You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Barack Obama “pinching a loaf” is a best selling figurine!



Pooping Obama 
is a best-seller

Tiny plastic figures of 

Barack Obama and Gordon 

Brown relieving themselves 

in public have become 

online bestsellers.

They are among a host of politicians, 

sports stars and celebrities to be 

given the dubious honour of 

being turned into a ‘caganer’.

Catalonians traditionally celebrate 

Christmas by placing a caganer, 

which translates as pooper, 

in a nativity scene.

People find it fun to try to spot 

the tiny defecating figures which 

are supposed to bring prosperity 

and a good harvest.

Traditionally, caganers would be 

small bearded men in full Catalan 

costume but these days,

it’s more likely to be a celebrity. 

Last year, Barcelona footballer 

Thierry Henry was the most 

popular figure sold.

But this year, internet orders 

from the rest of the world, 

especially the US, 

have made Barack Obama 

the best-seller.

Others immortalised into the 

mini figures include Mr Brown, 

French President Nicolas Sarkozy 

and wife Carla Bruni, 

plus Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal.






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