, 

who asked her what made 

her quit the series. 

She replied: 

“Dannii Minogue.”



“All Dannii wanted to do 

was f*** Simon Cowell. 

That’s why she’s on the show.”

Osbourne then 

blasted Dannii’s looks, 

despite admitting going 

under the knife herself.



A member of the chatshow’s 
audience said: “It was a low blow.” 
Dannii, 37, has admitted a boob 
job and Botox. 
Sharon said she fell out with 
her on day one, 
comparing her with 
“a mosquito you want 
to flick away”.

She added she only asked 

for a £2million deal so bosses 

would force her to quit. 

The source said: 

“They offered £1.6million 

but she ‘couldn’t bear to sit 

next to Dannii six more months’.”

Piers, 43, urged Sharon to 

“give me something I can use” 

for his show when it goes 

out in April. 

Sharon has insulted Dannii 

before, saying: 

“She knows she’s on there 

for her looks.”

Dannii was snapped 

holding hands with Cowell 

in a taxi in 2007.

 But she insisted: 

“I don’t fancy him.”

A show source said: 

“It was typical Sharon. 

No one took it too literally.”


                        DANNII MINOGUE








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