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Hot sexy Daryl Hannah naughty photo gallery!

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Actress Daryl Hannah 
will sail for the inhospitable 
South Ocean on Wednesday 
as part of a campaign to 
stop Japanese whalers from 
slaughtering the giant animals, 
organizers said, 
WENN reports December 2nd.

Hannah, best known for her role as 
a mermaid in the 1984 hit “Splash”, 
will be part of the militant Sea Shepherd 
Conservation Society’s annual campaign 
to find, track and impede the whaling ships.

The film star on Wednesday will join the
 “Steve Irwin”, which departs from the
 eastern Australian city of Brisbane, 
for the first week of the voyage.

“Passionate about the issues facing 
our planet, Hannah will join the crew,” 
Sea Shepherd said in a statement.

The star of films such as “Blade Runner” 
and “Kill Bill” said more needed to be 
done to stop the Japanese from killing 
endangered species in the waters off 

“It is surprising and shocking to me 
that governments are not doing this work — 
that it is up to individuals and 
non-government organisations to 
uphold international law and protect 
endangered species,” 
she told AAP news agency.

The “Steve Irwin”, named for the 
late Australian “Crocodile Hunter” 
who died in 2006 from a stingray barb, 
is the only vessel to attempt to follow 
the Japanese whalers on their annual 
whale hunt this year.

Greenpeace, which has sent ships 
to the Southern Ocean nine times in 
the past two decades to track the hunt, 
will not send a vessel this year, 
instead concentrating on its campaign 
within Japan to stop the slaughter.

The Australian government, 
which last year sent a Customs ship 
to collect data on the killings that 
Japan says is for scientific purposes, 
will not send a boat either.

Monitoring will be left to New Zealand, 
which will send air force planes to 
oversee the whaling fleet in Antarctic waters.

Japan — which aims to kill 1,000 whales 
a year using a loophole in a 1986 global 
moratorium that allows “lethal research” 
on the ocean giants — 
only managed to make about half 
its quota last season because of 
interference from the activists.
























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  1. she is hot inent she

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  3. Really great pics. of Darryl.
    I always thought she should have
    got more work in big films,
    I suppose her height is sometimes an issue.

    She is so beautiful and statuesque,
    no wonder Kennedy went out with her.

    I’m glad they broke up, cos I would not
    want to lose her in a plane crash.

    I am not gay,
    but do appreciate the female form,
    as a retired dancer,
    I saw thousands of women in my life.
    and she is a natural beauty.

  4. I trust Darryl has millions in the bank (a 1%’er…LOL!) otherwise she’s not doing any good for what chances she has left in her career by showing up for “causes”.

  5. Goddess Daryl Hannah is one of those many female celebrities that always arouses one of the highest sexual desires, they encourage constantly each man to copulate, she’s a superior excitement, an impassioned wildfire, one that continues to incite to the instincts, and turns highly the physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact. She’s simply the highest hotness or horniness, that always instigates the men to drive them insane

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