You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

How to tell if you are a vampire


You might
be a vampire

Vampires Among Us

* You have a strong desire for and/or Stimulation by blood (sexual, revitalizing or otherwise)

* You have a nameless craving that can never quite be fulfilled

* People you get close to tend to become tired, weary and upset a lot around you

* People tend to find you interesting at first, then begin to avoid you

* Even when surrounded by others, you always feel alone 
* Sunlight/bright light in general hurts your eyes (but you can go out in it, even so)

* You tend to be a night person by nature (because you may feel more comfortable and “alive” at this time)

* You have had a strong interest in vampires(in any aspect of the genre) probably since puberty onwards

* You have had a strong interest in vampires since a traumatic event occured in your life

* You don’t get sick often, or if you do, the maladies are often strange or severe

* You are a fast healer

* Sex tends to leave you feeling revitalized and full of energy

* You have drank blood before or would like to, if you could

* You enjoy imbibing sexual fluids because of the vitality they contain

* Electrical appliances and you don’t generally tend to get along well (watches stop often, computers malfunction for no reason, microwaves start up by themselves, etc)

* You prefer rich fabrics, tastes, scents etc.

* You are very sensitive to sensory extremes (strong scents, rough textures, sour tastes,etc)

* You feel totally different on some elemental,intuitive level to most other human beings

* You feel you don’t belong in this century, maybe even this world

* You believe in reincarnation and maybe even have had past life visions

* Your dreams are often extremely vivid and sometimes result in cases of deja vu

* You easily “trance out” or find yourself detached from the world

* You posess an ability similar to ESP (or are highly intuitive in general)

* People often find you very empathetic to how they feel

* People often either trust you completely or think you are very dangerous.

* Your style of clothing tends to be more on the dramatic side

* Your relationships tend to be very rocky and emotionally unstable

* Your relationships tend to be very intense and passionate

* People tell you that you are too intense/an “enigma”/”dark hole”/add similar phrase here

* You look younger than you are (when you’re beyond

twenty years of age) or look older than you are (when you are younger than 20 yrs of age)

* You can see and/or read auras

* Animals tend to get along well with you

* You have good, natural “magickal” abilities (if you do spells, etc, usually they work)

* You have only one or two friends/lovers who really understand you and whom you get along with

* When you will things to happen, they usually do

* You can often easily tell how other people are feeling

* You feel sick/get rashes/etc in the daytime when the sun is shining

* (you’re a woman) Your period starts late in the day and your cycle is usually timed to the full moon

* You suffer from allergies

2,607 Responses to “How to tell if you are a vampire”

  1. Wow, I have 25 of those symptoms. Weird…

    • i sparkle in the sun… like the cullen vampires =]

      • cool I think im one too my skin sparkles too.
        I also have most of those things listed above

      • I have so may of those symtoms.
        I am already a vampire,
        but I like to do reaserch about my human life.

        I sometimes sparkle in the sun,
        but i can usually cover it. It has gotten more faint,
        but thats not the only reason I don’t go out in the sun.

        The sun hurts my skin!
        Is that abnormal?
        Please respond!

        Bella and her “adopted sister” Tori

      • really?
        fucking vampyres dont sparkle. -___-
        ever thought you were really pale?
        stupid twilight shit.

      • i kno rite. vampires dont fukin sparkle. wat is with u twilight luvrs? ugh. if u think ur a vampire b/c you think u sparkle then ur full of shit. there are no sparklig vampires. you just need to get the fuck overit.

      • that doesnt happen okay

      • WTF! Is wrong with you?
        You must read too much Twi-SHIT!
        On the other hand I’ve got 29 of those symptoms.

      • right….

      • Vampires do not sparkle in the sun!
        Sangs need blood.
        Psi’s need energy.
        Vampires are part of earth
        we live among the human race
        just as god intended.

        Vampires are nothing like the ones from Twilight.
        The author of Twilight even said herself that
        she made everything up!

        Vampires are not damned to hell,
        it all depends on what people do
        while they are living!

        Being a vampire is both a curse and a blessing.
        So if you are a vampire be proud.

        If your a human you really
        don’t want to be a vampire.
        Check out the website AwakeAndDrink.webs

      • Humm I’m trying to figure out how to psi feed.
        I’m a sang,
        but sangs can psi feed to but it only
        holds off the thirst for blood a little bit.

        If been practicing taking and giving energy
        but sometimes I can’t tell which one Im doing.

        I’m seeing auras to.
        But I can’t see the colors right away.
        I see energy/whiteness around people
        and I have to concentrait on it around their heads.

        Or it’s faster seeing it with by eyes closed.
        It’s even stronger.
        I just look either around the persons head o
        r I look into their eyes for a few seconds,
        than I close my eyes and I see the color.

      • if you are really pale
        you tend to “glow” in the sun.
        which is why i dont go to the beach.

        oh and i have 33 of them
        (guys dont read this next part)
        my period always starts while im asleep

      • If I see one more comment
        about vampires fucking sparkling
        in the sun,
        I’m going to track you ALL down
        and rip your throats out.




      • regina and aruno T – u chat absolute crap!!!

        twilight vampires the cullens and others
        only sparkle on the film and book so they
        grab the reader or audience muppit!

        they are not real vampires obviously.

        how stupid can u get.

        you do not sparkle u r just highly
        stupid humans now go back to your
        crappy lives and ;eave us alone.

        if i am a vampire u
        dont want to mess with me!!!

      • Vampires don’t fucking sparkle.


      • I am a REAL vampire and a twightlight lover and i can tell u that most of the stuff in twighlight is bull s*** real vamps don’t even have fangs, you are seriously mocking the vamp community.

      • Look stupid, we vampires don’t sparkle in the sun. We’re just pale, not living disco balls. If you sparkle in the sun then, what a coincidence.




      • wow i know i kinda like blood
        is weird and i have lots of things
        that it said on there

      • i have all of those symptoms except
        for the sex thing i’m only twelve.

        I am a vampire i drink blood,
        i don’t like the sun,
        animals love me,
        i’m not a “people- person”,
        i can change the weather,
        read minds,
        tell what gift someone has,
        tell who’s a vampire,
        run really really fast,
        jump really really high,
        really really strong,
        really really pale,
        dress really out of the ordinary,
        have fangs,
        can sharpen my fangs,
        i can change my appearance,
        can tell when people are lying,
        love the taste of blood,

        I won’t bore you with what you
        already know about my kind.

        But i know i am a vampire
        and i am not being obsessed or stupid.

        thank you

      • i have 35 of those symptoms.

      • wow dude.
        i got most of these freakin symptoms.
        am i a vampire????

        i like blood animals like me.

        i hate the freakin sun.

        i see well in da dark.

        my senses are good.

        lots of stuff man.

        i LOVE blood.

      • I HAVE ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS. kool. i have fang i have to hide sometimes during the day on the top and bottom

        CRAZY. o i can read most peoples mind. i like most of it and i can jump as high as 5 ft tall in the air. flat

      • i have all those too, and people should really get off the sparkle thing because they aren’t convincing anyone. i meen really if you glow, great that means your skin is healthy, but trust me, we don’t sparkle so listen lets talk about something stop else, like to believing everything we see on TV!

      • i do also

      • with a strong enough inner magnitude of consciousness you can alter this universe to whatever you want. I will say this “vampires” are just a mixture of physical and spiritual energy. That is why you feel alone even around people. because we are all one. ONE. Fighting and ignorance only seperates our conciousness into pieces like shattered glass. we must not have to rise and love and make peace signs. Just understand, forgive, and seek. Most importantly, understand how to do those. and if we can not we are not ready to ascend. But remember everyone it’s okay to feel alone, sad, hurt. Because without those we wouldn’t know what company, joy, and ecstasy is.

      • i have all of these im vampire YES!!!!! 🙂

      • i have all of them like omfg and a hate the sun so badly it hurts my eyes and gives me big rashes so i intend to not go to the beach

    • I have most of the symptoms.
      I have strong teeth.
      My best friend is Kira,
      she has already posted.

      My name is Miranda.

      Is there a way to find
      out if you have powers?

      (PS: CATS RULE!)

      • Once I found out I was a vampire (tested positive)
        the sun started hurting my eyes.

        Note to Kira:
        I finally found it I’m so happy!
        Btw her name (hi morgan)
        is morgan not megan.

        Please reply to both!

        And will somebody tell me
        if I really am a vampire?

      • OMG my cat just tried to bite my neck!

      • nvm wrong post sorry

      • exactly 35 symtpoms.

      • WOW I have almost all the symptoms listed,
        I do have some strange powers.

        You may think im full of it
        but I’m taotally telling the truth.

        a good way to test if you have powers
        is to try pretty much all the powers you
        can think of
        (do not try flying, really bad idea.)

        for example try staring at the sky
        and focus on making it cloudy,
        if you do,
        you have the power to control the weather.

        so just try random stuff at random times,
        when you get a reaction,
        you know that thats your power
        (or one of them.)

        it is possible to have more than one power.
        i would know i have several!

      • i just turned thirteen
        and my abilities are getting
        very much stronger.

        my eyes turn even more red than before.
        my sense of smell is much stronger.

        my thirst for blood is penetrating.

        I run soooooooo much faster.

        I am having clearer and more often visions.
        all of my abilities are stronger.

        leave me a message at strange.morgan@yahoo.com.

        i am now a expert vampire and
        I can answer any question that comes my way…
        try me!

      • Oh my gosh, I’m a vampire!
        I knew i was different.
        I have most of these symptoms.
        Animals like to be arounbd me
        I always have a feeling of dejavu
        I feel like I don’t belong in this time or world
        I’ve tasted blood (out of curiosity)
        Things happen when I want them to

      • im a real vampire because i did a spell im alyssa i just use my moms email and all that and im only 11 i go to middle school

    • i have 35 thats even wierder than 25,
      no offense

    • i have all of those and so do my friends

    • i need to tell you guys a story that happened to me.
      i was at a sleepover at my friends house and my best best friend got this giant gash on her back and it smelled dilicious and vivid my eyes went red and black and my fangs came out with claws sort of the claws and i had to go to the bathroom away from her to not suck her blood and when she came back to me i asked is the cut gone and she said yes. so luckily i didn’t kill my best friend. i hunt in my sleep you can do that if you are a vampire expert i try to hunt animals but it is very hard a lot of times to stay away from the delicious scent and tase. my mouth is watering right now and my eyes are going red and black and i seriously just hissed. seriously. i am not lying.
      this is 100000000000000000000000000000000% true i promise.

      • hi Morgan, it’s Fire, when i red this i could feel you really had this happen. i have a question. i keep seeing symbols and having visions of us vampires on a hill over looking a city full of destruction

      • fire the vision of that is just your instincts.
        i have visions such as that also.

        maybe some day i will be at your side
        over looking the destruction we accidently caused.

        don’t worry i have them too.
        scroll down and you can read about them.

      • fire a way for me to tell if your vision is really going to happen is to see if i am in the vision with you is there a dark haired girl who is probably beside you and probably has red eyes and looks 13. she is tall and pale. is this girl in your vision?

      • yes i see what you described. although every thing was bright, very bright

      • I have alot of these syptoms. My boyfriend is a hybrid. he thinks Im a vampire and i just need to be awakened. I want to turn. Dose anyone know if transfermation spells work??? Or can someone tell if I’m really a vampire???? PLEASE I NEED HELP!!!

      • I need to find out if i am a vampire. Can someone tell me,ask me questions feel my energy SOMETHING!! My boyfriend is a hybrid vampire. Do i just need to be awakened???!! Do transformation spells work?? I need help!!! Someone please conatact me at jacksondominique80@yahoo.com

    • ok. nobody hate me but i think i am half vampire and half werewolf. i show many symptoms of both. dont hate me and sone one please give me some answers i want to know if i am a vampire, a werewolf, or both. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hi im exactly the same as u and im a girl and im 13 and yes actually i think u could be both because i cast both speel vampire and werewolf and my eyes turn gold but i also am a night person i have half the sytoms for vampire but al the symtoms for a werewolf so u will probably turn into both u will probly look more like a vampire though ul have to tell all ur symtoms in ordor for me to help iv already got large fangs

    • Some one please help me.
      i am getting weaker and weaker by the minute by loss of blood. dying animals and humans are becoming scarce and i dont know what to do.
      i feel sick a lot now without blood. and my skin won’t cut. it’s almost unpenetrable.
      please help before i die and wilt away.
      give me some advice on how to survive this dying time.
      please hurry. i dont have much time left.
      my eyes are getting darker. my strength and speed weaaker. my fangs are getting sharper. my thirst is penetrating. my emotions are fading. my sleep deeper. my visions and dreams less.my promise not to harm my family being questioned.
      help me please before i do die and wither away like a black rose.
      Hurry and help me as soon as you read this.
      it doesnt matter who replys.
      please hurry and help.

      • my mother will not leave me alone for me to try to find something. no one will leave me alone. please hurry and help.

      • find a coven to take you in

      • alassander would you be willing
        to take me into a coven no one else
        near me is a vampire so would
        you do me this favor

      • if u make ur way to my house u cann have my blood but not all of it i am not sure but ive beenn tld by many people tht im a pureblood who just needs to be awakened maybe if u take sme of my blood i will awaken please email me back morgan

      • uhmm is everyone really seriouse :S i dont
        know what to believe :L uhm have some
        of mine if you wish i guess (:

    • omg i got all of the symtoms
      except for the one that says
      if ur a woman that ur period
      starts late in the day and ur ovulation
      cycle starts on the full moon

      • jessica nation,
        thank you for your proposal.

        i have not had blood in months and i am dying.

        i am very weak and very ill.

        i do sense that you are a full blood
        and if i drink a bit of your blood
        and put a bit of mine into you
        in the process you shall be awakened.

        Tell me where you live and
        i shall see you soon.

        Thank you again you are saving my life.

        When you see me you may be asleep
        or it may be in your dreams.

        when you sense me tell me about it.
        you might have marks on your neck
        and i promise i shall not drink it all.
        thank you.

    • i have all of the above so i most be a vampire. great

    • i think im a vampire.
      i do crave to drink blood

      • u must meet me some time kimmy how old r u? and im a girl im not lez because i did a spell and i found this website and im 100% vampire. reply plz and fast

    • any1 who is talking shit on this site
      better get the FUCK off of it.
      i am dead FUCKING serious.
      i dont like BULLSHITERS.

      i am a vampire and i will
      hunt your ASS down.
      you wouldnt be the first
      BULLSHITING human i have killed.

      i am not very nice when it comes
      to SHIT FACES trying to lie about SHIT
      this serious just for a FUCKING laugh.

      i know i am not the only vampire
      on this website that is sick of you

      so back the FUCK off you MOTHER FUCKERS
      before i decide to let my evil vampire side
      take over and have a little feast
      on you and your friends.

      those of you who are telling the truth
      and do agree with me leave me a message.

      i am sick and tired of SONS OF BITCHES
      who try to joke around and get us all hyped
      just to FUCK us over.

      i will get all of my vampire friends,
      werewolf friends,
      and witch friends from this website
      and hunt down your ASS and kill you.

      i dont take kindly to FUCKERS.

      and if you are not a vampire
      and you are a human and
      on this website GET THE FUCK OFF.

      you are not supposed
      to know about us.

      if you dont FUCKING get your lying ASS
      off this website if your either lying
      or a human i will personly kill your ASS.

      you better be FUCKING afraid BITCHES.

      i am not normally this foul mouthed
      but this kind of SHIT just PISSES me off.

      you wouldnt like me
      when i get PISSED off.

      message to all liars
      i hope a vampire jumps your
      FUCKING ASS and kills you
      cause vampires dont like BULLSHITERS.

      that is how you know i am a vampire
      i wouldnt be saying all this SHIT if i wasnt.

      so back that FUCK
      off before i kill your ASS.

      i am giving you FUCKERS
      and fair DAMN warning.

      you better be FUCKING wise
      for one time in your DAMN life
      and take my advice and get
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      you MOTHER FUCKERS need to
      start getting smart and stop
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      thats all i have FUCKING to say about it.

      any1 else who feels the same way
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      to leave a message under this one.


      p.s. if you FUCKERS dont wise up
      i will be coming to FUCKING kill your DAMN ASS.
      so wise the FUCK up BITCHES.

      • morgan i totally agree im wiv ya
        U FUCKIN PRICKS!!!!

      • omg morgan u r so rite man
        u told those bitches but really
        can u really become one i got 40
        out of those and i swear to God I’m
        not lieing how can you tell im 11
        and im freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You took the words right out of my mouth.
        THANK YOU!!

        And she’s right you mother fucking mongrels.




        I should know.
        My mother is a witch.


      • OMG Iam soooooooo scared…
        Please spare me you stupid bitch…
        I am human & Im on the fuckin site
        what da fuck you gonna do about it???

        suck me you fucking retard..
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        u cant be fuckin serious with this bull shit
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        vampire huh ?

        I’ll call u when im on my period
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        that hardcore bullshit on my block
        u dumb bitch…

        as a matter of fact if u think
        u are so the hot shit come &
        get me cause im a woman bitch &
        i fight men…
        I can hold a punch can u??? &

        this aint no fairy tale bull shit,,,
        get some….
        New York…
        suck me…

      • I agree all you FUCKING humans get off the website before i bite your FUCKING head off. P.S We vamps hate all the BULLSHIT your saying about us your just asking for a biting

      • i agree with everything you say

      • i agree with ya 100%. all of these bullshiters need to leave us alone.

        ps. i know where you live

      • ikr im a real vampire and people shout stop talking crap about this website

      • i totally agree

      • uh i have this to say i think you say fuck
        alot not what i was going to say….
        im into vampire stuff thats only reson
        im reading all this stuff i truelly think
        its all true what you guys are sayin..
        so i shall continue to read if you really
        want me off the websire mssg me at
        i am human wich u know now

        ps i dount wach twilight enless my mom makes me

      • at least i think im human

      • um shannon youll just have 2 kill me if u dount
        email me and say you want me on here ip ut ,y e,ail
        in not that hard click it andd type ammsg then
        send and ill be off or….just comekil me adress is

        4864 Hinchmen way Ca. Sacremento look it up

        ps kill me while im awake
        so i know ur not a coward or something thx

        human friend

        besids i have nothing to live for anyway COMEN GET ME

      • i agree too n i am not a fucking human
        im a awakened vampyre ready to be fully
        awakened n ya thass all i have to say for now


        AT gracieali@hotmail.co.uk




        WANT TO BE VAMPS……
        ON HEER.

      • I’ll stay on this website as long as I want bitches.
        I don’t give a damn.

        You want to kill me for doing it,
        i’ll go ninja on your ass or call
        the s.w.a.t team and tell them to
        teabag you and your friends.

        Your not even REAL vampires your
        just sick creepos with serious problems
        feeding on inocent lives.

        Go do yourself and the world a favor
        and get a good therapist.

        You wannebee freaks.

        THROW A LIGHTER ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aleah – What happens now? Well. They go to jail for assault, and, you go to jail for murder by arson. You spend thirty years in prison. They walk free in a month or so. And when you get out you can consider how you were just as immature as everyone else posting empty threats on a thread about vampires.
        Now, this is theoretical of course. In reality, you and everyone else will sit on their asses making death threats over the internet that will never be put into effect anywhere but the confines of their minds that assume location and distance is completely irrelevant when you wish to harm/murder/set fire to someone. Because all that can be accomplished through a computer screen. Yay, modern science. Oh wait. You can’t do that? Oh well, it was worth a shot. Maybe you should attempt to find this person and spread a flammable substance over them or bludgeon their face the hard way? What? Too much effort? That’s okay. After all, it would have been difficult for your teenage selves to obtain the obscene amounts of cash necessary to buy a plane ticket to wherever the hell this person lives(why not try your college savings account? You have no idea what you’ll ever use *that* money for anyway, right?), after, of course, you somehow manage to get past that pesky little task of tracking down the location of their home. Plus, you’re probably not aloud to drive without a parent or guardian present in the vehicle. Oh well. Maybe it’s best if you all keep the life experience of murder under your belt until say, your thirties, when you finally decide that your life is pointless anyway, what with having wasted away those so called “college savings” on more useful things like flamethrowers and samurai swords on ebay, and your lack of a romantic partner due to the fact that they all seem oddly frightened by your collection of murderous weapons -what the heck’s that all about anyway? Alrighty then, have fun and be safe committing virtual 1st degree murder, everybody!

    • I have 35 of those symptoms.what dose that means?

    • my skin sparkles in the sun and most things listed is like me and are any of you guys watching comic relief does glee club VOTE 4 FLAIR! ( they are all vamp’s)

    • This is a reply to everyone. Vampire is just a change in dna from other people. vampires have the royal elite bloodline of the draco constellation’s entities. It started when neanderthals began. They reproduced with them to make slave workers. This is in the book of Enoch and the old and new testament. Some have more of the bloodline than others. Mesopotamia and Africa is where it started. They reigned down and acted as gods (just as we would to a less advanced race). they used tools to mix dna strands to make different types of entities. Think why we races have different blood types and I don’t mean a, b, o. There is a war between these Draconians and someone else. I’m pretty sure America is controlled by the malevolent repltilians. Reptilians are everything a vampire can do. only more. There is strong theory they fight the benovolent races that want the greater good for humanity and progress to a high consciousness. Reptilians want us to hate, fear, hurt because that is how they exist here. vamps real or not i have all those traits and more but all I am is at a higher level of consciousness where I do not need food as much due to my rapid metabolism, love blood because it is the pure tastful, luscious essence of life. writing this makes me want it so bad. Just the thought makes me feel the energy. Sorry off topic went into trance. yea that stuff has a lot of energy, and how I can sense things before they happen. Because, in my density I understand there is no here or there no two seconds ago just fragments of random consciousness like ruffling through a treasure chest of pure energy and manifestation.

    • Hi Alice, and everyone else

      I have a bit of advice to give to you
      and the vampires whom are going to prove our existence.

      be wary of the humans around you,
      they may fight this “up rising”,
      humans fear change and always try to live a “normal” life,
      oblivious to the things going on around them.

      I would not let your guard down when we are revealed,
      after all, it is human nature to fear us.

      we are, after all,
      a powerful race that is capable of a lot more
      than humans can even imagine.

      if all goes well we could be looking at a new era,
      one in which our race is the dominating race,
      and the decisions of what to do for this country
      and the world would be up to our race.

      i also know that if we do come to rest at the top,
      we must find and maintain an order system.

      i have seen in several dreams that our great race
      had risen and gained control of the government here,
      and in other countries.

      if i could i would join you when we do reveal ourselves,
      but i am tied down by limits that i can not cross over.

      i wish you the best of luck when our kind is revealed.

      ~Jamin P. Rose
      (aka: fire the vampire.)

    • don’t think that i’m crazy but i have all of those symptoms
      and 1 more i have a red crescent birthmark on my neck,
      my mother is starting to freak out by the way
      my name is jannah i’m 12 yrs.old sort of.

    • i have almost every single symptom and i crave blood everyday

    • Can anybody bite me?

    • i have all the symtoms literally i even had a dream of becoming a vampyre.

    • i have most of those symptoms i mean a lot or to much to explane .omg i just found out i was born a vampire

  2. Every since I was 4, is when I’ve been craving blood all my life. I had a staple in my finger, and the minute I took it out, is when the blood started to rush. I didn’t know what to do, so the first thing I did, was stick my finger in my mouth. The first time you taste blood, is the best time. And it wont be the last time. You will crave it for all your life. It has been 8 years, and sometimes, I purposely make cuts so I can taste the soothing taste of blood. Now I know vampires aren’t all about drinking blood, so I decided to try typing in some related searches to this one on google. I clicked many links, but by far this was the most helpful. Now I’m not sure if all of these facts/statements on how to tell if you are of the vampire kind are true, but let me tell you, my answer was yes to all of these questions. I especially hate light the most. I can go out in it, but I try to avoid it most of the time. I usually leave early in the morning for school when its still a little dark out. My room is painted black, and so is my wardrobe. Now, I’m not sure if this counts, but I can relate to every “vampire move” that was made in twilight. Also, when I am around a lot of people, I often feel the urge of tasting blood, and I get the taste in my mouth. I could be in a group with 10 or more people, and still feel like I’m the only on stranded on an island. I like stores that are open 24/7 because when I usually do shopping, its probably from 10: 00 pm – 3: 00 am. Aside from these things, I am the same as any other. I do similar things as my friends, and I like similar things as they do. I truly believe in vampires, and if I am one, I don’t think that I am the only on out there. Well, that’s my story, thanks for listening.

    – Riica

    • that is so unbleivable the story just doesnt seem real it seems like your pretending to have your own part in twilight

    • hey Riica !!
      I am EXACTLY like you

      I’m so happy to know there is someone else like me.
      I’m 14 ( nearly 15) and for the past year i’ve been drawn to vampires.

      Researching them and I don’t know why, it sounds mad when i say it, but i though it may be because i could be one?

      Anyway, this is the one website that has helped me the most- i answered most questions yes more towards the second half.

      I can go out in the sun no problem, but it makes me feel really sick. And i do look older, i’ve had people thinking i’m 23 and in university!

      It makes me laugh when i tell them i’m only 14 and still in high school 😛

      I remember when i was little I said to my mum i loved the taste of blood- she went all weird like she was hiding something, but i suppose your average 6 year old doesn’t tell you they think blood tastes like bacon :L

      Even my friends think i’m one,
      they started to say it after they watched twilight- As i have very pale white skin, always cold,

      i’m a very fast runner, my skin does sparkle in the sun :P, stronger than i look and have always been telling me i should be a supermodel- in accordance with good looks :L ( -with that one i disagree :P)

      Sorry this is so long, I just have never really been able to talk about it to anyone, apart from my best friend who suprised me in PE the other day in the changing room when she said – ” Do you really think you’re a vampire?”

      i replied ” I dunno” she then said “Because I’m really starting to believe that it’s true- that you really could be… :S ”

      That’s when i started to take it more seriously.

      Call me mad, that’s what I keep telling myself 😛

      • Grace we are out here
        I for one am like you and rica i have been drawn to them my whole life.

        I am young but I am also older so if you need help finding out this complicated mess most of us are in i might help.

      • Grace just like ArunoT has said we are out here.
        Although it sounds crazy, we are very much real.

        We are as real as the trees you see outside,
        the water you drink and the air you breath.

        The problem is that people don’t believe we still exist,
        they are currupted by the lies of religion.

        I’m not saying that they are wrong about some of the things no,
        but we still do exist and some of us are extremely harmless.

        As myself,
        I only feed when someone offers,
        or I pay them for their blood.

        Am i saying that I havent killed people before no,
        but this way they get the thrill of being with a REAl vampire.

        And if you would like to continue talking about how you believe to a vampire, I can shed some light on that.

        I am not afraid to be known,
        none of us should,
        but I am fearful that some humans will take matters
        into their own hands.
        Contact me if you so choose.

      • i have….
        ALL these symptoms too….
        idk if ima vampire or not O.O

      • ya i am just like u
        only i hav been adicted to blood
        ever sence i was like three
        and i acidentaly steped on a razer
        and slit my foot compleatly open.

        scary rite ya and the smell of the blood
        drove me insaine and i almost ate my foot
        thats how good it tasted ya crazy 🙂
        and well i couldnt stop my sister had to yank

      • 35 of those are like me

      • Hi my name is Charley
        I’m twelve years old and I’m a vamp
        and also half human.

        My mom is vamp and my step dad is totally human.

        When she first mrried him I thought he was our kind
        but when she told me he was a human I tottlly fliped.

        But now that there are “people” like me
        I’ve never been so happy Its nice to know
        there are others like me who arnt my fam.

        I’m really strong and I constantly crave human blood.

        I havent tried any powers.

        Any tips on what I should do??

        I have human friends too but I cant tell them.


      • I cut my own wrist to taste my blood
        and I am curious to find more people like me

      • i agree i think i am one one
        to im britton im 12 and at night i can
        see almost every thing and my eyes
        go black its really weird

    • i have 34 of the things that
      would make me a vampire.

      i do like blood.
      i tend to be in my room with
      my computer at the only light.

      i have urges to attack but
      i have found a way to counter it.
      do you ever get a dream about the thirst

      • it is true we are here
        and very much exist
        some of us are good and bad.

        you are not alone.
        we are all here together
        as one big vampire family.

      • Whatever we are, this is what wikipedia
        (a usually unrealiable source, anyone can add stuff)
        says about us:

        Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings
        who subsist by feeding on the life essence
        (generally in the form of blood) of living
        creatures regardless of them being undead
        or a living person.[1][2][3][4][5][6] In folkloric tales,
        vampires often visited loved ones and caused
        mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods
        they inhabited when they were alive.

        They wore shrouds and were often described
        as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance.

        This is markedly different from modern
        fictional portrayals of gaunt,
        pale vampires beginning in the early 19th century.

        Although vampiric entities have been
        recorded in many cultures and according
        to speculation by literary historian Brian Frost
        that the “belief in vampires and bloodsucking
        demons is as old as man himself,”
        and may go back to “prehistoric times,”[7],
        the term vampire was not popularized
        until the early 18th century,
        after an influx of vampire superstition
        into Western Europe from areas where
        vampire legends were frequent,
        such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe,[8]
        although local variants were
        also known by different names,
        such as vampir (вампир) in Serbia and Bulgaria,
        vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania.

        This increased level of vampire superstition
        in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some
        cases resulted in corpses actually being
        staked and people being accused of vampirism.

        in their first paragraph.

      • Today I got a small scrape at school on my knuckle and I started sucking on it. My canine teeth got slightly sharper and I found myself trying to squeeze more blood out and bite it. The sun started hurting my eyes a lot more, and my senses were better. I felt stronger, faster, and smarter. Then it all stopped, and a scab formed. I tore it off, but it didn’t bleed much, just turned more red and liquidy a little. I let it heal again. It healed very fast. I still have sore throat and water isn’t helping. Is there a way to safely get blood while parents don’t notice?

      • I sometimes dream of hunting people
        and drinking thier blood,
        (kinda scary i know)
        and i cant have a boyfriend
        because they get to loving to
        makeout way to much.

        i almost fed off of my recent
        boyfriend so i had to end it.

        i am so happy to see that im not the only one
        out there who is a vampire.

        now i know that i have some people
        to share my story with and that i can
        finally have someone to trust.

        not bieng able to tell people is really hard,
        but i do have one friend who knows,
        and she thinks its the coolest thing in the world.

        she is not afraid of me at all!!

        as far as feeding off of people,
        i try my hardest not to,
        i dont want to be a monster.
        am i the only one that feels that way??

        if im not please contact me
        by commenting on this.


      • reagan williams,
        i would like to be your friend.

        i would love to learn the things
        you know about feeding from humans.

        i am sure we would get alone well
        and i need someone like me to talk to.

        finding you was just what i needed.

        please respond to bluebyue@gmail.com

      • i have 35 i love the tast of human blood,
        i am craving it so bad right now.

        its making my mouth dry.
        does anyone on here watch Vampire Diaries?

      • all the time i always dream about thirst

      • hi im a vampire to i have visions
        of my past life since i was little.
        its when im an old person sitting kniiting
        with a group of people and somone comes
        in and shoots us 😦

        also once i had a dream and a really
        nice blonde woman told me if i want to
        escape from a dream i was to get down in
        to a ball and squeeze or to die eg.
        walking accross a typerope u jump of

        plz plz plz make sure u r 100% its a dream hope i helped

        tell me if u have had the same dream and try the method thx

    • i am 12 too.
      i don’t know how old i was when i first tasted blood.

      i was riding my tricycle when i fell in the middle of the road.
      the blood was gushing out in a thick dark liquid down my arm.

      the aroma was so strong and sweet.
      i put my lips to my arm and pinched
      the skin between my teeth to
      bring out more blood.

      it was like an instinct, natural.
      the blood tasted unlike anything i have ever tasted.
      i couldn’t stop my self and frankly i didn’t want to.

      i used to cut myself and drink my blood
      until the bleeding stopped.

      i am just like edward and bella.
      you can read about me above riica
      i feel alone even with 20 people in hte room.

      i am sometimes afraid for my friends
      and family because i am afraid to hurt them.

      i feel like i am having an adrenaline rush 24/7.
      sunlight makes me feel sick.
      i do everything in twilight.

      riica if you really want to know…
      you are a vampire. i can tell.

      and if you don’t believe in vampires you should.
      riica and i are proof that vampires do exist

      if you think i am a vampire
      to type me a message under this.
      don’t freak out.

      • hi morgan i’m a vampire. you replied to my comment on the symptoms. email me at renkun555@gmail.com. maybe i could be of some asistance.

        fellow vampire


      • that is so cool morgan!
        I am 11 years old.
        I have all of these symptoms too.

        I have always believed in vampires
        and love the taste of blood.
        I wish I could read minds
        or had fangs!

        You should read Night World.
        Is anything in that book true?
        I would love to know if I am a vampire.

        were you born with fangs?
        Are the rest of your family vampires?
        If the others are vampires
        and I am too how do you get fangs?

        Are you just born with them?
        A few years ago I fell off my roof.
        ( yes iwas on my roof and no i was not supposed to be)
        I got this huge cut on my arm and it started bleeding.

        I put my mouth to it and started drinking the blood.
        It was instinctive.
        It tasted so good.
        Sometimes I cut myself to taste blood.
        Water is not really thirst quenching blood is.

        Am I a vampire?

      • hi fire do you think i am a vampire?

      • yes i do.
        i can some times sence others abilities.
        you are a vampire

      • FIRE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SOMETIMES HAVE THOUGHTS OF BEING EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM REALLY THIRSTY

      • thanks. what about my fangs,
        they are long but not very sharp how do i help that?

        sometimes i have the thought of being evil!!!!!!!!!!!
        help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i am dying of thirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        i dont want to hurt anyone or anything but i am thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i am about to bite my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        i literally want to bite someone
        or something and sink my
        teeth in something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        i am going to hurt someone i love if i dont drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        tell me what to do about my thirst please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need blood

        HELP ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • consentrate on not attacking people.
        i have some new advice.
        don’t think about the blood.

        if you can’t stop if you can cut your self a little.
        like a paper cut and suck it.

        if you need help faster email me at

      • ok can you find an animal that is dieing or dead you can drink it’s blood. i have problems like the won you stared on the 6th with all the ! marks. i have the need to drink. but i was born with the control aparently. so if you can not attack humans you will be ok and not have to feal guilty

      • Same infact i cut myself the other day,
        i am trying to hide it from my parents until it heals.

        i used to give myself bloody noses
        and store the blood in water bottles
        until i would get thirsty then i would drink it.

        it helps to curve the craving,
        but u still want the blood of mortals.

      • i can see the future some times
        and at others the visions
        i have change due to a decision
        can you tell me why.

        i also have a strong sence of smell.
        so strong my dog rolled in somthing
        dead and i could smell him from ten feet away.
        do we all have this strong senting ability

      • how do you find out if you are a vampire?
        The whole thing just dosent make any sense to me!

        so if you can tell that i am a vampire
        than just tell me it is driving me crazy!

        I showed my friend one of the weird vampire web sites
        and he said that when they discribed what a vampire was
        he thought that they where dicribing me!

        please Right back PS I am only 12

      • I really want to know if i am a vampire,
        I crave blood but I only drink my own.
        And I have some of the traits from this website.

        Please if theres a vampire out there
        who can ask me questions about myself,
        someone who can tell me the truth!

        Please talk to me my email id jacksondominique80@yahoo.com

      • Can someone tell me if im a vampire!!??
        My email is jacksondominique80@yahoo.com.
        Or my myspace email is d_j821@yahoo.com

      • Morgan,

        AM GOING TO FREAK!!!!!

      • i think your a vampire i have an unsure sense about u though 😦

    • i have the exact same things w
      me we are almost triplets cool =D

      • kira i can answer all of your questions.
        i was born with fangs.
        no one else in my family is a vampire
        i am the only one.

        if you are not born with fangs,
        you can get them.

        you usually get them when you are thirsty
        or drinking or mad or upset and some can
        force the fangs to come.

        next time you are mad or something
        go look at your teeth in the mirror.

        some are just born with it but some,
        like you, are not.
        yes you are a vampire and will probavly
        like me obtain special abilities i

        f you have any more questions feel free
        to ask any time i will always answer.

        the bad thing about me being a vampire
        is that i have to hide it from my family and friends.

        i have been doing good so far
        but it is still hard especially when
        i have to run in p.e. i am way faster
        than everyone.

        but feel free to ask me any questions.

      • thanks fire but what about my evil thoughts?
        what about my HUMAN thirst?
        what about my fangs?

        when will i find time to drink?
        help please?
        if you can tell me…
        how long have i been a vampire?


      • thank you fire! but what about my evil thoughts,
        my non- sharp fangs,
        my HUMAN thirst, and my visions?

        I am having wierd visions of people I don’t know!
        please help!!

      • ok calm down morgan. the fangs are somthing natural that all vammpier get or something like them at least sharp teeth. the evil thoughts are somthing we all have it is in our nature. human blood is what makes us stronger than what animal blood dose. the weekend is a great time and around 4 on the week days. we all are born with the vampire geen but some of us require an action to awaken us to our true nature. if you tell me more about the visions i might be able to give you a lot more help. i have been wondering if you could tell me how to tell if someone else is a vampire?

      • Hey, Fire,
        because you can sense other vampires,
        am I a vampire.

        (sorry that I post this question a lot
        I really want to know and I’m really bored.)

      • yes you are a vampire

      • morgan,
        you are seeing others
        that are either going to be a vampire
        or are a vampire

      • i can read minds a little bit. witch really sucks because i cant see the future but still READING MINDS IS AWSOME!!!!!

    • me to the same thing happend to me

      • ruledbyfantima i am sorry
        but you are not a vampire
        i dont sense anything
        i am sorry.

        please dont be mad at me.

        it is just not in your nature.

      • hi morgan am i a vampire?
        and i have a friend called bethany winstanley ithink she may be a vampire 2
        she can run soooooo fast its a blur were both 10

    • Thats a little scary almost the same thing happend to me only the whole blood craving started when i was 9 and now i am a 11. 2 of my friends are vampires and 1 of them is a wolf. as soon as i met them i started having really fast speed, i was super strong, my eyes started to change color, i usally can tell if some one was lying, i did not sleep much when i did my dreams were vivid, i stood up really late like to 3:00 AM i, and last i crave blood so much and my mom is so overprotective i would never get past her to go hunt, let alone tell her…………………….. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Riica
      my name is Dominique Jackson.

      I crave the taste of blood to,
      when I see it my mouth gets all watery.

      I purposly cut my wrist to drink my blood.

      I have some of the traits on this website
      and I am curious to find more.

    • dude your almost exactly like me
      omg dude my my room is a very very dark blue
      it almost looks like black its really kul
      and i hate sunlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was so weird…most of these fit me well. i’m usually tired in the day, and at night it’s hard for me to fall asleep because i get this huge wave of energy.

    • i have had most of the symntoms listed above and have been wierd all my life.

      when i was 6 my mom took me to a scary movie and in one sceen people were dancing in a disco room and blood poored down on them and they freaked out.

      mom says i was laghing so loud she had to take me home before we got kicked out for disrupting a movie.

      first of all i just discovered this website and i think it has helped alot but i need guidence from another vampire.

      first off i would like to say that i have not watched the movie twilight and never will.

      i find it personaly demeaning.

      we do not sparkle.i can go out in broad sunlight but prefer the shade.

      its not true about how were always cold.

      i for one have fantastic cerculation.

      i have had people comment about that more than anything else.

      i have very sharp canines (all the time) mind you.they dont just “pop” out when i am “hungry” there always there you just dont notice them.

      i have always had an attraction to blood.and i have caught myself on more than one accasion thinking of my friends as “mortals”.

      i cant say that my eyes dont change colors though.normaly they are a “golden” colour.the same goes for my hair.

      (a golden quality to it)but when i am angry or excited they turn completely black as night.

      for those who have watched twilight do not replie to this.

      i am looking for a real vampire who can help me.

      my hunger is growing so strong i am shaking right now.

      contact me to hear the rest.

      • i can help you
        i have only seen twilight once
        but i know that they are not right.
        ask me any question.
        i will give you the correct answer
        i will help you.

      • that is ok
        i have done the same thing you just need to go
        somewhere and relax when you get
        ”hungry” thats what i do my friend
        today was wearing the tooth covering vampire
        teeth from wal mart and i felt so mad
        i just wouldnt show it i wanted to go
        and drain her of blood instead i went
        to the bathroom and meditated on the toilet
        after that i was fine for the rest of the day ok
        good luck =P

      • i know what you mean
        my eyes change color all the time,
        ive seen twilight but i know that
        vampires do not sparkle.
        that is just lame.

        i would like to hear the rest of your story,
        and would be happy to help you.

        your fellow vampire,

      • how long have i been a vampire fire?
        ok here is a story. i was in the bathroom and i was really thirsty i looked in the mirror and i made my eyes turn red.

      • i have killed only 5 people in one year

    • I am exactly the same! Weird!

      • WHen I woke up this morning my throat was dry.

        I drank some water but it still is partly dry.

        I have a cold but I think it’s from sun
        and I don’t my still-dry mouth had
        anything to do with that.

        I think I need blood.

        I’m actually happy because I have always felt “special”
        so FINALLY I’m right.
        (I think.
        Will someone please confirm)

        Why does wordpress make our
        typing look like a poem in form?

      • I just had some salt and it
        worked pretty well on my sore throat.

        (I also had a gummy heart for appearance
        [from halloween]) Blood tastes salty to me.

        (Not like “the sweet, soothing elixer pouring into my throat,
        giving me mindless energy and worse,
        making me want more” business, just salty.

        I love salt.

    • morgan,
      how did you get your abilities?

      it is so cool!
      i am really confused.
      it is really hard to hide it
      from my family and friends.

      • Again, ditto.

      • ya hiding your powers is hard,
        especially powers like mine,
        but hiding them at school is even harder.

        a week or two ago i spent
        the night with some friends,

        i went to the sleeepover
        with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

        i KNEW something bad was going to happen,
        but i didnt say anything.

        we decided to mess around
        with my friends wigi board,
        then i knew what my bad feeling was about.

        many people believe that wigi boards
        dont work but they do.

        we called one of my friends ancestors.

        but the worst thing was,
        the pointer moved most when
        i would touch it.

        i could tell that the spirit was going
        to try to posess one of my friends,
        so i made them end it and send her away.

        she never left she was trapped
        in the salt circle we created,
        after we cleaned up the salt she escaped.

        ever since she has haunted my dreams.

        but that is only one of my powers,
        i can see the future,
        mostly through dreams and i can tell
        a persons mood even if i dont know them.

        it is really easy for me to get angry,
        and if i know a person well enough
        i can sometimes read thier thoughts.

        it seems that i am stronger
        than most people my age,
        especially girls.
        i am almost 15 and my powers
        have gotten stronger year by year.

        i have to hide my stength most of the time,
        but sometimes i do tend to show off.

        is all this normal?

        please reply.

    • i see others who are a vampire. it is a special gift only a few of us have. if you concentrate on that person and get their scent you can find out. vampires usually smell sweet or dont smell. and thanks for the help. you can tell if people are vampires from long distances if youve mastered it up close so practice.

      • i can read minds, tell emotions and vampire traits, tell future, will power, anything you can think of… try me ask if i have a certain power and i bet you i will. oh and fire i can see you asking about a power.

      • Do you think I am a vampire?

    • my state of being is hard to hide. very hard. but it can also be fun.

    • one of my visions was a girl about seven or eight. she was standing in the middle of the road in front of a tornadoe waiting to die in a tattered dress cut up and smirking at her parents with completely white eyes. what do my visions mean?

      • i had a dream of my self attacking as a vampire to protect my family i have had that dream alot what does it mean

      • I’ve had that vision but I was the girl…

        I also always envision a man in a black trench coat,
        but it is blowing the opposite direction of the wind.

        He is pretty tall,
        and always has a mask or some type of futuristic glasses,
        anything to cover his eyes from me.

        In my dreams,
        he always stakes me with an athame
        and then puts his mask on my face.

        I always look like a doll when I’m dead;
        as if he was just playing with me.

        It is confirmed I am not insane because I know
        for a fact three other people who see him too.

        Physically. He never actually shows himself
        to me but I always feel him and if try I can see an aura
        that is completely black,
        as if he will not allow me to see that,

        Also, from wherever am feeling him
        from is where my friend physically is seeing him.

        I know I have dreams all the time,
        but I never remember them.

        I have visions, though,
        every time I so much as let myself
        soze out with I do unknowingly all the time.

        Help with this?

  4. wow.
    this sounds exactly like me….
    is it possible tht im a……wow.
    ok this is freaky.
    reply please. 🙂

    • Are one of your parents like that that
      might be why I dont know how I’m one
      cause my dads just a normal drunken idiot
      and my mom is just a kinda of psych stay at home
      cat freak mom

      • (You’re mom’s a cat freak?
        I love cats too. Sorry.)
        please answer back.

      • do any of u remember X well
        in my past life i was lovers with him
        along wtih my friend and he was
        the one who created me so if u
        have any questions about him ask me

    • creepy but awesome!
      I have always loved vampires!

    • jason you may be one i sense something

    • Samantha, it is all right. i haave that vision and dream sometimes too. you will be all right and if anyone tries to bring any of us harm… well i think you know what would happen. you will be okay.
      if any one can will they please tell me what my dreams and visions mean? please?

  5. I am one. Some of those questions are true but not all. Living my life to me is considered to be the life of adventure. If you have any questions. Well let me know or just ask.

  6. Hey,
    Ever time i take this test i get the same thing a Vampire i even went to a voodo lady and she say that she cant read me ant it werid. One day i had this werid feeling that i had somthing and everying i terid didnt work so i told my friend and she gave me a raw steak and it taste so good that i had blood every where… then she cut her self and her blood taste like a sweet and salty taste and i couldnt belive it .. i couldnt let go of her.
    Some time my computer doesnt work when im around it and for the past 3 months i couldnt go outside in the sun cause my skin will feel like it on fire so i wear sun screen and sun glass at shcool. I mean it cool but can ruin my life too

    • Well Tim join the club
      i guess you could see i’ve replyed to others.

      I wish you too know your not alone in this sort of thing.

      We are out there and if you look for us soon enough you will find us trust me on the voodoo priestist she probably was true to it I’m wiccan and I still have a hard time reading ppls auras hehe
      she might be the same








    • I feel the same. it is soo cool but people could think i am a freak.

      • i know what you mean.
        i have visions and i can summon the dead
        through wigi boards and stuff.

        i helped summon a friends ancestor
        and now she wont leave me alone.

        she haunts almost all my dreams.

        reply if u want to be friends
        i think we could help each other.

  7. I am really awake during the night (its 12 pm right now when I’m writing this) and really tiered in the morning. I can sence people around me. I like to fight, but I fight better with my eyes closed I don’t know why tho. Light hurts my eyes. I can tell if someone is going to do something like attack me. I like to drink myy blood. And people like to avoid me.
    Any suggestions if I am or not?

    • OH MY GOSH U R SO VAMP!!!!




    • u seem like one so must be

      • i always feel my heart beat
        so fast sometimes it hurts
        and my eyes always hurts
        and i always feel the de javu,
        im always wake at night
        and in the morning im
        so sleepy and tired ,,,
        my temper is uncontrollable,,
        im so very emotional being,,
        i can sense people up to,,,,
        im i a vampir or whaaat??

      • im just like you. except i can plan anger (not extreme.)

    • u are a vampire like me.
      if you have any questions feel free
      to ask anytime.

  8. Everyone of those things fit me perfectly(except the one about periods, im male) and i have been obsessed with vampires for ages now and i really think i am one

  9. also there is another thing that can help you deterine if your a vampire.
    If you have weird dark rings around the oulourful bit of your eyes

    • I have dark rings around my eyes

      • I also love the night.
        My uses a flash light but I just see everything like its daytime.

        I’m starting to sleep at day,
        I’m always up at night.
        i’m the fastest in my school.

        I can’t stand the sight, smell of blood or i get this craving.
        I’ll eat but I’m never fully satisfied.

        I can’t stand hearing about it either.
        They have to hold me down at the doctors office just to give me a shot.

        I can’t even stand having pencils pionted at me.
        I heal faster than normal, and hardly ever get sick.

        And I hate the sun.
        I didn’t think much of any of this until my friend got cut.
        Then i stared drinking her blood.

        Could i be one?
        and it also smells like… I can’t stand seeing blood veins.

        When I get around other people its like I can smell thier blood

      • Oh I hate ouija boards my friend chelsea
        was playing with one with me and her other
        friends and it started counting down to 10 .
        when it got to zero chelsea was being chocked
        it wasent fake she was screaming and crying
        and then her and her friends had to go to
        the church and desroy it….
        I CANT stand looking at veins e’ither
        ive only had animal blood but it seems
        to help alittle but its no were near more
        satyisfying than humans blood.

        Being a vampire is a curse yet a miricale in a way?

        id know even thow ive only been one for a year
        its terrible somtimes i wished i had a life
        were the smell of blood didn’t drive me insane
        and i had so much anger but im lucky in a way.

        you probly know what i mean

    • o my god I have dark blue 1s
      that are starting to get bigger

  10. Most of the those statements fit me except the magical powers and the periods i am a male not a female.

  11. I like all sorts of blood but i mostly like animal blood.My blood taste realy good but some of my friends think its gross.I would tell them that i would suck there blood.I dont know why they dont like it.Anyway,when ever i cut my finger i suck the blood right out of it leaving me wanting more.Sometimes when i am around friends i feel the lust for blood.I have told only acouple people about me being a vampire.I think its pretty cool being a vampire.Well thats all for now.

  12. Wow this is the thired time i came to this web site i love it.I cant wait to have blood again i am geting so impationt that i might just get the blood from my step-sister.My name is stephen and i love being a vampire.

  13. Im just jokeing my name is not stephen i am not going to say what my name is.Ever since i was six i loved blood for some reason.Now i know that i am a vampire and it feels great.

  14. it was weird reading this because i found tht i related to most of these things. and when the word blood is brought up, i get very impatient and aggravated. i believe all of these facts except the magical power thingy. ever since i was little i had these “feelings” and instead of playing with barbies or normal things, i fantasized about vampires and now it seems that i am one. i know that sounds ridiculous but it feels so incredibly real. and reading this, i know that i’m not alone.

    • yes yes im am the same as you and now i fellthat im not alown sents i was born i have ben craving blood and iam allwas ative at night and tierd in the sun of in eney light and i am the fastist in my school and heal fast let the vampires units and become 1 we are not freks of nacher caz we are diffrent but a work of art and we should now be hunted and killed or feard and should not be treted eney diffrentley

  15. ps-
    its extremely hard for me to sleep at night, and when its a full moon, i dont sleep at all.

  16. i need sumone to talk to about this cuz i havent told ne one cuz i’m afraid of wut they mite think. please reply or ask for my email…

    • Hey anonymous girl if you wana talk about it im 13 and im a girl too….you can read about me I posted stuff about my experiences……if you seem interested in them and would like advice or anything just ask (carrierogers69@yahoo.com)

      • Hey my name is Meaghan and its hard for me to sleep at nite.
        I hate the sun and I crave blood sometimes.
        I feel like I’m all alone in when I’m surrounded around a lot of people.
        Let me know uf u think im a vampire.
        Oh, I’m 13 years old.

    • i know how u feel. i havent told neone either. im too afraid too. my email is soopertrooper911@yahoo.com. email me if u want to to compair thoughts on the subject.

    • Anonymous girl –
      I feel the same way as u,
      I dont tell any1 of my feelings
      of being a vampire &
      all or being 1 but I once told some
      of my few closest friends but they
      thought I was crazy except like two
      of them think I’m the son of the devil
      but ya thats crazy heh but
      e-mail me @

      I’d rather you MSN me cause its easier
      I dont always answer e-mails so ya if ya
      wanna talk e-mail or msn

    • anonymous girl i can help you.
      i am a vampire and i will help you.
      im still morgan.

  17. i am a vampire!! OH MY GOD!!


  18. Hey give your e-mail ( the one who said they need help….. please i can hlep you i am a vampire too)’
    or send me a e-mail at
    i can really help you

    • i have almost all the symptoms
      and im also a healer thats the weirdest
      combination im a hybrid and healer…

      I’m really loooking fw to meet with more ppl
      like me plz add me ash_23@live.com
      oh i dnt know anything about my family
      coz my mom got killed and im with
      new parents since i was 1 year old

  19. i gotta tell you guys a story that happened today.

    ok so me and my friends were outside, and i thought i smelled blood. i thought my nose was messing with me but it turned out about 10 feet away, a girl’s knee was bleeding. i broke out into sprint to the girl. i almost reached her but my friends thought we were playing some kidnap game and caught me and took me away 😐

    i wouldve sucked the blood right outta the girl. it just smelled so good, and i was drooling when my friend took me away to go play with her. its just so creepy. i thought it was just fake, but once i smelled that blood i just went crazy. my friend said i was growling when she took me away from the girl. i thought about biting her, but i was like “i dont wanna expose myself.”

    that is my story. it is a 10000000000% TRUE STORY!! I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!! thanks for listening!

    • YOU GO GURL.

    • hey im that way like i said in diff. ones YOU ARE NOT ALONE

    • you showed the first signs of being a vampire.
      i am a vampire an yet i am still my self.

      i got a cut on the outer edge of my lip
      i seem to not let it heal there is blood
      coming out of it and i suck it.
      it tastes so good.

      Fire the vampire

  20. holy crap this is 100% ME!!!!!

  21. I am told that I appear older than my actual age. Sometimes during the day I passout from tiredness. At night I am full of energy and can’t sleep. If I go by my own schedule I will get tired when the sky begins to becomes lighter (towards day). I do tend to feel sick during the day. I have major visions that come true. Sometimes I lose my breath as if I do not need it and it relaxs me in a way but that worries me. Technology seems to hate me. I’m very inttelligent with it though. I can eat a lot even though I am not hungry. I do not have troubles with blood but a part of me makes my mouth water thinking of it. Several people have claimed I was a vampire but even with most facts I do not Know or realy think so. It’s one of those it can’t happen to me type of senarios in my point of view. I am 14 years of age. I need people to talk back about this.

  22. I also would like to say something about those of you who feel alone in a big crowd of people, maybe you can sence other vampires and when you meet one you won’t feel alone. (just a thought)

    • im a vampire and WE are both vampires
      but youll make it plus i look 14 and im only 11
      cool huh
      plus when i see blood in a movie
      i cant help but to lmao (Laugh My Ass Off)
      plus i cant help but to wanna look when
      someone bleeds and then i’m asked to clean
      the wound after i wipe all blood off

      i give them a bandaid then i finally release
      my breath and tear the bloody part off the
      tissue and suck on it till its white again or
      i swallow it i have no blood like the cullens
      + my irisis change color when im thirsty
      or not
      well hope this helps good luck

      • HELP!!! I have all of the symptoms. I am not sure if i am a vampire I love the taste of blood and people think i am 13. I am 11!!! HELP!!!

  23. Something else I would like to add….. I don’t realy like animal blood but mine is so sugary because I’m always eating candy and is….. very nice. I scare many people. They say “she’s scary” behind my back and they don’t think I hear it.

  24. I feel like im on a different plain than most people, not necessarily better but different. I can read people just by looking at them, i love the late night…..especially the full moon, I feel like nature is on my side on most full moons. I like the sun as well but its uncomfortable for me to be out in it all the time. I havent really tasted blood yet so I dont necessarily know if I like it. Im fascinated by vampires……and at night feel like I could run forever and never get tired, where I usually get tired and less energetic during the day. I look very normal and don’t dress in a different way, but everywhere I go people look at me, some even stare, like they are curious or something. Normal things people do for fun bore me….but at night, running with my friends and doing what I want is paradise.

  25. also…..I am now 20…..when I was younger everyone thought I was older……now people guess me to be younger……like im 19 or just turned 20………………………

  26. ok so i have some of these traits but are u guys that are vampires are u guys immortal?also u have a black ring around the outer part of ur iris because i do but that may be comon with non vampires. im soooo confused idk if im a vampire or not

  27. Wow, This Cannot..Be Possible. This thought never came into my mind until i realized, That i Bite myself, But don’t even know it, MY mom tried to send me to Eastern State( The Asylum ) But I Completely refused, And My dad didn’t think i was crzy, He thought was just weird…:|

    Well I Saw Twilight Today, And Finished the book 4 Days ago as well, I Am Rather..Well I Don’t Really Know, I Just Had a weird feeling every time i thought about the book or movie, OR Read a word from it. I At First felt this was “Myth”, But Something is telling me its not, At all, Its telling me humans have MUCH to learn still. I Often Find, Random Fake Articles like “Your a Vampire if you have black walls”, No that is Wrong, I Complement your Style Of Making this, a List, Rather than a Quiz. Interesting. I Also, Have an Odd Feeling, On Halloween. I See People With Fake Blood, And i have a “Tingle” I Wanna Kill Them, But Not Bite Them though. Then When i See People Actually Really Bleeding, I Feel Odd. I Want to Just Bite Something When i see real blood, And often i bite my own Finger.

    I Highly Enjoy The Night Time, I Feel In a sort of Sanctuary. No one is near me, And i Feel Like I Am Alone in my home. I am About to Turn Twelve, And Am Going Through Puberty, The Age When The Body Changes, ALOT. I Have Recently Been Kind of, Just Down, I Don’t Rarely Talk, And People Call Me Deaf Because i Don’t Look at people When they call my name, I Just Ignore them Ussually, Or say “Yes” Or “what”.

    The Sun, Doesn’t Really Give me rashes or anything, However..I Tend To Hide in the woods when im outside in the morn’. I Feel Lonely, In Crowds, And When i See Like a “Play” in an Auditorium, I Feel Like I Am Just Watching a movie, Alone.

    Often, People Say I Have No Emotions Because i Always have a straight face.

    I Feel Aura’s , But Don’t Really Understand them, They Seem To Bug Me Every Day though. I Also, Went To School Today, And this Boy Named James, Was All Happy And Stuff, (we are in the same math class) And we sit far away from each other. Then in Science, We sit next to each other, and he felt acted, and looked Sick. He almost Vomited, And His Face Started Turning Pale and Red Simultaneously, I Feel, Like A Vampire, But Don’t Know If I Am. I Am not really Scared, If I AM one, Just Confused, That i never thought of this before. If You Have some way to Explain this to me, Email Me at




  28. i’ve been having a strange taste for blood lately.a friend of mine use to give me some of her blood about a year ago but the blood cravings have got a little stronger and for a few mounts my eyes have been getting very sensitive to light at certains times during the day.I also dont sleep at night anymore but i sleep during the day now.The only blood i get now is my own.Should i be concerned or not now

  29. Some of the other sign sound like me but some of them dont

  30. dorothy, It Depends, if You want to be one….

  31. A few days ago I had this feeling that I was lost and I have been noticing if I look at people in a way that I can like recive a surge of something i cant understand i feel like I am full of power, I have always thought beeing a vampire beeing cool but never thought they were real, I have always had fun with my canine teeth that are very very sharp on the bottom and top but that can’t mean enything…

    I always was able to understand people and I do get annoyed withs ome people that are very interestad with me and then they just start to avoid me. And i usualy am able to notice if eny one around me is not feeling well or is sad ( well it’s not THAT HARD!)
    I do remember when i was a kid everytime I would arrive very late to school i would think so hard for the teacher to miss and every single time the teacher of the subject that I was going to have always missed… I do have very vivid dreams always had since i was a baby and most of them are actually de-ja-vus.
    They are days that i cant stand the sun but others I am fine, but every wendsday i get this thirt that I cant make it disapear even after drinking gallons of water… I do look much older then I am (under twenty not telling xD) and every people i meat think i am atleast 2 or 3 years older…

    Well almsot everything in that list just tells you how I am… it’s very wierd but I am very sceptical :/

  32. i only told 2 ppl about…well…my secret and they’ve been trying to help me w/ it. my cousin gave me raw meat, it tasted sooooo good and i was able to digest it. and i noticed tht my eyes got lighter and the black ring around the color of my eyes got darker. my sense (my smelling and hearing) hav gotten so much clearer and the sun hurts my eyes really bad, so at school i hav to hang out in a class. my friends dont like it but they dont know wuts wrong with me. i’m also not one of those girls who are goth and want to be weird, this is true….if u need sumone to talk to, just email me at: ifwewereamovie_12345@hotmail.com or kmn584@aol.com

  33. Okay.

    I Am Feeling The Oddest Thing. I Have Changed like Ever since Yesterday, When I Woke up, at 1:00am, And then i that was after, i went to sleep..at 12am. i Don’t Understand this, because i woke up in quite a Shock. I Felt Like Something was seriously wrong. I Felt A Pain..All over My Body, Everywhere. I Was Shaking And Didn’t blink for like a minute my mom said, when she heard me scream, she came into my room and saw me like that. She was really scared as well. She asked me if i was “Okay”. I Couldn’t Talk She Said, Or wouldn’t. Then. All Day today, I was sort of shaking and Twitching. Then, I Got Really Angry, Because Someone Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone, With The Constant Insults. So, I Went and told.(my dad told me, If i tell, and the teacher does nothing about it, I can beat the person up with his permission…) Well The Teacher just told him to “Stop”…He Of course didn’t. So …I Punched him, And Used What I Had Learned from my Odd….God Given…Knowledge of…Nin-jutsu. So I Grabbed his arm twisted it, And Slammed him on the floor. Then, He was bleeding, And My Eyes..Widened According to my Friend David. I For Some Reason didn’t Come And Suck The Blood Out of the little insolent., I am not sure why though. i am now suspended until Next Thursday, But i am not in trouble at home. I am confused about, why i froze and Shook when i saw the boys blood. And Then I Shook at stuff When i woke up in shock. What the hell is wrong with me?!?

    Please, Help Me lord….someone..

  34. hey ….i am a real vampire… i can help you.. if you have any question….just email at
    insaneclownlover@gmail.com or
    i can help you ….. i like to help new vampires like you guys… and maybe i can help you find some meetting of local vampires around you area….and maybe also help get a copy of the vampire bible….to help through you new and approve life
    my name is taimshai but you can call me taim
    plase email…
    thank you

    • ive have been taking quizzes on the web on how to know if your vampire and they i am. Do you have any advice on how i could test myself on how to tell if im a vampire.

      P.S. im 11 years old

      • Simple faith: might not want to tell your closest friend because they might stop being yuor friend but when your friend starts bleeding see if you feel the need to drink her or his blood if you do, do it.

        I did that. what the other people tell you like” i like drinking my own blood” is a bunch of sh**. okay? because their to scared to drink any body elses blood and because they know that they don’t have a sickness in their blood.

        You can email me at katiemiller101@ymail.com okay?

      • well ialso took those quizes too but i dont know if there true. i have all the things it said but i still dont know

        p.s im 10





    • I am so confused. I love the taste of blood and I am interested in vampires. I have all of the symptoms. It would be so cool if i were a vampire. am i?!

  35. Wow!! All of that pretty match with me. I also allways get water in my mouth when i see blood or veins in people’s neck. I’ve always been like that since i remember me. I’m 22 btw and i’m female.

    What do you ppl think. I’m i crazy or just an vampire?

  36. I forgot to write that i’ve always hear well and i my smell sence are really clear as well. And i can see just by looking at ppl if they feel bad or good. It’s like i feel they’re energies.
    When i was young, was at my cousin house, and her friend was there. And suddenly i felt really sad and i started to cry. And no one sayd anything. And then my cousin asked me what’s wrong and i sayd “I don’t know why i’m so sad when you friend is around me” And it was like she was white in her face. And i asked what’s wrong and she say’d that her son died two years before and that’s maybe why i got soo sad around her. I just felt her pain. (I was only five years old)

  37. im freaking out kinda i just found out im a vampire and its cool at the same time but its kinda freaky all thoes things to test if your a vampire or not are mostley true about me im telling the truth

  38. How can i test my self if i am actually an vampire?
    Please can you help my guys?
    Give me some advice..
    “I have taste blood and it’s was fine.”
    I always smell coffee smell of it and caramel taste of it as well.
    But can i try some other things.
    I don’t know what i should try to figure out if i am actually an vampire.
    Please help me.

  39. hey “H”…. try this eat some raw meat….if that taste good…than let me know by my email….
    And hope when you said you taste blood you taste some one else blood…hhahahaha..jk

  40. Yeah. I have done that before. I’ve heard that before that we can be sick by eating raw meat.. Is that true??

  41. I can play with someone else mind. That is funny and fun sometimes. But idk if that actually say that i’m vampire. Witches have been in my family for centuries. And i am also a natural witch as well. But i can barely help my self when i see blood. I love the color,smell of it and the taste. I always get thirsty when i see someone else blood. This is 100% truth. I have never share this info about me before. Because i’m so afraid that ppl judge me and think i’m total lunatic. And it’s really good to finally have a chance to share this with someone else like me. And knowing that i’m not alone in this world.

  42. And one more thing. I’ve always been more active on night’s. I’m totally a night person. Every since i was a little girl. I always get tired if that is much sun outside and i burn very easily when i’m out in the sun. And the sun hurts my eyes. So i always have to use sunglasses when i’m out in much sun. Because i can’t see well like i see when i’m inside. “I have really good vision thought” But not in the sun. My best weather is fog. If that is much fog outside and i can smell everything that is around me. 🙂

  43. I have finally found out who i am. I am an Psychic Vampire. I feed on peoples energy. But i don’t really understand the blood thing that i’ve told you guys before. I’m i both “Blood and psychic vampire” ?


  44. Its amazing how well all those fit me and after reading what others have to say. I belive vampires are real just forgotten. If any one wishes to talk about how they feel I would love to talk about all the things that other fellow vampires go threw on a daily basses

  45. Yes. We are forgotten. Ppl think that vampires is like in comic books. Or is like dracula. That’s wrong. We are humans and we need blood like humans. But we need it more, and our choice is more to be in the dark than in the sun.

  46. I seem to fit this… then again, magic runs in my family. Also, you can be very sickly and still a vampire. None of my relatives drink blood, so we tend to be very pale and small. I am 12, and get asked how third grade is. These can als be sympthoms of vampirism.
    P.S. Very good job with this article.

  47. Wow i got chills from reading all of that . But what if your .. um eyes change shape. like . i have hazel eyes, theyre brownish , but um , i call it my other personality, bc i never realized i could be a vampire 😐 but whenever im in that mood, all my friends say i stare at them and my eyes are like a different color, theyre dark, and the hazel is gone and they say i look at them like theyre something to eat or kill =/ everytime i see blood i want all of it, i guess that description fits me
    Im pale white
    I dont sleep in the night , my mom mad eme take sleeping pills , im tired in mid day , but when sunset comes .. oddly enough im in the mood to go crazy :S i love blood
    cant even look at someones neckfor long . it gives me an overflow of desire. i believe in reincarnation. have had flashbacks since i was like 5 , without ever seeing anything that resembled it. and i never even knew what a vampire was when i was 5 , nor have i seen something like that on tv, strange. but yeah that is so like me o.o although , i actually closed out myself from all my friends and my boyfriend because i feel strange around them ..

  48. Ever since I was 8 I found these puncture wounds on my neck and a craving for something unidentifiable. My throat is always burning, especially around humans. I have found myself being drop-dead tired during the day but wide awake at night. Also my physical abilities have increased astonishingly. I can hear the quietest whisper from across the room, constantly crave blood, the sun makes my skin burn and hurts my eyes, my incisor teeth are much sharper and longer than any human’s, I know when people look at me even if I can’t see them, people just kind of go into shock if they stare into my eyes for too long, and I get these little glimpses that I have no idea as to what they mean but they all look really old. My dreams are very vivid and they seem to show what is going to happen to me and people close to me the next day. My strength is like nothing you have ever seen before. I have a black ring around my irises, I can’t stand to be in close quarters with any person for long at all, and my teeth can go through anything so they are basically unbreakable knives. I can feel a lot of what other people feel and I seem to be able to influence the way other people feel without being aware of doing so.

    • I crave too!

      Ever since just a couple of months ago,
      I have had the undeniable urge to take
      a long nap during the day.

      At night I am completely awake.

      Sometimes I even see my own aura.

      I haven’t ever tasted blood,
      but I really want to.

      The sun doesn’t make my skin burn,
      but it hurts my eyes.

      I am ok in artificial light, though.

      I look older than I look and I always
      feel like I’m better than everyone
      beside on an intellectual scale.

      I don’t have good k9 teeth,
      and I’m not all that strong.

      All of my relationships seem
      to be really confusing.

      All of these stories really help me
      understand I’m not alone.

      • I can also make friends anywhere I go, but I never feel close to them. I have recently tasted blood, and I LOVE IT!!! I just really love running.

  49. I’ve move into new town. And this town is really sunny. It’s hard to be outside. And my mom do not understand why i’m hurt in my eyes when i’m outside. But she saw my eyes one night ago. And she said. Shit.. Why is your eyecolor dark red.
    “My eyes get sometimes dark red when i need blood.
    Or i’m thinking about blood. “I normally have dark brown eyes”
    And i was working today and i assidetntly cut my finger.
    And it’s was really good feeling when i put my finger in my mouth and i felt the blood taste.
    But my friend whas like.
    What.. What are you doing. Why are you like you are sucking your finger and enjoying it at the same time?.
    She do not know this about me.
    That i’m diffrerent.
    I don’t tell ppl that i’m vampire.
    Like. Hey. I’m vampire.
    I’m afrait that ppl think i’m insane or crazy.
    Only just one friend now this about me.
    And of course you guys 🙂

      FROM 6PM TO 8 PM


  50. hey newbie jus email at insnaeclownlover@gmail.com
    taimjames101@yahoo.com…i caan help i am a real vampire

  51. I always feel like no one is ever happy around me..when I run in sunlight I sweat allot…even in the winter…just the sun makes me sweat…me and my friends all have special powers and can’t even stand to see blood because were afraid that if we do we will start going crazy on that person and drink there blood. Most people are scared of me because I do my own thing and not care what others think ..at night when I walk in the woods sometimes ill just run and it seems like im flying I run so fast. I never sleep at night im always too hyper but when the sun comes up all I do is sleep and my mom thinks im crazy . Sometimes I cut myself just to have the rush of my blood on my tongue because it makes me feel so alive. I usually always have dark colors on and I am 13 and most people mistake me for 16….weird I know ….I have gold eyes and dark rings around them and I always black out when I concentrate to hard on onething and everything goes black except that one thing I always know who is behinnd me or beside me…I just get this feeling…..me and my friends all drink eachothers blood and this is the wierd part
    (Mostly me and chelsea)
    Ok if chelsea concentrates on one thing you can feel her like electrify you like buz you if you touch her……and I can protect people…like I can center myself to where if you are in danger I can take it all away with my mind like a shield and make you feel better…..but I don’t do that because then people would be atracted to me….I don’t want to draw attention to myself….do you think im a vampire?

  52. If you think im a vampire please amail me at carrierogers69@yahoo.com

  53. Hey its carrie agin I left out a couple details I can hear things very well and I have realy sharp teath….I can chew through anything…like today me and chelsea were sitting in the cafeteria and I got nervus cuz I smelled blood but I couldn’t figure out where it was comeing from so I panicked and bit a hole in my finger and started sucking on it…I have realy vivid dreams…but I only dream when that dreams going to come true and I often have dejavu when im around my friends..im always in my room and in the dark and my mom hates it…..I just want to be alone..I fell unbeatable and unbreakable…..when I was 5 I slamed my hole leg in a car door and it was fully shut and I just sat there and didn’t knotice till I tryed to get out…I feel like I was more powerfull when I was younger. But when I get realy angry I can do anything I hope someone can help me/…im so lost and need someone to share ideals with……but I don’t want some sycho just messing with me either….so if you realy have some advice for me please talk to me by email (carrierogers69@yahoo.com) I apriciate the people who take the time to read my letters 🙂

    • most of these things i fit into. i get deja vu all the time… and i find it hard to sleep. i feel alone and blood has a strangely appealing taste (i like the irony- ness) 🙂
      but i have no fangs as far as i know, and i look younger than i am (but im under 20) i can will things to happen. am i a vampire? 😮

  54. Well Lil. You can try by tasting others blood or eat raw meat. If you like that and your eyes change color when you smell blood or you feel desire by be near blood or smell blood. And feel more alife at nights . Well you are an vampire. But that is not one tipe of vampires that do exist. I’m an toreador,blood,and energy vampire. You have to find yourself girl and who you really are and where you belong to. 🙂

    – Good luck.

  55. hmm…
    Just how many kinds of vampire are there?
    i heard somewhere that all vampires have dark hair and brown/yellow/red eyes. true or not? mine are blue but they have wierd dark rings round he outside of the irises… which i also heard is a vamp trait. :/
    i have frequent dreams that i’m killing people :S not 2 sure if thts anythin 2 do with it tho 🙂
    my eyes sometimes go grey or purpley :S

  56. lol ima slay u all XD (joke)

  57. oh yeah… and what are the symbols at the side?
    the wierd geometrics?

  58. its Lil again 😉 just seein if the name change will make the shape pic change 😀

  59. Me again… Where are you all? lol
    Can’t sleep, and it’s really bugging me cos I’ll be soooo tired in the morining… 😦 Any tips on better sleep?

  60. WOW!!! Most of these fit me, personally! My own friends even say that some of these tips suit me. I can list some of them but not every single one of them. Here we go:
    1. I’m almost always completely aware at night. I mostly sleep right through the morning all the time. I usually wake up anytime after noon.
    2. Extreme brightness really bugs me a lot for some reason all of a sudden. It used to not to.
    3. I feel like that I just don’t belong to in this world. Being around a lot of people makes me feel left out and alone making me be the ‘outsider’ of the group.
    4. When I get sick I do start to sound a little strange and and feel kind of severe
    5. My dreams are getting vivid
    6. My clothing style is rather dramatic at such times when I get ready to go to school or just going out anywhere
    7. People think I look younger
    8. A lot of animals get along with me very well
    9. I don’t have a lot of friends. Only like 2 at the most but I barely ever see them
    10. I can seem to tell how other people are feeling
    11. I kind of get a little woozy and or sick when the sun is shinning/daylight time
    *12.(another vampire symptom) I can see my skin glistening in the sun and I tend to move faster than usual. I used to be really slow at things

  61. My answer to everything was YES. Yes yes yes!!! But I can’t believe it. I do LOVEE blood. If I even get a tiny cut I suck on it forever!!! Reply, I want to know that I really am not the only one.

  62. 😉 i think its a good thing…
    but could i get slayed? or is that a myth?

  63. Karley. No you are not the only one. I do it too. If i get cut. I suck it in a long time until it’s stops bleeding. 🙂

  64. I might be moving to a new school but I’m scared they’ll know I’m different… O_O
    help? I don’t really want them knowing I’m a vampire…

  65. oh crap!!! *_* ima slay myself …jk…are u people sure this is all true if it’s a yes to all except to da one ” do spells they all work” cuz i dont do spells ( me catholic !!!) >.< omgosh… ok…my eyes are brownish but sometimes black…dis explains tht *_* i dont wanna be a vampire………. 😥 although i love my pale skin hehe… i think i’m half vamp. only i’m sure of it…cuz sometimes i get all those strange stuff but then it stops…along with my thing… it skips strangely 5-7 months and yep timed to the full moon *_*
    once i broke my ankle and the doc. had it x rayed but then the doc. said mayb it wuz wrong cuz it strangely seemed like it healed itself in a day and then it wuz gone… X0

  66. hey basically all that stuff is me lol
    except the last one i am not llergic to any thing lol

  67. I do not and will not believe that I am a vampie!
    It’s stupid!
    It doesn’t matter if I just don’t match 3 of the requirements.
    I am NOT a VAMPIRE!!!!! And I’m sick of people telling me I am!!!!

  68. I need blood now.. I’m going out tonight!! Really.. It was so damn sunny day. Ugh.. “X” Why are you here if you don’t think you are an vampire?

  69. That’s what im thinking XD I mean if that x dude doesn’t think he’s a vampire why is he even bothering to get on this site?…unless he’s trying to make himself believe he’s not a vampire…hmmmmm…sounds like some issues….XD

  70. It is kind of weird that all of the questions are related to me (exept for the periods one). I am a female, and I do believe in vampires and anything mythical and sci-fi like. I’ve always had a specific taste for blood, ever since I was around 3 years old, I got a bad cut and was lost in my yard (it was a big forest 0_0) and my house was like a while away. I was mad at my mom for something, so thats why I ran away but I got scared and nervous so I was running and then I fell into a thorn bush and got a big cut and no bandages were around so I just bent down towards my leg and started sucking the wound untill it would stop bleeding…….but I only drink animal blood now 0_0

  71. its weird i never figured id b a vampire i crave for blood i just randomly cut myself and without thinking i just start drinking i love the night my mom can never get me to go to bed.when i was 8 i got really mad at my brother and i just like bit him on the neck idk why it was creepy i get mad easer then most ppl were i live and all of the above is true about me i can feel ppls feelings really well and taste and smell extremely well i never can get sick and i dont feel pain at all… no one belives me the sun burns me i feel sooo alone wats wrong wit me ?

  72. its justina agian i forgot about when i have dreams they usually come true the next day is that normal or not? and i have really pale pale skin people ask me if im a ghost cause my skin is so pale….

  73. hey people i have a question that i cant find out… if you die and then come back to life could that b a reason why ur a vampire? cause i think i died when i was 3….

  74. Its weird….ever since i turned 14…which was about 5 months ago….ive been craving blood….especially my girlfriends blood….one time we were at the movies and she let me bite her neck and one of my fangs sank into her neck and her warm blood rushed into my mouth….and i went into a sorta blood rage….all i did was run cause i was afraid i wuldve hurt my girlfriend even worse…..i do believe im a vampire….and i do believe there are more out there….i have so much more to say but i wuld sit here for 10 days….

  75. I think I might be a vamp, but I dont have fangs 😦
    Does this mean I’m not? Or do some not have fangs? Or will they grow?

  76. Hi. Dear Lil. You don’t have to have vamp fangs to be a vampire. You can like blood and drink it and be an vampire like we are. Some vampires don’t have vampire fangs at all. And some have them. We are humans. But we are diffrent though. 😉
    Don’t worry sweetie 🙂

  77. Hi. I have to share one with you. And i hope you guys can help me. I’ve met soo damn cute boy. And we are really good friends and all that. I whould never hurt him. But when i see his neck and that yummi vain in his neck. I get so much water in my mouth. And one time when we where making out. He suddently said. Why is your eyes dark red. You have a dark brown eyes. And i of course didn’t say anything at all. But one thing. He likes when i bite him a little bit. But he doesn’t know that i’m a vampire..
    What should i do. Tell him so i whould not hurt him and scear him away later on. Or just feed another blood and be fill and don’t need more blood when i see him and go on date with him again?
    P.s. I really like him. And i don’t want to loose him. :S

  78. You have to think on it 🙂
    If he’s gothic or emo he might think it’s cool.
    But if you think he’ll think you’re wierd then keep it secret… or bite him! ^.^

  79. I don’t think I’m a vampire, but I’d like to be… can I get bitten? 🙂
    Can vampires be slain? :O

  80. “Lil” Yeah.. Maybe i’m gonna tell him. But i’m still not sure..
    I think i’m gonna keep it a secret a little bit longer.
    Till i’m ready to tell him who i really am.
    He knows almost everything about me..
    But not the vampire part lol.

  81. yayyy vampires!

  82. hey

  83. Aww 🙂 make sure to tell us what happens lol.
    its better than tv XD

  84. Oh, also: searchwarp.com/swa74654.htm
    …but only for those who don’t crave my blood.

  85. Hahha yeah Lil. I’ll do that..
    I don’t know it’s better than tv. But i know that vampires and be a vampire myself is yeah much better than watch some wannabe vampires in tv!!
    It’s just funny and silly what some ppl do to be a vampire.
    I really feel sorry for then. Like one guy was trying to creating a “real” fangs!! Hahahahahahaha 😀
    We are real though. 😉
    And we know what vampire’s stands for!!
    And i’ve always been vampire.
    And i love it!! 🙂

  86. lol ahhh i want fangs 😦 i cant bite anyone with stupid human teeth *hmph*

  87. Hello my name is jesse im 13 and a vampire it funny but i never started craving blood to now and now it all i think of and im scard that im going to bite someone close to me and it hard for me tom make frends i need help

    • i know howyou feel “jesse” when i was at band camp i saw my friends blood veins and tried to bite her.
      i thought just stop your just trying to freak her out. theres my full story at the bottom.
      if you want to look.

  88. You could try eating raw meat, that’s supposed to help 🙂
    Or you could do what my friend does, and drink animal blood (yuck!)
    As for making friends, just act like a normal human, be funny and approachable.

  89. thanks for your help Lil

  90. I have had very strange things happen to me in life.
    I have ALWAYS been able to predict the future all of my life.
    (I answered YES to ALL OF THE QUESTIONS)
    (I am a 14 year old boy)
    I feel that sometimes, when I want something or something to happen, I just think to myself that it will happen and it always does.
    Everybody I go to school with thinks I am weird.
    I no longer have any friends.
    I seem to have an attitude that I think I am better than others.
    I also have problems with tolerating normal people.
    I always think to myself that they are so lame and so slow.
    I love to be up early in the morning.
    I like blood.
    I have strange dark rings around my iris on my eyes.
    I also have a lot of strength and can accomplish things at much higher speeds than anybody else.
    I can seem to read peoples minds at times and manipulate them very easily.
    I can seem to know people before I even see them in person.
    I have always been afraid of vampires all of my life until tonight when I realized I was one.

    • Hey if you have super strength,
      can you help me move this weekend?

      I just bought this washer/dryer and I can’t move it myself
      so it would be great if you could come help.
      P.S. I sense your aura.

  91. Yeah dick im the same exact way….your not alone…..everything you just mentioned is exactly what just happened to me

  92. being vampire is hard but we can stick it out, right?

  93. hey! someone stole my name -.-

  94. Dear “Dick Liberenth ” You are not alone anymore. You enter this page and it’s good that you know now that you are one of us. And you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Now you just have to know who you are. I’m glad that you aren’t afraid to vampires anymone.
    – Welcome new vampire 😉

  95. hmph! H… get them! they stolened it 😦

  96. I’m having doubts… I have so many symptoms and yet I don’t crave blood?

  97. This is almost a tragedy.

    I am up in the middle of the night reading about “How to Tell If You Are a Vampire”.

    I really need to get a life.
    But there is no life for 13 year olds who want to be national merit finalists.
    Then again all work and no play did happen to get Jack his Bugatti.

    So here I am procrastinating doing a summer english assignment.

    Once I finish that I get to do more algebra, then geometry, & then algebra 2.
    Smart comes with this section of the family’s title.
    My mother got straight A’s through high school.

    My brother got 3rd place in International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

    My parents plan for me to go to state this year with my project.
    Just as my brother did.

    The only difference is that I am going to be valedictorian of my class.

    So at least with money, a job, and a life in my future I will hopefully stop typing in random words on Google and Wikipedia for fun.

  98. Wow. This thing knows me like the back of it hand. Im a vampire…….
    It feels great to know what I am.

  99. Yeah it’s good to know that you finally found out who you are.
    And to “Lil” I’ve finally told my boyfriend about who i really am. And he just smiled and told me that he knew it all the time. But he wanted to wait until i told him that vampire secret about myself. And he told me that he is crazy in love with me. And love me all. And it’s doesn’t matter who am. Vampire or witch or both. “I’m both btw” He just love me for who i am. 🙂
    So yeah. Everything got well when i finally told him my darkest secret. 🙂

  100. Awwww 🙂
    thats so sweet lol

  101. “Lil” Yeah it is. I’m really happy about that i don’t have to hide myself anymore 🙂

  102. Hey,
    do you have to look vampirey to be one?

    I’m pale,
    but that’s about all I have in common with the stereotype :/

  103. i am 13 and started puberty and i have alway liked the taste of blood. And I have noticed when I am out in the sun I get rashes on my arm.

    i love the night but i don’t mind the sun that much.
    But when I read that vampire have a dark ring around there eyes I thought it might be fun to check but to my suprise i had a dark ring around my iris.

    I don’t know if this means i am a vampire.

    But if it does I don’t know if I would excited or upset.

    The only thing i do know I am a nervous wreak and I am sure I will stay like this till I find out.

    I am just so confused.

  104. if you think i am a vampire email me at bellamacaroni@yahoo.com
    (p.s my mom made this for me)

  105. i answered yes to most the questions.
    So I’m a Vampire.

    I knew that,
    from playing with the ouiga board.
    this just confirms it.

    What now??
    How do I know for sure.

    Are there people I can contact?
    Like really.
    What now??

    And if this is for sure really real,
    I want a pendant,
    prefarable something custimized.

    E-mail me at xx_cutie_nf_xx@yahoo.com
    and I’ll know if you’re messing with me,
    so don’t bother.

  106. hummm
    Well, when I’m all around people like at school i feel very very diffrent from everyone i feel like im all by my self.

    And I can also predict when something happens …..like when in the pool
    when someone is right about to jump on right on top of me (im under water)
    I don’t even have to open my eyes to tell there going to jump right on me.

    i quickly get out of the way it’s very weird, and I love the night me and friend Kaylee (Kaylee thinks shes a cat -.-) creep around my house at night and often very often look for food to eat.

    Ii can also tell what we are having for dinner if I smell the air when the food is cooking i know its steak or something like that I love blood I’ve never tried someone elses …..
    I wonder my blood tastes so good

    I do often get cut and my friends think I’m weird and plus!!!

    I have the teeth of a vampire
    I have very sharp teeth I often bite my friends when we fight it just comes natural

    Most of the traits fit me
    I really do beleive
    I am a vampire

  107. […] THIS How to tell if you are a vampire […]

  108. […] THIS How to tell if you are a vampire Read it. Seriously. Especially the comments below. These people are serious. o_____o I have an […]

  109. Hemophagia, the consumption of blood (actual, or a desire that persists and is disturbing) is often a sign of a more serious underlying condition.

    You can spot one such condition quickly. When you next urinate, wait a few minutes before flushing. If the urine slowly turns to a color that can be mistaken for blood, you have one form of porphyria; if not, you may still have other forms, or some other condition.

    Your best bet is to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, who can then proceed with a differential diagnosis, or send you on to an endocrinologist.

    If you decide that you absolutely MUST consume blood, you should cook it first. The US Armed Forces Survival Manual states succinctly that raw blood will likely make you sick, so it should be mixed equally with water and boiled for at least a minute to prevent vomiting and to kill parasites and pathogens.

    Beef and pork blood should be available from a butcher shop inexpensively–tell them you want to make blood pudding.

    – according to a psych nurse from this link here:

  110. okay first i am 12 years old and have dark rings around my iris’s.
    My intrest for vamps started when i hit puberty.and i rarley bleed when i do its black.

    Whenever i fight with my brothers i automaticly bite them.
    I feel like i can run for hours at night because i feel so wired.

    Its so wierd…
    and ever since i hit puberty i have had this wierd hungry/thirsty feeling.

    I can smell a persons blood from a couple of miles away and it smells so good like pomegranite or something but i have never tasted it.

    I want to.and i always have this feeling in my gut when i know something is going to happen.

    I feel so alone…
    I’ve never told anybody about this.


      • i only drink my own blood cause i do not have fangs.is this ok? i want to have fangs . i do not want a dentiist to do it.

    • ur blood isn’t black ur just saying that to make people think u r a rare type but ur probaly just a wierd teen

      • and u probaly cant smell blood

      • how do you know if your a vampire
        its being so dumb being a human all day
        long all year long and all year long
        i lived for nine
        why cant any of you just bite me
        human life is so stupid i hate school
        and i have a little anoying brother
        that won’t shut up and i hate him

  111. ive been getting straight a’s since kindergarden and have incredible speed. i am a female.

  112. and not that this matters but i have pale skin and a lot of people like me

  113. Today at school i bit some 1
    He hade a cut on his arm and i was bitting him i don’t rember how it happend but lucky no 1 saw it

  114. I have 24 of the symptoms, and at a week long camp, I ate almost nothing.
    My skin is really light and it’s impossible for me to get a tan.

    My friend actually thought I was a vampire and I’ve been told I could play a vampire in movies.
    that’s me-

  115. OMG!
    I’m a vampire.

    HELP ME!
    Is there any way to cure vampirism?


    So i guess im a vampire.

    But I’ve never been bitten and my mom
    is kinda of psychic or able to see the future somewhat.

    But how an I one im only 11 every thing I have
    EVERY SINGLE ONE of the problems listed

  117. READ THIS!
    I have dark circles around my eyes.
    I have twevle sharp teeth.
    I can’t stand the sight, or smell of blood or i get this craving.

    I can’t stand having heard about it either.
    I hate sharp objects.
    They have to hold me down at the doctors office just to give me a shot.

    I can’t even stand having pencils pointed at me.
    I’m the fastest at my school.

    I can’t stand the sun.
    I can’t stand seeing blood veins.

    When ever I get around other people,
    it feels like i can smell thier blood.

    I don’t sleep at night alot,
    only at day.

    My friend uses a flashlight but I just run
    through the darkness like its daytime.
    Even with out a full moon.

    I didn’t give any of this much thought
    until my friend got cut.
    Then i started drinking her blood.

    Could i be one?

    I’ve done alot of research
    but this has helped me some.

    More than other sights.

    Can any of you give opinions?


    • um the stakes through the heart are myths vamps are like zombies they are the living dead so they can’t be killed with just a stake it takes fire FIRE the sharp objects thing is in your head kid take this advice from a real one k you need any halp you can contact me at criss_angel_135@yahoo.com

  118. my friend savannah w. is also a vampire no wonder why we get along so much i’ve only known her 4 about a 2 years and usally it takes a long time to be this close of friends. (and NO were not lesbians)

  119. i have most of these symptoms;
    & the weirdest thing is…

    i have real vampire teeth,
    two fangs on the top
    & on the bottom.

  120. Well, “michelle n.” I’ll have you know that my blood is good and i do like it.
    And it makes me very angry when people tell me i’m not otherwise.

    All my friends say i’m one, my enemies say i’m one even my mom say theres a strong chance that i am one and how do we know your not lying?

    I’m sorry but im a vampire half of the eigth grade says i’m one.
    I’m normly not mean you can ask my friend.

    I’ve had this craving for a long time not just a few days but for a long time.

    I’m thinking about getiing my self to bleed just so I can get blood.

    If you have anything to say email me at katiemiller101@ymail.com okay?

  121. i too have those problems listed.

  122. and one more thing: it is said that no one can get bitten and be changed, they have to be born that way.
    for all of you wanting to be vampires.

    sorry to burst you bubble but you can’t get bitten to be changed, gotta be born that way.
    and it sucks.

    your friendship could end your boyfriend or girlfriend might break up with you.people will’ try to kill you, and they will tease you. sure you’ll want to kill them but not me.

    i don’t want to be a monster.
    i may not be human exactly, but i can sure as h*** at least try to live my life like a human

  123. oh and michille, i’m fourteen so the next your little eleven year old a** decides to go barking up someone elses’ tree, make sure its not mine! GOT IT? sorry i also have a temper problem too.

  124. Okay any body who says if you don’t like your own blood your not a vampire is a BIG LOAD OF SH**!

    \Okay anyone who says that are not true vampires because their the only ones who know they don’t have a blood sickness or whatever.

    I have drinkin my friends blood before.
    I have al of those problems listed. and anyone who tells me that i’m not a vampire or otherwise is DEAD F****** MEAT OKAY!

    It takes a true vampire to drink someone elses blood and a true friend to be okay with the idea.

    So for all of you sh** wipes who say “were vampires because we drink our own blood” i’ve got news for you:

    OH AND MICHELLE, I do not live in a f****** imaginary world okay?
    Jesse your okay. since you said you’ve drinkin a guys blood before.

    Anyone who drinks their own blood is living in a f****ng imaginary world.
    The only time I ever drank my blood was when someone hi kicked me and I started bleeding.( in my mouth)

    • hey umm well i was temted 2 drink my dads blood b 4 when he started bleeding but i tried not to cuz i didnt want to freak him out the blood was everywhere and i had to step outside 4 a while

    • i want to drink someones blood. i do not have fangs. how should i do this. i am always tempted to.

  125. this i crazy its like they know me

  126. I answered almost all of those yes wow

  127. Ok I finelly told my best friend that i might be a vampire.
    I think she took it pretty well.

    Even thought I explaiened it to her thousands of times I am not crazy and she says she dosent think I am crazy I can tell that she thinks I am a little crazy.

    But the real problem is that my friend has a little bit af a big mouth which I didn’t cosider when I told her.
    how can I keep her mouth shut?

  128. I have most of those.
    But sometimes in the night i feel like i cant sleep.I think i am the last one sleeping.
    Also my eyes hurt in the sun.
    So when I can I bring an umbrella.

    One last thing whenever i have blood coming out i usually just suck it back up.

    My canine teeth are also where they are soppsed to be.
    They are in the gum spot.
    They`re still growing.

  129. im a Psychic Vampire same as this but feed off of emotions like love nagativet and positve making people sad happy or mad and we crave for blood to but not that much off of nagativite people that hage around me like me no reasone or they pro tend go to this site ok and read http://midian.mortis.org/real1.html

  130. i hate the old and new churhs becuse they think that we are bad and they stearted raceizom slavery aganst black and and they say that master bation is a sin but it is not XD http://www.jackinworld.com has a link for women to im a mXD enjoy the but i dont realy hae them now as much as the past

  131. oh and i have a great conection with a pets even if i get close up in there face they dont act mean even if they all ways ben mean they dont act tworeds me they are alll frindly to me i love pets even the mean one aspashaly

  132. vempiers are stronger in chi or ki or energy humens are halfe of what we are so they are level 1chi we are level2 chi we are all ways one stape ahaed of humans lol XD

  133. there are three types one what alucard is but they are extinked or hiding them there are what i am and there are bacice of this site there go to the first on i posted

  134. i craved for it sents i was 6

    i scraged my arem and it bled so i souck ed on it it tested so suest

  135. Dear Jaqueline.
    Yeah. You are like me.
    I can’t stay long in the sun.
    The sun hurts my eyes.

    And one more thing.
    My skin is very sensitive.
    The sun hurt my skin in the sun.
    And mostly my face..

    And yeah.
    My teeth are still growing.
    But slowly.
    But it’s not clever to drink your own blood.

    I’m not just talking to you.
    I’m talking to all of you guys now.
    I drank my blood.
    And yeah.
    It was painful.
    I started to shake and sweat.

    And I felt like i was gonna faint.
    I mean i though that i had a fever or something.

    So no.
    Don’t drink your own blood ppl.
    Just bite in a raw meat with fresh blood in it or something else.

  136. P.s. I can’t stay in the sun for like under 10 mins.
    Because then i get hurt skin..
    Yeah.. I live in a sunny town.
    And yeah i stay mostly inside on the daytime.
    But i’m out when it is dark outside.

    • i think i am a vampire. in fact i am 99.9% sure. should i tell my friend? if she wants proof what do i do?!

      • Yes, you should tell me. I am one, I am your friend, you told me, and nothing bad happened. You said the friend you didn’t know if you should tell was me after you told me.

      • i love licking my blood when i get paper cuts
        sometimes I lagh when I get punched by my stupid brother

  137. i hate mornings i cant go to sleep at night but i have to just to fit in or people would look at me wired all so i like acting normal way would you drink your own blood thats stupied ya it tasts good i lick my woons or cuts sheesh ask or make bule stacke next time its beeter that way oh well

    i miss the moon latley you cant see it were i live that offten but when i do it lights up the hole yardXD its fun whach ing i so hat the heat its like a masuna terned up all the way cants stand it but that suck Jaqueline train yor self ennder the pain ok

    i know it hurts but try to late pain come in with open arms train every day dont stuop even if its panin full ok

    dont like the heat but os what know the heat dose not bother me any more
    so tain your self ok god be with you

  138. i hate da ja vus they are soo anoing some time and then some times there not shsh i wish i can contrul them i hade them evere seens i was 5 yeas old never gets sike only once a year or 3 years befor i do get sick sun liht and heat dont bother me but it gets on my nervs so dont piss me off when im out side for hours on end lol i like to bite things i heal fast i wish 10x fast

  139. I am one no lie.
    I know the real things you need help just post reply okay
    I will try to help you all as much as possible

  140. 🙂 do vampires have to be all dark hair and red eyes?

  141. I got 29 of them and I
    always get these very
    painful headaches.

  142. hey I have some of those symptoms 2 freaky weird,
    message me if you’re a vampire on stardoll
    my name is tealin2121 thanx

  143. I am confused,
    I am not sure if I am a vampire or not,
    what do you think?

    I am 12,
    I am pale and I am abnormmally strong,
    stronger than my fifteen year old brother
    who I can easily throw to the ground if
    I am mad at him.

    I sunburn very easily,
    and I am very fast,
    my eyes are very sensitive to any kind
    of lights and I have good night vision.

    I recently tasted blood and I LOVED IT,
    I can even smell it like if I smell my wrist
    I can actually smell blood which is so weird
    and It’s the same with other people,
    I even cut myself to have more.

    My sense of smell and my
    hearing are very good.

    My teeth are very sharp
    and when I am in pain instead of
    saying ow like normal I hiss or growl.

    When I am mad my pupil gets really big
    and almost covers my whole iris.

    I can easily tell what people are feeling
    and people are either great friends with me
    or very scared of me.

    I have a weird connection with animals,
    most nights I don’t even go to sleep
    I just look out the window or watch TV
    because I just can’t sleep.

    I love the night and whenever
    I think about going outside at night
    I get a rush of adreniline.

    I answered yes to almost all of these.
    This is completley true.

    Am I a vampire?

  144. Oh and when I get sick
    it’s never normal so far I have had
    two illnesses that the doctors couldn’t
    Identify the problem,
    even after a biopsy and x-ray.

  145. ive been drawn to vampires
    since I was about 3 and I’m 12 almost 13 now
    I’ve been wondring and when I looked at this
    I had a bunch so now I have confermation also

    I get the twilight thing its kinda weird

  146. I am a vampire!
    I already knew but I wanted to make sure.

    For a vampire name go to emmadavies.net/vampire
    Mine is Memsahib of the Orient
    known in some parts of the world as
    Death to the thirsty

    Lean, modern, and vicious!
    Serial killer of vampires.

    Respond if you have the same as the last line.

    • Memsahib means ‘Dear Crone’ or ‘Kind Old Woman’ it is also used as a title for a married woman likeMrs. so shut up.

  147. My intrest in vampires started when I was about 7 years old,
    when I accidentaly tripped over my bike and scaraped
    my knee raw and a bunch of blood started leaking out.

    I really didn’t want anyone to see the blood
    and I didn’t have a nakin so I had no choice but
    to lick it off.

    Thats when I realized that I’ve been craveing
    blood most of my life back then.

    Now 5 years later,
    almost 13 I still crave blood.
    (thats my story.)

  148. Oh I almost forgot
    I like answered yes to most these questions,
    I can smell blood from underneath peoples skin
    and can hear sounds that are not in the
    normal human range.

  149. Oh I almost forgot I like answerd yes to most these questions,

  150. Alright all of these are right!!!!!!!!
    MY fangs are growing!!!!!!

  151. Another ‘Real Vampire’
    Told Me I Was A Vampire.

    && I Have About 98% Of All These ‘Symptoms’
    && Another Thing, Just Because Someone Has ‘Fangs’ Doesnt Mean Your’e A Vampire.

    Everyone Has What They Call Canine Teeth.
    So Dont THink Youre Special.
    But Mine Seem To Be Especially Sharp =\

    && People Think Im A Fucken Lunatic
    When I Mention That Theyre Blood Smells Good,

    Ever Be Hugging Someone &&
    You Feel Their Veins Pulsating &&
    Wanna Rip Their Throat Out?
    Yea, Me Too.

    I’ve Already Made A Few Friends
    Bleed From Biting Them.

    Without Thinking Of Course.

  152. iv hade 2 sleeping pills and im not tired and its 12 at night.

  153. dose eney one hear live in aus apart from me. if you do go to exmouth and we shoud meet.

  154. I have a question!

    Can being a medium
    be confused with being a vampire
    because I have a lot of vampire ‘symptoms’
    and I’ve been told I am
    a very powerful medium

    Just asking….

  155. I need help with all of this…
    I’ve always known that I’m different than others around me,
    though I never really understood why.

    The way I think is unlike anyone I’ve ever known.

    Everyone in my family but me is dark in complexion.

    At times I speak as if I’ve lived before,
    I feel like I’m from another time,
    and I am wise beyond my years.

    All the of the statement above I answered yes to,
    though I can’t get my head around it
    and I need straight up answers…

    Can anyone help me figure out
    for sure who I truly am?

    Please feel free to message me @

    Thank You


  156. Oh no
    I feel fangz in my mouth

  157. Itz cool that i am one but its kinda freaky
    I cut myself and drink my own blood
    also my clothes are kinda dramatic and

    at night i have alot of energy at school
    i told my teacher she gave me MY OWN ROOM
    she would not let me near her

  158. reply i dont care just DONT TOUCH ME




  162. Ok yeserday when i was hanging out
    with my best friend Courtney and all of a sudden
    it was like i heard her thought.

    When I told her she said that was exactly
    what she was thinking then asked me to try again.

    When I did I got it right again.

    Has this happenend to anyone else.

    • it has happened to me.

      one time my friend had a magazine
      and there was this thing to test for
      mind reading and it was a bunch of
      shapes and i would read her mind
      and tell her which shape she was
      thinking of. then i went to her house
      and we had a sleepover wiht a bunch
      of people. we wanted to see if it was
      just luck that i knew the shapes so
      they would think of something and
      they made me tell them what they
      were thinking.

      i got everything right and they would
      freak out and ask me how i did it.

      then one day at school my buddy
      said she still didnt believe i could
      do that so she made me read her
      minds right their and i got it right.

      then there was this girl and i was
      supposedly friends with her but then
      i caught her thinkin i was weird and
      planning to beat mea up on the
      last day of school.

      i talked to her about it and
      she admitted she did thik that .

      P.S. does any1 else see X.
      i have discoverd he is my
      creator and my lover.

      we will soon reunite and fire and i
      will go back to the way it was wiht X.

      he had created us in our past life
      and that is how she andi are vamps now.

      we shall reunite and become lovers
      with X once again.
      (We shared him for he loved us both
      and we both maried him and in the past
      life we both had children wiht him)
      o and we are making a vampire group
      to prevent vamps from messin up
      the balance of everything.

  163. Hi,
    I have most of the symptoms

    I have dark eyes and my friends
    say I have a deadly stare.

    I like the nite.

    The sun is just annoying.

    The blood in my mouth is yum.
    I am always hungry.

    a girl in my class started bleeding
    and made me hungry.

    what am I

  164. Am I a vampire
    please some one respond

  165. The world of man is built on feigning idolatry,
    submitting and bowing before the present deity
    for a blanket of comfort in a hopeless existence.

    They search for unanswered solutions
    of disasters and solutions,
    and abide by the prophets’ until their jars are empty,
    then turn like wolves and bite and tear until
    civilization itself is devoured and and
    a better solution emerges.

    Such was with Zoroastrianism,
    the Basque and Malta.

    Science is the prince of now,
    but eventually,
    as all solutions before it,
    it shall fall.

    The private sectors of the modern religion have
    search for a biological “truth” for vampire,
    and have posed V5.

    A disease to some,
    a step in genetic evolution to others.

    It is passable through blood,
    and carries vampiric traits.

    Whether this is what vampire is or is not,
    time will tell.

    What I can say is the list
    on this page is inconclusive.

    Many of those traits are common,
    even in succession.

    If you wish, you may email me,
    and I will answer your questions
    regarding your identity.

    I can guarantee you,
    that only a handful of the postees
    are actual vampires,
    and the rest are victim to self-fulfilling
    prophecy or media sickness

    – Mephisto

  166. i have very good senses. i always felt like an outsider

  167. how do you feed on energy?

  168. ok most of these fit me i have dreams about vampire ive seen different 1s every nite i love sleeping in day if i hadnt had school then i would but im 12 yeers old wats an iris somthing like that

  169. mi blood is reely good

  170. is it that thing around ur i

  171. oh yah ok yah mines blak i get mixed up its confusing

  172. its like the brown or somthing idk

  173. mines like different colors of brown its strange

  174. im realy bored but im not tired

  175. I have 32 of the symptoms listed.
    I have incredibly pale skin
    (my friends all say I’m too pale
    to be a normal human being)
    and I do not sparkle,
    but my skin is almost translucent
    and it seems to give off a slight glowing quality,
    a sheer luminescence.

    I have been told I am incredibly beautiful
    (although I don’t like to brag and I have self-esteem issues)
    and I am graceful.

    I can run very fast and I am much stronger than I look.

    I don’t have great eyesight (I wear contacts)
    but I have amazing hearing and smelling.

    Cats seem to adore me
    and I started researching vampires
    when I was nine years old.

    I love all vampire books
    and always compare and contrast
    all the differences and similarities
    of the different vampire myths.

    I tend to be on the dramatic side
    and my friends say I belong in the
    eighteenth century,

    in London in a palace wearing luxurious gowns.

    I always felt different.

    I don’t know who or what I am,
    and I just want to know.

    I think I might be,
    but I’m not sure.











  177. i have 20 somthing of those symptoms i couldnt realy keep track
    arnt some vampirs born on special holidays or somthing?

  178. i have all the this!…

    i have been researching my self
    for about a week now and one
    of the hypothesis i have is that
    i am a vampire but right now
    im trying to know if i was born
    with it or was i infected with
    the v5 virus because last year
    i had a surgery and then i catched
    a viral virus in the hospital and im
    not sure if it was that or was that
    i was born with the gene and i
    got the awakening on my 14th b-day
    because that day i coulnt sleeep i
    was hyper and i had this desire for blood..

    i cut my bff with a knife(accidentally) and
    i coulnt stop looking at the blood
    (i had this extrange reaction to the blood
    like i dint cared about my friend at all,
    all i wanted was to stare at the blood
    and i had the desire to drink it so bad)

  179. i got the awkening too it was really good
    ok so 1 day i was in class i was doing work and the sun shines at the window and it was on my desk so i put my hand in it and i started sparkiling it was freeky im not pale at all but i only have a little tan.
    im been researching about vampires after i startd reading books about them and i have the desire for blood i can smell and see way better than i used to .
    when my mom said there was no such thing as vampires i started crying i thought that was very offensive
    i have 4 sharp teeth that i noticed have been getting sharper .
    am i a vampire i have 29 of these symptyms ?
    also iv been saying wat other people were thinking, iv become way smarter well not way but a little every day, i love the night and i get reely hyper and feel like im going to go outside and grab some1 and suck thier blood?????????????????

  180. coming from a real one,
    Twilight is a joke

  181. thats wat i thought i meen vampires dont really sparkle that much right edward looks like 1 of those crystels from a chandelier!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean i do like it but i dont like the movie i swear im not making fun of any1

  182. all of these symptoms…..
    i have them…
    ive been researching on this
    stuff for quite a while now..
    and every website ive been on,
    ive had all of them…

    but the whole sparkling in the light thing..
    ive been told i sparkle..
    but surely, to me,
    it doesnt mean anything..

    its just from twilight,
    and surely, none of that is real.

    ive been..different..
    since i was a little girl,
    as ive been told, but i never understood

    what my family meant when they told me that.
    i didnt have a father growing up..
    and i still dont have one….
    yet when i finally started trying
    to get information on him,..

    i found out
    he was accused of murder…
    long story..
    but then my computer currupted
    and all the information i gathered
    on him was lost.

    my iris’s are a light brown color,
    and i have dark black rings around them,
    and many people have told me that they
    think they are contacts.

    im very pale and my skin is cold.

    when i walk into a room,
    no one notices,
    they say im like a cat,
    and they cant hear me.
    the sun makes me have dizzy spells
    and horrible migraines,
    and i often go out at night.

    ive been told ive looked14 years old
    for the past four years…
    and i just turned 14 this year.

    sorry for it being so long,
    but i had to get this out.

    am i really a….vampire?

  183. I also never knew my dad
    and i dont remeber anything
    from when i was little
    i felt like i never realy was little
    i have light brown eyes too

  184. WOOOOOW i have almost all of them (like 34)
    e-mail me at bloody.fingers@ymail.com
    plus i already knew i am 1.
    and im 14 🙂

    • im 14 too but my whole life ive known i was different,
      special if thats what u want to call it.

      ive never really fit in,
      and when i found out about vampires,
      i knew thats what i was
      and will be for my whole life.

  185. oh
    i have 29 of those symptoms
    does that meen im a vampire


    shivers to the thought of sparkeling*

    you dont HAVE to drink blood i do often
    but you dont really need it EVERY day!

    Also that they never put in these stupid things
    we can make people fall in love with us and
    do basicly what ever we say!

    Its quite funny really!

    If you have any questions about vampire
    contact me at angie21397@live.com.

  187. i some times need blood
    and i allways feel like im strandid
    on a island

    i have 34 of thos symptoms and i have
    4 sharp teeth and they are geeting sharper
    every day and the sun always burns me
    and for som reason i can here what peaple think.

    • i understand the fang thing
      i have had fangs my whole life,
      and my friends used to think it was cool,
      until i bit one of them once,
      she never told anyone but after that everyone
      thought my fangs were wierd
      and so i felt like a freakish outcast.

  188. o my god so do i . i know what people r gonna say and all

  189. my mom thinks im some sort of a freak
    im the youngst in my family

  190. Greetings

  191. *sniff*sniff* oh its just raspberry jam

  192. oh crud the sun,HIDE!!!

  193. phew.good thing i found this coffin

  194. is that a human i smell?

  195. YUM!nom nom nom

  196. anyone want some?

  197. *silent craving*

  198. *morphs into black cat*

  199. mmm,rabbit

  200. *vampire again*

  201. oh midnite alredy,im still tired*silent craving*AND HUNGRY!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

  202. oops cant forget Batsy

  203. *yawn*

  204. lalalalalallalaalla…………………….mmmmm,TASTY!

  205. yea I have most these symptoms too.
    my family hates me.

    I have no connection with them.
    I feel lonely


    I was told that by my mom
    when she did a soul choosing “spell”
    and I know it worked because I have
    waaaayyyy to many memories….

    hey ppl email me at

    death.kitty@ymail.com or emo.lovexxx@yahoo.com

  207. Scary I have over half of these
    I’ve always had a feeling that I
    was a vampire

  208. Omfdsomg!
    I have all those!

    Plus my top teeth are taking forever to grow
    I glow in the sun literaly get no sleep have no
    emotions have great driving skills,
    better than most adults ever will be
    and am faster stronger smarter and more doranle
    (can take more harder hits)than ALL of my friends.

    I’m I really a f@#%ing vampire
    that’s good for 13

  209. OMFAG!
    I HAVE ALMOST (got!!!!)

    (if thats the whay you spell it)
    me freind keeps on blabering on
    that she is a vapire alonge whith her
    gay cuzens but noooo evedes heAR
    that she is !!!!!!!!!

    omg SHE LIDED TO MAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. I cant quite explain it but i want blood
    but im pretty sure im not a full vamp.

    Like the slightest bit of sunlight
    hits my eyes and it hurts.

    I want blood like its air ya know?

    i dont wanna tell my family
    because they’ll think i’m nuts
    so i dont have any clue where to go.

    and regina vampires dont fucking sparkle
    when they go into sunlight your obviously a fake…
    or just immature

  211. I like Twilight but I’m not obsessed with it.
    IN THE GOD DAMN SUN!!!!!!!!!

  212. hi its been for ever since i felt like i was happy but i told my mom that it is her falt but i was kidding and she started to freak out.

  213. i sparkel in the sun
    i cant sleep at night and can
    read ppls thoughts a little
    and i also take ppls energy

    i think but well i think im a vampire
    but i dont really know

    i have all of these exept msybe 4 or 5

    i feel alone all the time,
    amd i tend to hear ppls thoughts ,
    does that mean im a vampire?

  214. hi. ppl who don’t believe in vamps
    don’t read this and dont comment.

    I am a half vampire and my friend
    wants to become one.

    what should i do???
    should i turn her,
    or keep her a fragile human?


    • look dude
      if you are for real about this
      dont do it she will go crazy
      and wont know whats rong
      she will eventualy die
      and she wont get enough of your blood
      to gain any energy or ability
      so it would be pointless trust me
      i know from experience
      dont think im crazy ethir

  215. I want to be a vampire
    but I dont really know if
    I am or not!!!

  216. hi umm
    i have alot of those symptoms

    i wanna know if im really a vampire
    if so any place i can learn how do i test
    if i am

    ive always wanted to be one
    and have had an extreme interest
    in vampires everything about them

    im drawn completely to them
    an im interesteed in wicca
    and the true mysteries of the world
    can anyone help me

  217. p.s.
    I’ve found a site called
    are they for real

  218. I have all these symptoms.
    Its weird too,
    i not only love the taste of blood,
    but i can smell it.

    I can read minds,
    im a extremely fast runner
    i beat a car in a running race
    when it was going really fast.

    I’m extremely pale.
    My eyes change colors.

    I hate the sun,
    its weird again but it burns me o—o.

    Sorry if i sound like a physco-path
    but i think i am a vampire

  219. I’m a vampire
    i was even before i read this
    now I know for sure
    I have everything in the list
    about me except for the having
    periods part cause I’m a guy!

  220. I answered yes to most of those
    its funny cuz my brothers girlfriends
    cousin asked me if i was graduating
    from high school next year and I’m 13!

  221. Hi, my name is Briana Rene Coffey!
    I am here at this website because
    I believe i am a vampire.

    But i have not been turned
    so i think i might have been born one.

    I read alot of what the stuff
    said and i am about 9/10ths of that list.

    Im really scared and
    could use some help!

    Thank you!

  222. i have 34 of the symptoms

  223. Hey I found this website really interesting
    and I wonder if anyone could help me out.

    For the past week I have been feeling strange.

    on wednesday when i went to bed
    I woke up in the middle of the night shaking
    and finding it hard to breath but since
    then I’ve noticed changes.

    There is a dark ring around the iris
    of my eye and also the colour around
    the pupil of my eye is noticibly different
    to the other colour of my eyes.

    I have also lost most of my appetite for food.

    I found as well that i match with
    most of the things on the list.

    So do you think I could be
    showing signs of vampirism ?

    Thanks to anyone who
    replies it would be great help

  224. i am i vampire so is my dad and mom
    with are dead they died in a house fire now
    i live with my aunt telly witch
    is human i am thirteen i am vladimir tod

  225. any onw got o postive blood plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! reply i hungrey

  226. ugh it midnight i so craveing for blood
    any of ya vamps or not vamps no where
    any is reply now plz plz plz plz or ill
    have to bit my aunt nelly

  227. Me and a couple of my friends
    who are confused wether we are vampires or not,
    we did the questions are most of my friends
    had alot but i had yes to all but one,
    i have not tasted human blood,
    i wouldn’t know where to get it from,
    I am 15 in a couple of days,
    and my mum said when i was four
    i asked about vampires because as my mum
    considers herself to be one too,
    none of my friends sparkle
    i think that is just from twilight,
    i like glow in the sunlight,
    but as i live in Wales we dont get alot of sunlight,
    i am very strong and it gives me a
    pain above my eyes if i go out in sunlight,
    my six senses are enhanced to as well as my friends
    but what is strange for me is that i am quite clumsy,
    i have very pale skin which is weird
    as my dad is greek and my mum is from russia,
    i dont look my age i’ve been told i look 18
    and i have alot of male attention my friends
    tend to think i bewitch them lol
    i dont want to seem vain but i am the strongest quickest,
    smartest in my year.

    i love veins they trance me.
    i prefer night and love to go walking
    around 11 with my 4 dogs!

    i’m confused

    sorry its long.
    can i have any advice at all please?

  228. only 2 of those things about me are missing,
    i want to learn more about this

  229. should i tell my friend?

  230. umm. i believe i am a vampire too.
    i’m only 15 yrs old though.
    and i have been hooked up on vampires my whole life.

    But when i get near my boyfriend
    i can smell his natural odor
    and i get hyper and honestly i tend to kiss his neck alot and i
    i want to bite him

    i also run fast
    and i only get into sports for my fast reflexes
    Plus of course everyone smells good to me

    i don’t know if i should truly believe that i’m a vampire?
    am i? is there even a chance that i could be a vampire?
    if so please let me know…Thanks to everyone 🙂
    (but i do need help knowing if i’m one.)

  231. I know some people might think
    I’m mad but i honestly think im a vampire.

    i had 35 of the symptoms listed
    and i have been completely obsessed
    with vampires for 7 years.

    i am only 13 but since i was just 6
    i have been drinking blood.
    just the thought of blood gets me excited,
    its like a sudden rush of energy from deep inside me.

    i have always had fangs and used to get bullied for it,
    now people just laugh at me for having
    white skin..and im always cold.

    i havent been ill for 7 years, not once.
    and when i was ill before that it shoud
    have been fatal..but somehow i recovered.
    the docters were amazed.

    i dont no what to do tho,
    i know im different..
    people are always sayin im ‘not with it’
    and i feel like i dont belong in this world.

    i wish there was some way to get out
    of this seemingly bottomless hole
    of darkness and be able to show the world the real me,
    but i know people will be scared of me..
    and i dont want that.

    i find it hard hiding from everyone my intense need for blood,
    especially my closest freinds and my boyfreind.
    but so far i have succeeded..
    and hopefull il know what im suposed to do soon enough.

  232. About a month ago
    I had a dream that I was in a
    candle lit room with my friend.

    My friend was sick his dad
    and mom asked me to bite him
    because they knew I was a vampire.

    I bit him and the dream ended.

  233. i have almost every trait in that list
    i do not know if i am a vampire
    but after doing research on them
    i truly do believe in them now
    but still don’t know

    i have been told by my friends
    that my eyes suddenly flashed a bright
    red and my skin when very pale and
    they started freaking out then when
    i got back to normal they started telling
    the teacher and i had no clue what
    they were talking about and that has
    happened more than once
    but i have sort of like the taste of blood
    and i don’t know why and somebody
    in my school says that she is a vampire
    but my teeth are still sharper than hers

  234. and i only get in sports cause of my
    fast reflexes and i run fast and im compleately
    obssed with vampires if anybody is reading both
    of my comments i really want to know do you
    think i am a vampire because i truly dont
    know what to think please help me thanks

  235. ok I have all these symptoms
    execpt the sunlight one.

    I like the sunlight but it does
    hurt my eyes more than normal
    compared to other people.

    what do you guys think of this?

  236. omg I have all of those
    and I’m REALLY sensitive to the sun.

    the only one I don’t
    have is the sex one.
    I’M ONLY 12

  237. and i just LOVE the taste of blood.
    i make myself bleed just to have a taste.

  238. I have 36 of these
    ive had an interest in vampires
    since idk when i love the taste of blood.

    i hate going outside during the day
    something about it just makes me
    sooo tired but im always wide awake at night.

    I love to run around and
    sit outside duting the night

  239. I have to say..
    I wouldn’t think that an actual vampire
    would reply to an article such as this
    or any other article suggesting the
    criteria for being a vampire.

    And would an actual vampire shout out
    “Omg! I’m a vampire!!”
    “I have all those symptoms;
    I’m a vampire, email me.”–
    I wouldn’t think so.

    And if that is the case,
    then vampires are either incredibly hyper..
    or incredibly immature.

    Another thing; i
    f you search the internet to try to check
    if you are a real vampire,
    chances are; you’re not.

    Actual vampires usually realize they are
    what they are in their own time.

    I say this because my
    family has its own history.

    Being very intuitive,
    most of my family are able to cast minor spells,
    the ability of premonition, etc.

    Overall my elders were realized as witches.

    So to make this short–
    My family has done their research
    for the past 200 years and we know
    a lot about witches, wolfies, vampires,
    wiccans, and many other creatures.

    If you have any questions
    please email me at

  240. Hmm I have all the
    symptoms except the Sex

  241. I’m serious…this is creepy.

    I have 31 symptoms…

    Well…idk if im a vampire or not…
    I go to this website called vampirewebsite.com
    it has EVERYTHING u need to kno about
    being a vampire!!!)
    to see if im a vampire or not…
    n it says i am.

    It’s just hard to accept the fact that
    I could/am a vampire..
    It makes me feel like I’m going crazy! 0_0

    My name is Samantha and I’m 11.
    Ive had a special intrest in vampires
    most of my life (so far).

    I don’t go crazy over their beauty
    from in the movies,
    and how “hot” they are,
    I know those “vampires” aren’t real.

    I’m looking for the REAL vampires,
    because I want to truely know if I am one.

    I’m just NOT YET accepting that
    i could be a vampire,
    I want to know for sure.

    If someone could please contact me…
    (meh e-mail is

    perferably a REAL vampire,
    one that can help me figure out if i am one.

    I know im pretty young…
    so im not sure. Just anyone plz help me find out!

    Anyway, onto a different thing,
    these people saying that theyre sparkling in the sun…
    bunch of bull.

    Someones watched to much Twilight ;]
    btw reminding you its a BOOK that a WOMAN MADE,
    which turned into a MOVIE,
    so its NOT REAL!!!

    I have many more things about me than this,
    but i dont want to take up the comment time xD.
    Just contact me if u want to help..!

    Age: 11

  242. only when im drunk do i get a lil vampy
    but i sence stuff sober i love sex
    and just the taste of men all together
    but i find myself bored with them
    afterwards but i met a fellow vamp
    and he is a energy vamp and we feed off each other

    its so great girls if your a sexual vamp
    you need a vamp like mine he will highten your senses
    and bring you to new levels even for men
    get a girl vamp and try it its not for everyone
    but real vamps that have had this type of thing
    happen know what bliss i speak of
    see all you tonight kisses jaded

  243. yummy

  244. I’m 13 and i think i’m a vampire

    I have a strong feeling when it’s dark
    and i feel parched nothing can quench it.

    if any one has any answers you can reach me at chris.douglas13@yahoo.com

  245. i am 11 and i think i am a vampire
    i am extremely fast and strong and
    i have almost all of the vampire symptoms
    except a few and i love meat
    and when i was younger i had a craving
    to bite and i would bite my cousin
    a lot and he had a bunch os bite marks o
    n him and now i still have the same craving
    but i am able to control it a lot better
    and i like it when its dark and my eyes burn
    in the day time also the stench of garlic makes
    me jerk away last but not least i have kinda
    like past visions where for a slit second my
    eyes close and i shake kinda like i am vibrating
    but i dont see anything in my visions its weird.
    if anyone could tell me whats going
    on with me if i am a vampire or not.

    you can contact me at
    please answer me.

    • you do not have to contact me at my email
      you can do it on here please answer me i
      want to know if i am a vamp.

      or not also i forgot to mention this
      but one of my teeth is rotten but it
      already fell out but it was so rotten
      i used to suck blood out of it and i
      t tastes nice and salty also whenever i
      get a cut i suck the bloood till it stops
      bleeding then when it turns into a scab

      i pick the scab and drink blood out
      of the bleeding spot where i picked the scab
      and all this talk about blood is making me
      crave blood someone please help!!!!

      • If you are craving blood,
        then just go with it.

        Vampirism is just something
        that some people are born with.

        I know I was born with it.

        Sure we may not be like Count Dracula or Norsforatu,
        but we are,
        in the least,
        a new breed of vampire.

        But just hang in there.

  246. I have felt very out of place my whole life,

    I’ve always enjoyed the taste of blood,
    I’ve seen things before they’ve happened,
    I’ve read people’s thoughts,
    I love the night time,
    I hate the sun,
    I’m extremely pale,
    my eyes change colors and have
    turned pitch black once or twice
    maybe even more,
    my skin is severely cold
    almost all of the time,
    I often times find myself
    dreaming of hurting someone,
    I have feelings of deja vu almost constantly,
    my skin shines when I’m in the sun,
    I can pick up on emotions,
    I often find myself just sitting
    and staring into space and not
    remembering what it was that
    I was looking at in the first place,
    I look years younger than what I really am
    (I’m 19 going on 20 but I look like I’m 13),
    I’ve always been sensitive to those around me,
    animals seem to understand me
    and I understand them because
    I can have a full conversation with my cat
    and she always responds to my meows,
    and I have an evil creature residing in me
    that is nothing to be faced.

    I am most certainly,
    some sort of vampire.

  247. Message from my cat,
    who i think also might be a vampire,
    if this is possible.

    She always tries to bite my neck.

    Here we go.
    She is going to be carried onto the keyboard.

    and there we go!

    I have very long nails usually,
    but I just cut them.

    I cut both pinky nails into sharp points.
    (Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha
    [*does evil laugh*])

  248. ok thank you fallen angel for the advice

  249. for all you bozos fuckin vamps dont sparkl.

    i know im one.
    well i might be a full blood or a hybrid.
    my dad is totally one and im not
    sure bout my mom.

    im super pale,
    have big and sharp caniene teeth.
    ive always been interested in vampires.

    whenevr i see blood i tense up
    and try not to lick my lips.

    ive recently gotten alot stronger and faster.
    nothing hurts me.

    i feel the sudden need to bite or gnaw on stuff.
    i have a bad temper and could kill you if you crossed me.

    im alway hungry and no amount of food can fulfill me.

    im very …physical with me friends.
    they say at times i hurt them
    and they say my nains are like needles.

    People around me become tired and cranky.
    Anytime my mom is around me
    she almost always sleeps.
    its so funkin annoying.

    my friends only fight around me
    and they fight with each other.

    • Does anyone here live in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, USA? Because if they do we should meet. Please tell me if you do like me.

  250. I have all of these symptoms.
    especially the one for the need to
    drink blood.

  251. about 2 months ago i had a hard time breathing. i felt like i was dieing. my heart slowed so much it thought i was dead but i grew stronger and sronger. after that i had a strong urge to drink blood could the e a sign of change.

  252. hello if you are reading this
    I’m Fire the vampire
    the same one above

    I just created an account.

  253. if any of you vampire live in Redmon Or. we should meet in the dry canyon.

  254. All of the people that have recently
    listed coments have seen Twilight.

    Sparkling skin doesn’t make you a vampire
    and neither does being pale or most the girls
    in the usa would be vampires!

    just because you watched a movie
    or read a book and you say you have
    all the quialities that vampires in the
    book and/or movie have that doesnt make
    you a vampire.

    So stop pretending cause it
    is pissing real vampires off!

    I know!

  255. I got my own account finally.
    This is ruledbyfantima.

  256. Miranda Mattlin it is great to here another
    vampire has an account on here.

    I was wondering if you have any questions for me.
    I might be able to answer them

  257. Sorry for the extra long comment,
    but I really need to vent and to have
    someone tell me if I am a vampire.
    So please!

    I have all of those above
    (except the sex one, I am only 12).
    I do often have a craving that I cannot fulfill.

    I love blood in general, the color,
    the sight, the smell, and the taste.
    It is hard for me because I am a vegetarian
    and I strongly believe in animal rights
    (Animals love me and vice versa and
    I plan on becoming a vet)
    so I cannot and will not drink blood from meat.

    So it is hard to deal with the craving for blood,
    I often find myself unkowingly biting my lip
    so hard that it bleeds and then I drink the blood from it.

    I have no one to talk to about this,

    I have one of those families that laughs
    at you whenever you try to open up and
    be honest about something or
    about your feelings.

    I am afraid if I talked to my mom
    she would send me to a psychiastrist,
    which I know we could not afford
    and that I do not need one.

    I have always loved vampires,
    I love reading about them online,
    and getting different fiction books about them –
    and then I find myself thinking how
    unrealistic they are!

    I never liked scary movies but whenever
    it was a scary movie about vampires,
    I would jump at the chance to see it and be like
    “Why is everyone so jumpy?” during the movie.

    I have never felt like I belonged anywhere,
    but I love reading about history,
    and I am obsessed with things like,
    ancient egypt, the greeks and romans,
    and I especially love learning about the
    gods they used to worship,
    I love to learn the ancient rituals
    of the gods and recite them.

    I hate doing things like this behind my parent’s backs,
    has anyone else ever felt like they had to hide their
    feelings and beliefs from judgemental family members?

    I feel like there is the real me that can
    only come out when I am alone,
    and the person that they want me to be.

    I never felt like I belonged in the family
    or even this time era.

    I have been the playful, perfect,
    happy little girl that my parents want me to be,
    and all the while I am miserable because I
    can’t be the real me because of how judgmental
    and criticizing my family is.

    I can’t sleep at all at night
    and then my mom gets mad
    because I won’t get up in the morning.

    I absolutely cannot go outside without an
    ultra dark pair of sunglasses and (if it’s summer) sunscreen,
    or (if it’s winter) a cout that covers all my skin.

    Number one,
    because the sun hurts my eyes so bad
    that it gives me extreme headaches.

    And Number two,
    because I burn so easily then even
    if I am outside for ten minutes in the sun,
    I get a sunburn so bad that my skin starts peeling.

    Both my mom and my dad have olive toned skin,
    along with my brothers.

    I am the only one with really pale skin.

    My eyes are brown,
    but I notice that they turn different shades of brown,
    and it doesn’t have anything to do with the lighting-
    one minute they will be dark brown and then –
    in the same room with the same lighting-
    they will be a red brown color.
    It is so wierd.

    I have de javu constanly.
    I am always being reminded of things
    that I saw in a dream a night or two ago.

    Just today I picked up a magazine
    and when I opened it to a random page,
    I remembered the exact same thing
    that was on the page in my dream.

    So to sum it up:

    I have extra long and sharp canine teeth.
    My nails are long, sharp, and strong.
    No matter what I eat, I still have an
    unkown craving for something.

    I never feel like I belong anywhere.
    When I am in a crowded room,
    I tune everyine else out like I am alone.
    I have deja vu a lot.

    I am very empathetic and can
    almost feel others emotions.
    The sight, smell, and taste of blood
    is mouthwatering to me.

    I am obsessed with ancient history,
    especially gods and godessess.
    I often try out the ancient rituals
    and I feel the energy from them.

    I love animals and they love me back,
    and they seem like the only ones
    who understand me.
    (Especially cats).

    I can never hold a steady relationship with anyone,
    that includes friends, family, and crushes.

    I am friendless right now,
    I am sort of a loner.

    I believe in past lives and reincarnation.
    I do a lot of meditating.
    Vampires are a huge interest of mine and
    I will relate anything I can to them.

    Electronics hate me.
    I need really dark sunglassess and
    sunscreen to even think about going outside.

    I love the night and the moon.
    I feel connected to it.
    (I know that sounds wierd)
    P.S I was born at night.

    I can’t sleep at night when it is dark,
    but when it is daytime I sleep like a baby.

    My skin is usually colder than others.

    I love writing,
    as you can see by my screen name,

    I am very mature,
    and I have an old soul.

    That’s all I can think of right now.
    So please help me!

    Am I a vampire?
    Reply and I will be very appreciative!

  258. I have all but one of those things
    because I am only ten
    I am not very pleased
    with being a vampire because it is hard
    to control your thirst

  259. Hi.I’m new to this.
    I umm I’m 90% sure I’m a vampire.

    I’ll tell you why.
    But I would appreciate any
    and all comments or suggestions.

    I am 20.
    People always think I am a freshman
    or sophmore in high school.

    My skin is really white.
    I have never met my biological parents.

    I was put up for adoption
    the day I was born.

    As far as I know my dad
    was never in the picture.
    He left when he found out
    my mom was pregnant.

    I’ve always been really strong.
    Physically and mentally.

    In junior high I was the fastest runner
    on the track team.

    When I got into high school people
    started noticing how strong I was
    so they put me on the track
    and field team as a thrower.

    I placed at state a few times.

    I only sleep 2 hours a day,
    during the day.

    I’m nocturnal.
    I hate the light.
    It gives me headaches.
    I’m allergic to the sun,
    I itch when I stay in to too long.
    I have a really strong immune system.
    I hardly ever get sick.

    I have a high tolerance for alcohol
    and other things that would harm
    others such as toxins.

    When I am in a room with alot
    of other people I feel alone and
    people are usually staring at me.

    I don’t like it.
    I have always preferred being by myself.

    I live with a room mate and
    I ask her to leave all the time.

    My senses are all very heightened.
    I can hear things beyond our world.
    I am a medium and can communicate
    with the dead.

    I can hear a whisper while
    being in another room.

    I can read in the dark.
    My sight is much better at night.

    Sometimes if I smell something
    I can also taste it.
    Like blood.
    The smell is strong to me and
    I can taste it in my mouth.

    I can sense things such as a presence,

    I have dreams.
    They usually happen.
    They usually involve people I don’t know.
    I eventually see the people from my
    dream in real life.

    My dreams are always vivd
    and detailed and cause deja vu.

    My nails are very strong.
    My room is dark and cold just the way I like it.
    My carpet is black.
    I have a ring of dark blue around the iris of my eye.
    My eyes change color depending on my mood.
    The colors range from a very light crystal blue
    to grey to vivid blue to navy blue to hazel
    sometimes green.

    I am an omnivore.
    I eat fruits and veggies MAYBE once a week.
    I depend completly on red meat.
    I do not eat fish.
    I ‘m not a huge fan of birds
    such as chicken.
    I eat steak 4-5 times a week,
    usually cooked medium-rare.

    I am very competitive and always
    want to be the best.
    My computer,printer, and room mates
    print do not like me.

    They always turn themselves on and off
    when I’m around.
    They also make really weird noises…
    Not to mention the fact that any computer
    I touch that isn’t my own usually becomes
    faulty and refuses to work properly.

    People have a way of trusting
    me with their life.
    I’ve never done anything to earn their trust.
    In a few cases I have attempted to lose
    their trust but it still remains.

    Babies and animals like me.
    Cats hate me.
    They attack me and I am not sure why.
    I often eat food and 20 minutes later
    it is as if I never ate.
    Food does not fill me up at all.
    I am always hungry/thirsty but I can
    never pin point exactly what it is I want.

    I have a huge craving for anything red,
    regarding food.
    Blood, juice, meat..

    I don’t sleep often.
    I also have a quick temper
    .I am overly independent

    .As I said before I have
    audiovoyance and precognition.
    Help me please.

  260. i have most of these symtoms.

    i hate the sun and i always have my
    bedroom lights off or only have one light on.

    i always have my fan on even in the winter.

    my dogs really like me and so do other peoples
    dogs but cats dont really like me.

    i heal like really quick,
    like i fell off my bike once and scraped my knee
    and like 3 days later the scrap on my knee was
    like almost gone.

    my microwaves and phones
    always act wierd around me.

    i can usaly tell when my sister is mad.
    i can stay up at night really late but
    when sunrise starts i feel really tired
    all of a suden.

    i can also hear cars come up the road
    at my house way befor they even come
    close to my house.

  261. oh ya and i have alway felt that my parents
    are not really my real parents

  262. oh my god i have all of them write
    thats all about me and i do believe
    in vampires

  263. hi agian
    i was ridining on my brothers ripstick
    and hit somthing i slid on the concrete,
    it was cold i was in shorts i thought it felt good outside,
    and well back to what i was saying,
    and well sat ther for a minute thinking
    wow that was funny and well stayed on the ground
    for 3 minutes and laughed then i got back up
    and played again,
    and me and my cousin were doing our homework
    and she had to do somthing on the computer,
    i told her to go to a website but she didnt want to
    she tried to hit the back button but it took her
    right to the website that i had told her to go to and,
    computers seem to go faster or something
    messes up

    sorry it was so long its just that well
    it was somthing i just wanted to ya know get out

  264. I dont know if im a vampire.

    I have most of these symptoms,
    so can anyone reply?

  265. i dont know if im a vampire.

    I get really excited when im around blood,
    or when i see a needle.

    My heart just goes on double time.

    I have a lot of the signs,
    and i am iron deficient.
    does that show that I’m a vampire?

  266. the more i thiink about it the more i see to be a vampire. like i stayed up till 5 am last night and i did not even feel tired at all the at 5:30 am (sunrise) i felt like i need to sleep and could not stay awake any longer. i was in a car accedent when i was 12 and i broke both my legs and my wrist. the doctors were a little suprised on how i went through pyscal thariph fully after 6 weeks and could walk fine. i just seems the more and more i think about it the more i start to feel like i might be a vampire.

  267. this is a lot to take in right now..i dont know what to do…can any one help…i have a lot of questions…please email me at mwalkertriguy@gmail.com….please i have so many question……

  268. hey matt,
    something similar happened to me
    except i wasnt in a car crash.

    3/4 of my blood doesnt work well since i have anemia,
    and my spleen got enlarged when i was in third grade.

    I recovered really quickly from the spleenomegaly
    (3 days) and i have preety good physical health.

    i recovered very quickly from a
    major surgery in less than two days.

    Just like you,
    the more i think about myself as a vampire,
    the more i feel like one.

    It is like my senses just came “alive”.

  269. the way you are with your surgery was the same way i was with my broken legs and wrist the doctor that put in my stiches said they could come out in 4 weeks and i took then out in 2. the more i come back to this site and read the symotoms the more i feels “alive” and like i belong.

  270. Same with me. Do you know if not having enough iron (with the anemia) is a sign of being a vampire? Also, about the thing with surgery, i also heal really fast, and my pain tolerance is really high. while i was in the recovery ward, i was the only person that wasn’t screaming from their surgery.

  271. ps, I have really good hearing, and i can sense when someone is really close to me.

    • i can do that too.
      like at school i can walk backwards
      through the hall and not hit anyone or anything,
      but sometimes i have to pretend to be a
      clutsy person so i dont freak people out.

      • me to i can do crazy things like that but I try not to because it makes my friends very scared.

        one a bully at school even thought i was on steroids or something because he could wip my but in the moring or day but as soon as the sun goes down he doesent know what hit him.

  272. ok so im only 15
    and i went through all those symptoms
    just out of curiosity and found that i have all of them.

    i really am not sure about it though.

    there was no dought in my mind
    that i applied to each and every one of them
    accept the pale one.
    one that i have noticed on alot of other
    websites thats not on this one was the thing
    about being abnormally cold.

    that one really really applies to me
    and the one about the unnamed thirst
    that i cant quench and the people
    not relating to me.

    i was just wondering if there is anyone
    that has a sure fire way besides drinking human blood
    to find out if im a true vampire or not.

    please respond.
    i really need help…
    thank you.

  273. ok i dont know if this is because i have a lot of irish blood in me or because i am a vampire but i just drank a whole bottle of wine, by myself, and i did not even feel on the edge of feeling a little itty bit tippsy

  274. if i have extreme anemia, and i dont have enough iron in my blood, does that mean i am a vampire? Also, is the ability to remember and understand a lot part of being a vampire (im in all AP and GT classes and i got a 4.0 GPA, or all A’s)

  275. i have 35 of those symptoms.

    i started to think i was a vampire
    about six months ago.

    my dad’s family may be
    a long line of vampires.
    my mom’s side: idk.
    ive always been intrested in vampires.

    i can remember everyting i read
    and have something similar to
    a photographic memory.
    i remember things from when i was two.

    i am the smartest girl in my class.
    i am very observent,
    noticing things most people dont.

    i can always tell how people are feeling
    and sometimes what they are thinking.

    i am very empathetic to others emotions.

    when i want something to happen
    it usually does.
    electrical appliances and i dont get along.

    i am approaching 13 and i have recently
    gotten a lot strong and faster.
    i can carry a 50lb backpack up 3 flights
    of stairs and not be tired.

    my stamia has improved tremendously.
    i jump down stairs and off stages
    and am totally uneffected,
    not shaken at all.

    i often act on instinct.
    i can bend my nanas metal
    spoons and forks.

    i kick and punch very hard,
    once i almost broke someones bone.

    my friends complain i hurt them
    when i poke then,
    that my nails are like needles.

    whenever im around blood i freak out.
    i bite my lower lip when i see blood.

    my heart rate acclerates.
    im very sensitive to pulses,
    heartbeats and vibrations.
    i can see auras naturally.

    im very comfused rite now.
    i am douting my sanity.

    knowing there are others like my,
    vampires, makes me feel better.
    think about this.

    is my logic sound or am i deluted?
    u will not be able to contact me.

    i intend to keep this a secret.
    thank you for reading this.
    sorry it was so long.

  276. I have all symptoms
    instead of the sex part
    i’m only 13

  277. Hi reina,
    Same with me. I do Tae Kwon Do and i have a lot of control in the air. I can easily do a flying side kick over 7 kids lined up. Also, i can launch myself six feat in the air after running up a wall. I can hear really well. Something really weird is that i can make my heart beat fast, slow, or even make it difficult to see it. At some points, i can even see it beat on my chest (even through my chest). I am a little older than you and i feel the same self-doubt as you. IDK if i am a real vampire, but i feel like i can do thing sabove the ordinary. Good luck

  278. thank you for answering me bob. i had the chance to go to my grandmother’s. i am positive she is one, so my dad must be. i dont think they know it, but i do. my mother complains i am always cold and my room is the coldest, and darkest place in the house. computers really hate me, my last comment come out in the wrong format. i tired doing something fallen angel suggested about the special ablities thing and it worked. i cut a cut yesterday and today it was healed. good luck to you to. i hope you find out what you, we, really are. thanks.


  280. I have 27
    One of my ancestors was vampiric

  281. Thanks for answering. I dont know if any of my parentd are vampires, but the vampiratic trait may be dormant in them. I Also heal really fast. Would the fact that my parents (and my uncle) secluded themselves from society to study, and maintained a 4.0 GPA show that they are vampires? They all spent at least eight years studying (12 years at most). My whole family is really intellectual, and we find it easy to do better than required for classes (draw diagrams for science labs, research more than necessary, etc.) Ps. i feel energetic at night, and cold doesnt really bother me.

  282. bob- i think vampire traits are genetic. now that i think about it most of my dads family are very intellectual-including me. i find it super easy to get As or A+s. most of my family has a 4.0 GPA. i an very artistic and love to question stuff about anything. i am somewhat social but like to be alone. i can entertain myself. i am devoted to the study of art, languages, history and science.

  283. I love Vampire to.

    I think they are sexy especially there eyes,
    but i dont think i want to be a vampire.

    I dont like the sun,
    cause i burn easily and sunlight hurt my eyes,
    suffer from allergies and the period thing.

    So what these things happen
    to alot of people and that does
    mean you are a vampire.

  284. I love vampires am sure alot of people
    will get some of the symptoms.

  285. I love vampires am sure alot of people
    will get some of these symptoms,
    but that does mean you are one.

  286. Hey reina,
    Same with me. I just won a state art competition and i love platos philosophy (questions everything).

  287. hey bob,
    thanks for answering me.

    today i was the pun of a joke and
    i almost ripped the kid’s head off.

    me and my friend have this joke,
    i always take her lunchbox,
    but i give it back!

    she saids she can barely see my hand
    when i move to take it.
    we had to tests today,
    and i thought both were really easy,
    but some kids were complaining it was hard.

    to years ago i won second place
    in a state art competition, too!

    i can predict events,
    i tried it today,
    and it worked!
    u should try it!

  288. i suffer from 15

  289. Hey reina,
    I have the same sort of thing as you. I have a short fuse, but i can controll myself really well. For example, my freinds always say that i am happy even after a big let-down, like a low b on a quiz.
    In addition, i have really fast reflexes. Once, when someone’s lunchbox accidentally fell from the table, i saw it with my peripheral vision, and caught it without thought. Also, i am in humanities (an college level course with English and Geography combined), and we had a unit test for three hours where we had to write over thirteen essays on different topics. I found it really easy since i rremembered all the stuff (like it was burned in my head). I added so many details that i couldn’t finish the last, and largest essay.

    YOu said that you won second in a state art competition. I won in one of those too. Also, last year, i got first place in my countie’s science fair and went to state!!

    Thanks for posting the thing on predicting the future. I’ll have to try that out.

    p.s., do you just focus on what you want to happen?

  290. hey bob,
    well since everyone is different you should try a lot of different “supernatural” thing. i found i got a lot of varied results depending on a lot of different factors. like when i am in close proximity with someone it works better than if i was far away. also, a direct line of sight gave me better results. i was better for me i focus on what i was trying to do. like i have a very vivid imigantion and memory, so i can get them confused. if i viasualise something i can literally see it happen, but i don’t SEE it. does that make sense?

    today a stack of papers fell, and while most people were achknowledging it fell, i caught it and put it back in place. i also dominate at games where you need to be quick and have good reflexes. once at a doctor’s office he tested my reflexes, i was like 7, and i kicked him.

    vampires naturally creative and musical? i am in the process of writing two books, but just for fun. i love all types of music and can play the violin, piano, recorder, gutiar, drums, and i am a decent singer. are you creative and musical, too?

  291. i don’t know if im a vamp because
    i love the smell of blood and the taste.

    i have the need for sex every day.

    I never sleep jurring the night
    and everybody i was with yesterday is
    avoiding me and i feel wierd when the sun is on me…

    Am i a vamp please reply ASAP!!!!

  292. hey reina,
    thaks for responding. I think i have done some of the stuff you have done subconciously. I also have a really good memory. However, whenever i visualize something, it usually doesn’t happen. For example, if i think i will fail a quiz, i Get 100 percent. Maybe i am not concentrating enough, or i have another talent. In addition, i can tell when something small is about to happen, and i have already discovered some connections between what you do one day and what happens the next day.

    I do believe that vampires are creative and musical. I play all the instruments that you play, except i play the fife, and buzikki. Also, i am a master at Tae Kwon Doe, and have helped my team win the state competition twice, Just like you, i have a lot of ideas. I have about seven books going on in my head right now. One is about a vampire who doesn’t know what he is until the girl he likes tells him about their (or our?) kind. Another book is about a kid (a karate master) who realizes he can control his surroundings, and is a master at using chi energy. (p.s. these sentences are just the beginnings, and they may be changed.)

    Again, thanks for responding,

  293. In addition, i have a really thick dark ring that surrounds my eye. I read on another website that this means i am a vampire, but i doubt it. Also, i have never had a girlfreind although i am not rude like other guys, and i help everyone who needs it. I just have a lot of freinds from both genders, and even these freinds sometimes ignore me.

  294. hey bob,
    both of the books i am writing are about vampires too! yesterday i literally read my cousin’s mind, but instead of hearing her think it, i did what she was thinking of doing. it was kinda creepy. i tried predicting the future and it worked most of the time. i also tried affecting what people were doing and that worked most of the time.

    i have a boyfriend and some of the boys in my class like me( i can pick up on their thoughts and what they are feeling through physical signs). i barely see my boyfriend, so its not serious. i still have a lot of friends who are guys and friends who are girls.

    my friends can be bitches and ignore me or give me crap. today one of my best friends was giving me crap, and i had zero tolerance for it( it was really bad crap she was giving me). i twisted her arm amd she still was giving me crap. i broke my pen in half.

    thanks for responding

  295. hey bob!
    umm……i forgot to say that i have brown eyes then a black circle around the brown. my eyes have get a red tint when i am angry, or they get darker. a lot of my family have a different color surrounding their iris, but none of them have brown eyes.


  297. Hey reina and Deja,
    Reina, i have mjost of the signs you describe, including the changing eye color. However, whenever i am mad, or haven’t eaten for a while, my eyes are really dark brown. However, if i smell blood, or if i have a cut and taste the blood, i feel alive, and my eyes turn into a reddish-mahogany color. Also, i can control my surroundings. Once, i made a dradel (one of my freinds is Jewish) that was about to fall off the table turn back to the center.
    Deja, Reina and i did not mention that we had sparkly skin. Also, we did mention being sensitive to light in previous entries. i also have many “ancient” people who like me, but some who would rather have me dead than being in the same country.
    p.s. my eyes do change color very distinctly. They are dark when i am hungry or angry. They turn reddish mahogany after i feed

  298. hey bob,
    thanks for responding. that drandel thing you did seems very interesting. i have to try that. i enjoy messaging you on this site, because i feel like you won’t criticize me on this stuff because you have most of the “syptoms” you have. when i smell blood my eyes turn black or reddish. i remember when i first posted on this site, i was so scared and nervous and…and worried. you awnsered me and made me feel like i belonged for the first time.


    Bob; thank you so much for being a friend and helping me see who i, we, are. thank you so much.
    DEJA; Good Luck. I have a feeling you’ll need it.

  299. hey bob!
    i forgot to say that you should try reading auras. the other day while half of our class was reciting the preamble to the declaration of independence(i aced it). i tried to see their auras and it worked. i was so beautiful to see bright colors surrounding them. it was amazing. also you should try looking at the moon or a light. i can see the rainbow of colors surrounding it, its amazing.

  300. Hey reina,
    Thanks for answering to me too, and just like you said, we have the same symptoms. Also, thanks for the message about reading auras. I’ll have to try that. (Do you just focus really hard on the people, or do you relax to let the colors flow in?). I can separate the different kinds of light surrounding a lamp too. Also, when you try to read someone’s mind, do you do the same thing as with auras since that sometimes happens to me. For example, i would be sitting in my chair and suddenly imagine one of my freinds thinking about asking a girl out. By the end of class, he would confess about his thoughts of asking her out.

    I have been trying to see what happens if i don’t drink any blood for a week, and i have one piece of advice- dont try it. You always feel hungry (even after dinner) and you can’t stay awake as late. For example, last week, i had to stay up until 2 o’clock for three nights straight for a test and i didn’t get tired. However this week, after not drinking blood for a while, i feel extremely tired.
    you made me feel like i belonged too. Thanks for being a good freind. I was scared when i first posted too, and you clearded that fear away. I’ll try to include you in at least one of my books!
    It was my pleasure to help you find out who you are, and to discuss different thing with you

  301. I don’t have a donor
    (and probably can’t get one because
    nobody knows that I am a sang),
    how do I get blood,
    because (ever since I first tasted blood)
    not having any is driving me crazy.

    Please, help!

  302. What is wrong with you deranged people.
    What are you even talking about.

    The only thing you are is in love with
    a fictional book called Twilight.

    There are more important things
    in the world than thinking you are vamp
    so go suck on a Lycan you freak shows.

  303. i have pale skin, love a+ blood or any other type,
    hate sunlight talk like one,
    hiss, like to travel,
    like bats and wolves, have sharp canines

    do anything for blood,
    fire, crosses, silver, sunlight and werewolves upset me

  304. heyy my friend has been comenting on my skin colour and eye colour recently , because i am getting paler and paler and my eyes change colour all the time for example this morning my , eyes were hazel now they are golden i dont know wat to do ???
    I need help fast tho because if i am a vampire i am worried i am going to want to suck everyones blood including my best friends I am also getting prettier and am looking like a year 4 when im year8 , I cannot live on human food much longer i feel the need for blood i have to drnk it but where from someone plz help me !

  305. hi its me again its really weird i can now also smell everyone so much more luckily my friends blood does not smell as appetizing , but there is a boy who is fixated on me he follows me around everywhere help ?

    his blood smells so sweet and good and he has asked me out 1 million times . i want to kiss him to get a taste of the blood but i have to fight that crave back i nearly bit him yesterday .

    heres why i think i am a vampire ,
    my eyes change colour like 50 times NO LIE during the day , every year i get paler, dark rings are underneath my eyes , i love the taste of my blood and crave anyone elses , i would do anything for it i would fight for blood till the end , i need to have blood somehow but have no clue how , and am the fastest in my class , i dont have to breath for over 3 mins help me i need to know how to feed on blood .Just thinking about blood makes me …… grrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i need it help me someone

    • the person you talk about
      is most likely the one who you were born for.

      if no one’s smells better then
      his he is your perfect match

  306. hey bob,
    when you read auras you need to use your peripheral vision. you need to focus on the person, but don’t strain your eyes. this takes practice. when you first try it the area around the person will seem lighter, possibly white. after practice you will see color around the person. if you close your eyes you will just see color, and this is the person’s aura color.

    before i knew i was a vampire i went years without blood. i was tired at night and was always hungry. after i started blooding just a little bit of blood i was able to stay up later, and wasn’t as hungry. this might have to do with the fact that im not a full blood, but i can survive without blood.

    bob, thank you so much for being a friend and wanting to include me in one of your books. i promise i will include you in one of mine. i want to tell you this, remeber i was every scared when i first posted this, so i used a fake name. reina isn’t my real name, it’s Lauren. i was so scared i was worried about what people would say and do. i was brought up to fear predators on the internet, but you are not a predator, you are a friens, i am extremely sorry, i really am. please forgive me. sorry, sorry, sorry!

  307. when i said friens i meant friend, oops. sorry again.

  308. sometimes i have moods like the one
    i was in when i sent last time i had eaten
    a whole bar of chocolate and was hyper
    when i said the boy bit sozz

    • you need not worry
      you will find the will
      not to attack the people
      you care about but all the same
      you need only to remember
      the guilt and consequences
      that come with every slip.

      you could live on animal blood
      insted of human like i do.

      it is not as satasfting as human blood
      but it will keep you alive

  309. Fire the Vampire,
    Where do you get the blood from?

    • i am a young cook so i get the blood from the meat as it cooks or if it is still patrualy raw i will squeeze out the blood. i have not been able to hunt a live animal yet due to them hiding for the winter. but come spring i will try to catch an animal for blood

  310. Fire the Vampire,
    Thank you. But my only problem is I’m never in a kitchen alone, so i can’t get blood from uncooked or cooking meat. I find eating fat from meat is an okay subsistute. I get human-vampire blood from myself when i pick at scabs or get a cut. However, I don’t get a lot of blood. I can’t go hunting for animals because, 1) I don’t like killing anything and 2) my parents would freak that their little enviromental girl wanted to go hunting. How would you hunt? Do you have any more advice that would fit my sinaero? I have posted other coments under the name of reina and i encourage you to read them.

    • to answer your hunting question stelth is the way to go, tackle and bite the neck of what ever you are hunting. if you are in the kitchen and the meat is burgers and your parents are cooking them in a frying pan you can get the blood off there and then clean the pan in the sink. i know about all your other comments. -Jamin

  311. be careful and i have a uncanny sence of the truth and know what others think. -jamin

  312. Hey Lauren,
    I just wanted to thank you again. p.s. My name isn’t Bob too. I am really sorry :(. I won’t tell you my name since i can never trust the internet (all electronics hate me).
    I also wanted to talk about something really weir that happened. My family just started opening our fire place, and we were watching a movie the other night. At one point, i got so mad due to what the character faced that if think i may have re-started the fire. Before then, the fire was just embers, but when i god really mad, fire just erupted from it.
    Thank you for helping me adjust,

  313. oh my gosh…
    i have like all theses symptoms
    but not for long for about a year now..
    thats creepy…

  314. Fire the Vampire,
    Thank you so much for answering my qustions.

    Hey Bob,
    Thank you so much.
    I was so worried I would never hear from you again.

    I thought you were pissed at me.

    I praticed mind reading with a card trick and it worked.
    I had the person select one of eight cards that were layed out.

    Then I touched a stop on their neck
    where it could feel their pulse and closed my eyes.
    Then I made them think of the card.

    I had this gut-instinct to pick the card they picked,
    when I opened my eyes.

    When I selected their card the were shocked.

    I then practiced mind control
    when we were playing Rummy 500.

    i would think of the card I needed.
    I would either picture the card,
    or picture the person putting it down.

    The only thing was after they put it down,
    I was so happy I forgot to make sure the
    next person didn’t pick it up!

    Thank you,
    thank you,
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought that you would never post a message to me again,
    and you are really the only one I am comfortable talking
    about real vampire stuff to.

    Sorry this was super long.

  315. Just because you read twilight,
    you suddenly think your a “vampire”..
    Yeah right.

    I mean i have all of those apart from 2.
    And i dont go around acting like an idiot.

    1.Firstly vampire skin doesnt sparkle
    (I have xtremly pale skin all my life and omg
    guess what i could be a vampire but the odds are
    none of us are.

    2.This is purely what people believe vampires are,
    when infact if they were real,
    i doubt they want there lives thrown across pages,
    and if they do there they clearly dont want people
    to know they exist.

    3.Yes i am a twilight fan,
    But even tho i have all those,and probably others do,
    its because if you look it up most of those things are
    Very COMMON things people have.

    I have Aniemia but it doesnt mean im one of them,
    if there real wait for them to say when they come,otherwise

    STOP thinking ur one when your not.

  316. Hey lauren,
    Im not pissed at you since you gave me so much support and have been a good freind. I have tried making things happen and predicting things that will happen. I found i can do both of these, but i really have to meditate for a bit. Also, this page says how vampires are really secluded from people. It is sort of the same with me. I have some freinds, but not many ones that are really my freinds. Even these freinds sometimes ignore me. I never show my feelings and i am really good at hiding them.
    Plus, I tried to see what would happen if went without blood for more than a week. It made me really dizzy without blood, and i couldn’t concentrate at all.After two weeks, i got a papercut, and sucked the blood. The improvement was immediate. It felt like i had an adrenaline rush.
    I only feel comfortable talking to you about vampires too. I hope i’ve been helping you through these chats.

    p.s. Anon, how do you “know” that we aren’t vampires. Me and Lauren have never said that we were definately vampires. We have only been talking about some factors that may prove that we are.
    p.p.s. I have extreme anemia, meaning that 3/4 of my blood doesn’t work at all. If i traded blood with someone else, they would be in a coma, and i would be able to stay awake for seven days straight.

  317. hey bob,
    Thank you for giving me support.
    Thank you so much for being a good friend.

    You are like my closest friend
    even though I have never meet you.

    I am mostly a loner but I act social
    so people don’t think I’m depressed
    or suspect anything.

    Most of my friends can(and often are) bitches.

    You are the only person I can really trust
    and talk to about vampire stuff.

    I have gotten better at reading minds
    and controlling people’s actions.

    I have also discovered I can see with
    other people’s eyes and I can pick up
    on other’s emotions.

    At first it was just visions
    but now I can control seeing with other people’s eyes.

    It’s seems kinda weird at first to see yourself
    in a different way like that.

    Mind reading and mind control are limited.
    I can read minds at a distance,
    but can only hear what”s going through
    their head at that minute.

    Mind control is extremely limited.
    They actually have to want to do what I tell them to.

    I can only get vibes on what someone’s emotions are.
    It is not they are sad, or happy.
    It’s vibes.
    If I’m reading their auras,
    their aura color changes.

    I have tried doing a lucid dreaming techinque.
    It is where you stay half awake though the night
    and control your dreams.

    My problem is I become so tired
    at some point(usually around midnight)
    and sleep takes over.

    Also sometimes I run out of an idea,
    so I purposly let sleep take over.

    You should try it.
    Have you tried reading auras yet?

    Like I said before,
    I might be a hybrid so I can go longer without blood.

    However at the 36 hour mark,
    my eyes become darker,
    I get dark circles under my eyes, and get paler.

    I drink just a little blood every night,
    so the changes aren’t noticable.

    Once a week I drink about half a cup of blood,
    and my complection returns.

  318. Hello my name’s Yuuki,

    So i have great trouble of finding
    out wether i am a vampyre or not!

    Ever since i was little i was different from my
    friends and the kids around me.

    I would always be intrested in history
    and loved to play with animals and when
    ever some one would bleed my nose
    would start hurting on one side.

    Anyway as I grew up I started having
    these weird visions and lots and lots of deja’vus.

    They would be of a different future
    or even past and it would always involve me
    and someone being a vamp and then
    in the dream i would too at the end find out
    that i was one.

    I’m not that pretty at all
    and not very thin either
    but when people touch me they say
    i am very cold although i feel very hot inside.

    Also lately for the last two years
    every now and then my gums would
    swell up by the teeth that are vampyre fangs….

    and yes I too hate sun in hurts my eyes
    very very much although i don’t like wearing sunglasses

    i would hide in shadows.
    I love the night usualy when it gets around ten-ish
    i get very energetic!!

    and then during the day i wish i could
    just curl up in a corner and sleep….

    I’ve always had a craving for blood
    but ever since idk i think when i turned 14
    i had a greater intrest in it! r

    ight now during winter is when i crave it the most.

    At this point I am 16 and I seriously
    do not know what the hell is going on
    with me and my body….
    I did read the top page and got a
    whole lot of them right on….

    anyway if anyone would please help me!

    I really do hunger for blood i’m always thirsty,
    i drink so much water lately that i g2g and
    pee all the time but it still doesn’t stop my thirst!

    Please any one help….
    i really want to know if this is it
    or am i just going nuts

    With regards…
    helpless Yuuki.

    i forgot one thing ever since
    I could talk i have always felt lonely
    and that even though i was surrounded
    by family and love i didn’t feel any of it at all!

  319. Hey reina,
    thank you so much for being my freind.
    It does seem like you are my closest freind since i can talk to you about anything.
    I have some really bitchy freinds too who talk and laugh with me one day, and make fun of me the next. I basically have no social life, and i try to keep an enthusiaastic desposition. My freinds have no idea of what i really am an i guess that is one of the gifts i have.
    I realized that i can do more than i credit myself for. I can tell what someone is thinking, and even “control” what they think. I have tried reading auras too, but it doesn’t work too well for me, probably since i haven’t had blood in over three weeks. I just don’t have any sources.

    I can control what is happening, or how things move too. and i have been able to see through other people’s eyes subconciously for years.

    I have to try that dream thing, except i don’t get more than 3 hours of sleep a night anymore.

    p.s. where do you get your blood from?

    Hey Yuuki,
    I know it’s overwhelming and a bit hard to understand at first. I just wanted to say that i had most of the symptoms you describe, so if i am a vampire (which i am not certain i am), then you are one too.
    An interesting thing about the Deja vu’s. When i was young, i used to always dream about something that would happen in a few days time.
    I hope that you get through this.

  320. Hey Bob,
    Now that I have been talking to you I am pretty sure I am a vampire, but not a 100 percent. Something happened to me that was really weird. One of the books I’m writing, I choose a title. The title was the exact same title of another book, I had never heard of. A book I am reading, had a dream about, expect the dream was slightly different. I am not sure if it was me seeing the future or I had read the book before in another life. Today I made the wind speed pick up. I have a lot of different abilities, but they are all limited.

    I get blood from myself. When I get cut I suck that blood. I pick a scabs and suck the blood from there. I am afraid to drink anyone or anything’s blood other than my own. I am worried I might contract something.

    Please try to remeber my real name is Lauren. Thanks for being a best friend. None of my friends or family know that I’m a vampire. None of my family know they are one. The trait in them might be recessive, but dominant in me, so there is no garuentee they are like me.

  321. I think I might be a vampire,
    and this might be totally off subject,
    what is it called when you can
    taste things that you smell? >.>

  322. And I can taste it extremely accurately.
    Like, I can define what it is
    and what not.. >.>

    Don’t care if this isn’t vampire related,
    I just wanna know what it is.

  323. Hey lauren,
    I can’t talk right now since
    my parents don’t know i go on this website,
    and i don’t think they would let me.

    Thanks for the advice and support.

    Now that i think of it,
    you are the only person
    i have ever been this open to,
    in the sense that we share very
    similar traits and have had similar experiences.

    Once again thanks

  324. Hey Bob,
    You’re welcome.

    My mom, dad, nana,
    and my mom’s boyfriend don’t know
    I’m on this site either.

    They would kill me if they found out.

    My mom would ground me
    if she knew I put my real name
    on this site.

    Thank you for the advice and support.
    You are also the only person I have ever
    really opened up to,
    my parents and I don’t see eye to eye
    on a lot of topics.

    We have a lot in common,
    and it’s kinda like I’ve meet you before,
    like we were made to live the same life
    and have the same experiences and symptoms.

    I remember a few messages ago you
    said you don’t have a girlfriend,
    and your friends can be bitches.

    You are the closest thing I
    have to a best friend,
    and you have never been a bitch
    to me and I hope I have never been
    a bitch to you.

    Wherever your future girlfriend
    or wife or soulmate is,
    they’re one pretty lucky girl.

  325. I have 30 of those symptoms
    and I’m starting to freak out
    will somone please email me
    at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com,
    and tell me what they think or what to do!!

    PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!
    I’m freakin out!

    And I have a huge craving for blood!
    I almost bit my dad!
    respond soon!!!

    • Dear oksana,
      I read ur post and i was very intreuiged to respond! I had the same cravings to taste blood of my closest friends and family but then i would just think or do something that pleases me the most (and i’m not talking about sex) i would listen to music or draw anything that calms you down…once u compleately forget bout it at the moment your fine…at last you will need to try and control this urge at some point but as u prolly heard before…it comes with practice! anyway Oksana hang in there and like me seek help and comfort with yourself and the people on this website….
      good luck ;P

  326. Hey Bob,
    thnx for the support…
    i’ve been feeling very sick lately
    during the day so i couldn’t respond quick enough…
    anyway i was out walking one day
    to school in the morning and this lady
    walked past me and i thought i could
    smell blood on her i swear
    when i turned around i was going
    to atack her and drink her up but
    that really suprised me and i just ran away
    as fast as i could…

    heh my life is a total bitch…

  327. I did this cuz my friend told me too.

    I don’t like vampires I’m more of a werewolf
    kind of person but non the less I have 22
    of these symptoms,
    but i still don’t believe vampires exist.

    People that do this are the people
    who are obssessed about Twilight.

    Once again my friend told me to do this.

    I eat steak but medium well,
    last year when I was a “twilighter”
    I started doing these things like drinking
    bits of blood but I found out that people
    that do that are idiots because that can kill you so,
    thats all I have to say.

  328. hiieyyy its audrina whats up people=]

  329. im 13 and i have 22 of the symtons
    i am more alive at night and i hate to get up
    in the morning and sometimes
    dont get up untill 3:00 .

    i can always know when some one
    is not very nice and hides what there
    capable of but its only in men.

    i always look dead.
    i carnt contole my anger
    and i think im going to harm someone.

  330. i just found out something
    i have a really wierd thing about death

    i always talk about it and draw it
    i dont know if im a vampier or
    im just being stalked by the devil.

  331. Hey Yukki,
    Hey. It’s ok if you hsve a craving for blood, it’s natural. I have had those cravings. I get blood from myself. I have bitten my dad and mom. If I can’t get blood I eat undercooked meat. You should try it, it helps control the cravings. When people run near me I smell their blood. My veins are very accented, and they almost torture me.
    I have posted several other comments under Lauren and reina. I encourage you to read them. They start on November 30.

    • oh thank you so much for the support if i couldn’t talk to u guys on tthis website i don’t know what I would do! and I’ll definetaly start reading them!

  332. Sorry I spelled your name wrong, it’s Yuuki.

  333. Dear oksana,
    I read ur post and i was very intreuiged to respond! I had the same cravings to taste blood of my closest friends and family but then i would just think or do something that pleases me the most (and i’m not talking about sex) i would listen to music or draw anything that calms you down…once u compleately forget bout it at the moment your fine…at last you will need to try and control this urge at some point but as u prolly heard before…it comes with practice! anyway Oksana hang in there and like me seek help and comfort with yourself and the people on this website….
    good luck ;P

    • Thx for the help and I left a few separate comments that i need u to read asap plz! I have so many question, and they are pretty much all in the next few comments of mine. and the reason the are separate is cuz i forgot u could reply

  334. uhhh sorry… don’t mind the comment above i accidentaly put it in the wrong place!

  335. There is one power I know I have which is to will someone to do something. Like at school the other day I was experimenting, and this kid was texting, and I started at my teacher, and concetrated, and in my head I was screaming catch him texting, and then a few seconds later she caught him!! I was stunned. I also have tried to control the weather, and lately I have only been able to make it cloudy, so I am trying to strengthin my ablilities to control weather. I know I am a vampire because I had 30 of those symptoms. If anyone has any advice on how to control weather, or have any other advice on any other powers I would be very appreciative if you emailed me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com, and tell me.
    And I’m not some goth chick , and Im not fantisising about this like some twilight luvers do. I am serious.

  336. Reply to the comment above soon!!! plz!!

  337. Sorry to keep leaving so many separate comments but i forgot to add can being a vampire be hereditary from long down the line or does it have to be from just recently hereditary. Because I am now just starting to experinece these symptoms. I was just curious. And also is there a specific way to know if ur a vampire other than reading a list of symptoms?? One more question, does losing the teeth where your fangs come in at the same time singal that someone might be a vampire?? Thx for all ur help respond soon!!!! 🙂

  338. If anyone has any questions, or needs help email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com!

    – Oksana 🙂

    • dear oksana,

      (btw i love ur name) you just need to control ur powers and the thirst unfortunately we all kno its hard to get blood so i would cut my self but u can also try to pay somebody idk anything as long as the other person has given u premission and make ’em feel comfterble, the blood that way taste better and u don’t feel terrible since you just figured this out…..anymore questions just ask i’m here 🙂

  339. its really weard
    i have all though’s symptoms.

    i sparkle in the sun and it is hard to hide it.
    i crave blood alot.

    please if u no how to stop it tell me.

    my fangs come in when another vampire is around.
    i have a big family and i think they know do i tell them?

    i also have two children
    named gabbi and diamond

    sincerely daphne

    • If you don’t want to tell them you don’t have to but if you do then just casually bring up the paranormal then guide the conversation towards vampires. Then if they atsrt to go wacko and say vampires arn’t real just move on. But if they seem to believe they are real explain to them calmly what you are. And if you are craving blood try to steal some blood bags from the hospital if you have any relatives that work at a hospital or blood bank tell them u need it for personal reasons. Or try to do something to distract the cravings. And for the sparkling try to see how much you sparkle, and maybe try sunblock. I have trouble with that also, and sunblock helps most of the time. If you have anyother question just email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com 🙂

    • Dear Daphne,
      First of all calm down you wouldn’t want ur children freaking out…anyway try to see if that big family of yours has any past history with vampires you could ask them questions about that but they might wonder why would you ask and you would need a side story like ‘im writing a book soo i need some refrance’ ur a smart woman i bet you can find something…..if they don’t respond without ease they are probly hiding something so then you could try to find out stuff on internet local newspaper of where they live (make sure if they lived where they do now for a longer period of time or the magazine thing might become a challange). To tell u the truth there is no way of stopping this but there is a way of easing the craving. If you get a cut drink the blood, eat uncooked meat, sushi is good too thats what i eat, and well as some of us said on this website either get it from a blood bank or pay someone. But nevertheless just calm down and continue your usual life style….hope this works…

  340. plesese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I CANT STAND IT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Try to do something that pleases you, or something that will distract you. Like listening to music or reading, or drawing. If worst comes to worst try to steel some blood bags from a hospital, or feed on yours self. If you have any other question email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com 🙂

    • hey….like oksana said listen to music, read a book, draw what ever pleases u in the moment and preocupy ur self with that otherwise there isn’t much to do just try to ease the feeling jason and try to calm urself whenever u have a craving for blood

  341. …I have all of these,
    does that mean I’m a Vampire,
    or is it only a clue,
    just a ledge to hang onto before I find more info?

  342. Hey Oksana,
    I have been on this site for a while. I have a lot of other comments posted, and I think you should read them. I have also experimented with controling people’s actions. I was shocked when it worked. I was playing Rummy 500 and I needed one card. I was thinking about it so hard the person actually put it done. I was shocked and amazed. I won the game :).

    Believe me you don’t want to bite anyone at all. They will hold it over your head and won’t forget it. I feed off myself because I have no other option. I also eat the fat of cooked meat and eat steak that is medium rare. Any advice?

    I have experimented with several other abilities like mind reading, controling actions, effecting emotions, seeing with other people’s eyes, and controling the weather. They have all worked but they can be VERY circumstancial.

    At this point I’m postive I’m a vampire, but I don’t know if I’m a hybrid or not.

    • If you could email me, and tell me some tips on each power you just listed it would appreciate it alot! My email is jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com. And for the advice on eating continue to feed on your self just to keep you from going ravenous. It might not hurt to try rare meat. It will quench your thirst even more. I’ve tried it. If you have any other question just ask! 🙂

    • hey quick question what do u mean hybrid??? i sorta think that im a psychic vamp but still not sure…any help??

      • Sang = Drinks Blood. Increased senses and abilities.

        Psy = feeds off emotions. get psychic abilities like mind or weather control.

        Hybrid = does both. usually all abilities, but weaker to begin with; if u train, u’ll get them as good or even better than a Psychic’s or a Sanguinarian’s.

  343. i think i finaly found it…..i searched up more and learned that i might be a psychic vampire…one that feeds of peoples emotions and can too feed of blood but not very necessary…..if anyone here is one could yyou help me understand this more??? please

  344. I think it might mean that you don’t have to drink blood, but you just have to pay very close attention to peoples emotions, and that you are sensitive to the emotions around you, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Now I do know what that type of vampire does. They will start a normal comnversation ,and then the energy comes atoumatically, and then after your done talking to them thay seem tired. Also you have to make them use posotive emotions in the conversation.

  345. Hi everyone! It’s Oksana! If you have any question don’t post a reply comment, or a sparate comment because I haven’t told my parents anything, and we are going out of town, and I can’t let the rest of my family see, so just email with your questions at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com. I will post another comment when I am able to get on this website without ppl knowing. Yall understand why I have to hide this. 🙂

  346. Hey Oksana,
    Here are those tips you asked for:
    Mind Reading-mind reading just comes naturally and you csn’t control it. I will either see what they are seeing, think of what they were thinking, or do what they were thinking of. It comes naturally for me and I can’t control it.
    Controlling Actions-controlling actions takes a little pratice. You neeed to think (almost scream in your head) of what you want them to do. You could also picture what you want them to do. It works better on people in your family or people in the same sex as you. Also if you are touching the person or can feel their pulse or heart beat it works better. A direct line of sight a gave me better results.
    Effecting Emotions-effecting emotions is really the same as controlling actions. Instead, just think of the name of the emotion or think of how you would feel experienceing that emotion.
    Seeing With Other People’s Eyes-It’s definately the easiest for me. I just need to close me eyes, put myself in their place and when I open my eyes a picture of what the see and sometimes feel is fresh in my head.
    I really can’t give you any advice on controlling the weather because I haven’t gotten any extremely solid results. I might be a result of a physic vampire and a “regular” vampire. My mom always falls asleep when I am around her. It is so freakin’ annoying. However, after I drink blood I feel awake.

  347. I need help people. please email me
    at mtrocianko@yahoo.co.uk with any tips.

    I’m not sure if I’m a vamp,
    but I’m usually cold on touch.
    I really need help,
    cause I always since I was 13,
    I wanted to be a Vampire…
    and I started to act kinda strange…
    kinda gothy :P.

    I want to be sure if I’m a Vampire…
    I might be a Hybrid,
    as I love blood,
    and I have a small mind control thing.

    • Saromin,
      I tried to email but it didn’t work.
      So I am leaving a reply.

      I think you might be a hybrid,
      because they don’t have storng powers
      but do love blood.

      To see if you are a real vampire
      try practicing mind control.

      Just stare at a human or animal
      and scream in your head what
      you want them to do ( animals are easier).

      If you have any other questions email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com.

      P.S You don’t have to be goth to be a vampire. I’m not. And I am a vampire.

      • I’m not goth, just slightly gothy/punk. like wearing full black, thats al, yes, every day I wear black gloves, even if it’s warm 😛

  348. If you read my comment abou tme going out of town
    I will post a separate one before i leave tomorrow morning,
    then you will have to only email me
    at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com.

    Please remember to not post a comment
    asking me a question.


    I have to hide this from the rest of my family,
    and if I am just on my email they won’t suspect anything.

    at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com!!!!!!

    You all understand why I have to hide
    this from the rest of my family,
    cuz if they found out they would freak out!!!!

    Feel free to EMAIL me any questions you have!!! 🙂

  349. hello agian guys and girls i havnt been on for a while
    because my mom took my computer and i am a vampire
    or maybe kind of a werewolf
    but whatever i am im not obssesed with twilight
    it just some wierdo movie that had girls going
    for the vampire tricks

    if you have no idea what i mean neither do i
    im just typing im in my own world
    more i can read minds better now
    i stay up almost all night

    i have a stronge bond with dogs aww how cute
    they are i can cause pain to animals.

    i have no emotions anymore

  350. hey ppl, does it mean anything, if while your screaming inside for blood because you didn’t drink any in a almost a year, you faint? just wanted to know. I remember I once fainted in church (Probably cause of the lack of air (too many ppl inside)) 😛

  351. Ok ppl I’m about to leave to go out of town so don’t forget to only email me!!!!! at jonasbrozfan7272@gmail.com

  352. i have spme of these symptoms
    well nearly all,ibe always been intrested in vampires,
    ever since i can remember
    but now i seem to be more curious
    and wonder if i am one or
    i used to be in my past life,
    to be honest am confused.

    dont know what to think.
    i need some answers….

  353. i forgot if any one can help me heres my email becka_boo456@live.co.uk

  354. all but 5

    im not joking i do drink blood
    i have very long nails extremly fascinated
    by vampires everyone avoids me
    ( probably scared ill bite them )
    i have only one close friend

    from brandon

    • Hey Brandon,
      don’t worry about not having any friends…trust me ur better off with the one u have b/c not too long ago i lost all of my friends but the two closest one i have now….they all left me b/c they thought i was a weird person and unfortunately one of them saw me drink blood from my ex and when i drink it i do get a bit wild so she told every one and now all of them think i’m a weird vampire whore! but anyway u should keep that friend close don’t ever loose him/her b/c u might one time be in the need of having someone thr….


    • vampires are very real

      I have thirty five of the symtoms
      if there is any one who feels they are
      the only ones you are not I have two cousins
      one is 13 and the other is 10

      they both are vampires and so am I !!!!!!!


  355. i have 22 of those symptoms.
    i only have one best frend
    people tend to stay away from me
    sometimes i dream the future and it come true
    i love animals and animals love me
    i like to stay up all night and sleep during the day
    and i really want blood

  356. i have been always intrested in vampires

  357. oh and if u have a comment email it to rozyte@hotmail.co.uk

  358. Karoloina,
    Hey, I’m sorry but I can’y email ANYONE.

    I have 35 symptoms.
    I have had future visions, too.

    I love animals, but I prefer cats and horses.
    All animals love me,
    but dogs avoid me at first.

    I stay up extremely late, like until 4 in the morning.
    I sleep until noon and take constant
    naps during the day.

    I drink my own blood and eat medium rare meat
    (so my parents don’t freak out).

    A few days ago I ate uncooked calarami.
    It was really good :).

    But the one problem was there
    was no real taste and no blood.

  359. well i dont nap but when the sun is out i like to stay inside and do nothing.And whenthe sun goes down i want to go out of

  360. i want to go out of my house because i cant stand to be in one place.

  361. hey guys,
    Sorry i couldn’t be on for a while, and i see that i missed a lot. Lauren, thank you so much for your support, it has helped me through this process a lot. I really hope i have helped you as much as you have helped me since, if that isn’t the case, i am really in debt to you. Also, i know your future husband/ soulmate will be very lucky to be with you. THanks for saying that to me.

    Hey guys, as i said, i haven’t been here in a while, so the replies have piled up. I don’t think i could respond to all of your messages in less than threevolumes. If you want some 1 on 1 talk, just ask me directly, and ill help you to the extent of my ability.

    Once again thanks lauren for your help, and suport. I hope you don’t hate me for not responding in such a long time,

  362. i can belive that i have all of thoose feelings
    and i cannot belive that im a vampire

  363. me and my brother have the same feeling
    and some how were r strange and weird
    in the same time:by sam im 12

  364. i cant belive that im a vampire
    i mean i got all of thoose feelings

  365. Hi ppl if you need any help email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com! 🙂

  366. hi ppl, it’s me again. since a few months ago, now if I stay up to 23:00 |I can’t go to sleep afterwards, and (if any of u r doctors) I sometimes start breathing really hard and uncontrolably and twiching and stuff… sometimes (if in the church) I just faint, cause there’s probably too much ppl inside, and I find it hard to breath (nobody els does… probably some rare illness (no, I don’t have asthma)) I fainted last week… it was awsome! but I don’t want to try that again… plz help!

  367. pls help me!!!!!!!! i wanna be a real vampire……
    idont know if i am…..
    so can anybody tell me…
    i confess…
    im 10 years old!!! 🙂

  368. I’ve got all of these.. But the problem is that it startet 14 days ago….

  369. I have all the symptoms.
    dose this mean im a vampire?

    If it dose that is cool.
    now I know why I get this filling
    like I’m going to bit people when
    I look at someone’s veins for too long
    or I see blood

  370. after now long would i defenetly find out that im a vampire?
    And how would i find out?

  371. could anyone help me!!!!!!!!!!!? i am sooooo hungry and to be frank it scares me to drink blood of someone else and i just keep on eating food and i’m still hungry i ate like the whole fridge and im soo hungry usualy if i ate a normal meal i would be full but now i am getting hungry and very thirsty and im very scared!! two nights ago i was in my bathroom with the lights of washing my hands and when i looked up to the mirror my eyes changed into a weird shape and they turned dark red!!!! plese anyone i’m very scared! …..scared i’ll do something very bad….please help me….

  372. Hi Yuuki, I wnted to reply and say that since your eyes are turning colors obivously that means you are hungry. Well if you are hungry then simply make a tiny cut on your finger( and I mean tiny cut), and drink from that. It won’t make you completely full but it will satisfy your hunger for quite a while.

  373. hey ppl, 1 thing: if I really Am a vampire after all, then it’s awsome, but I don’t think vampires are bad, while all I want to do is hurt… don’t know why, I used to be different, but now All i want to do is hurt ppl… does being a vamp make u do that? if so, then no ty…

  374. There might be a power like that. Try to picture yourself hold that item in your head, then whatever place pops into your head try looking there. Tell me if it works.

  375. Vampirism is both a curse, and a blessing.
    use it right, and you’ll obtain REAL freedom; use it wrong, and you’ll never be happy.

    in my opinion, it’s just a test. a test to see if your will is strong enough. afterwards, you either get the reward, or the punishment.

  376. Bob,
    O my God, I’m so happy to see you posted something. I thought you were in HUGE trouble because your parents found out about this. I have committed myself to not killing humans of animals, so I am drinking my own blood and eating raw meat and getting blood from raw or cooking meat. I’ so happy right now. You understand me like no one else. You are not and never in debt to me because you gave me the greatest support ever. If I didn’t give you enough support I’m the one who’s in debt. A few years ago I went to a terapist because I seculded myself from everyone after my grandfather died. She helped me but it was nothing compared to what you have done for me.

    Bob, this my sound weird and stupid but I think I have a crush on you. I understand if this freaks you out. If you read this and never want to talk to me again I understand.

  377. er, i have all the symptoms on here?
    (except for the sex ones..)

    i always thought that everyone experienced them.
    no joke. im very young,
    like not even in my teens.
    i’m only 12!!

    my parents always worry about me.
    ever since i was a little girl.

    i have a very strong passion for romantic,
    old-fashioned things.
    is that weird?

    i have lots of friends,
    but none of them understand me.
    except for one.
    shes a year younger than me
    but she really does get me.

    her family is like my family.
    always there for me.
    i feel like they know me better than anyone else.
    even my own family.

    people call me goth but i’m really not.
    if anyone knows wat’s wrong with me,
    please e-mail me at jessica.paulson@rocketmail.com

    it would be really helpful!! 🙂

  378. hey lauren,
    i think i have a crush on you too.
    Don’t worry, you aren’t indebted to me.
    You are the only person i have
    ever opened up to this much,
    even more than my family at some points.

    I hope you really do feel the same for me.
    Like you said about your therapist a few years ago,
    my parents have sat me down for dozens of talks.

    However, they never had the same effect
    as talking with you.
    I really feel like your are the best freind i have.

    Thank you so much,
    and i hope you continue tolking with
    me over this website.

  379. awwwwwwwwww how romantic.
    i suggest you give each other
    an email address.

    lauren, you and “bob” have the choice
    to have a future together or separate.

    i see 2 paths in front of you.

    one leads to unhappy lonelynes
    the other to a happy romantic
    relationship with “bob”

    • fire the vampire can help me plz
      i dont no if i am one but my eyes
      are sesitive to sun or bright light annd
      i allways tired wen it day time but at night
      pass 8 my eyes turn black and i am full of energy
      and i can climb abnormally fast

      i climbed a 9 ft tall fence up and over in 5 seconds
      k so just email me at britton.hollander@gmail.com
      k thanx and plz give me some ansers

  380. i have 26 of the symptons, am i a vampire?

  381. oh, i forgot to put i’m 5ft 8 and i just turned 12

  382. Bob,
    I can’t give you an email address
    because I don’t have a email address of my own.

    I will continue to talk to you through this site
    until I get my own email address.

    I want to meet you
    and don’t take that the wrong way.

    Fire the Vampire,
    I’ve talked to you through this site before.

    I know you only mean to help.

    But I have two things to say and
    I am speaking for myself only

    1) If you are genunily trying to help us,
    thank you and I personally want to express my gratitude and

    2) If you are being sarcastic I don’t need your sympathy.


    • i am just here to help all who need my help

    • i saw you two you and “bob’ together. you can make an account on gmail for free no one in your family will know this goes for you as well “bob”

      • Hey fire..
        um im kinda new on this website
        but im about 103 soooo …
        hey i was wondering if you could help me,
        so if you could contact me as soon
        as possible that would be marvelous.


  383. I have 23 of these symptoms!

    I also have very pale skin,
    and it does naturally sparkle a little.

    I have fang like teeth and
    I’m 11 years of age.

    Someone like me wouldnt realize this young.
    Please can someone tell me if i am a vampire?

    I really need to know what I am,

  384. Lauren,
    i have an email adress,
    but my parents check it every so often,
    so i can’t use that.

    I might be able to get a new one just for this.

    I want to meet you in person too.
    However, we may not live near enough to get together.

    If you have a skype account,
    then we can definately talk over that.
    If not,
    then we can continue communicating
    through this website,
    until better options open up.

    Fire the Vampire,
    i have the same two ideas
    for what you meant as lauren does.


    I think i may have told you this before,
    but my real name isn’t bob.

    I’m sorry,
    but i still can’t tell you my real name.

    don’t take this the wrong way,
    I know you are someone I can trust,
    but this site is open to everyone else
    who has a computer.

    If the computer got a virus
    from someone who saw my name,
    then my dad would be able to trace
    it back to this website,
    and the website would be blocked
    from our computer.

  385. sorry about the sarcasm
    but i do mean the 2 paths are in front
    of both of you you will have to choose
    eather to be together or find another way to be happy.

    happy new years.

    at the time of the 12 second
    of the 12 minute
    of the 12 hour
    of the day/noon on the 12 day
    of the 12 month
    of the 12 year
    of the 20 century the power
    of the world will shift to all of us
    (vampires) and the time of
    human rule will end in ash.

    humans will still live but
    not as the superior race

    • how do you know that

      • i have the ability of the sight. i see the future. i have this power i see this: the ground shaking, people running, buildings falling burning, meators hitting, clouded skys and i see us vampires standing on a hill over looking a city witch city i don’t know but it is a repetitive vision

      • it is a burden more than an advantage.

  386. i can’t help it i feel like im the only one
    like no one is there to help me
    i luv all the advice and all but it doesn’t help
    me too much I did what oksana told me to do
    and i am still thirsty…

    and yesterday i almost bit my cuzin
    on the neck and my mum on her hand
    I can’t stop its like this huge trance is in me…

    and now officialy i can’t sleep during night
    its like a torture when im trying to fall asleep
    but i can’t and exactly at 6:00 a.m.
    i fall asleep and i won’t wake up until noon
    and then i walk around looking like a zombie
    tired and all untill 10 p.m.
    and thats when i want to go on the prowl….

    i wanna leave but then i can’t b/c i know i will turn bad,
    very bad if i leave……
    i’ve seen it in my dreams….
    anyone….any help…please……..

    • I know I told you to get it from yourself, but unless you feed from the source your hunger will never be completely satisfied. Even if you drinks from blood bags it won’t be satisfied. I have hd many dreams of myself to, and thats normal. If you look farther below this comment you will find mine about my dream. Just keep hanging on, and don’t wander off that will be the worst descision ever… Trust me. I would know.


  387. Hi
    I have all of these
    (except the sex ones)

    I’m only 12.
    am I a vampire?

    someone help
    I don’t have an e-mail address
    so contact me through this site.
    (I put a fake e-mail)

  388. i have 32 of these and im starting to get really scared
    i dont realy like people because i just dont
    and the only people i like is my group of friends
    and i dont even really connect with a few of them
    but i mean when ever i got a cut i suck my own blood
    just because i like the taste ???

    and anytime im with my friends theyr always
    like omg i feel tired and i only go out after 5 cuzz
    the sun hurts my eyes and in the summer
    i only go out after 6-7

    i rarely go out in the day and when
    i do i wear dark clothes that cover me up
    even if its the sunnyest day ever

    i hate the sun it gets on my nerves
    im not realy alergic to enything only a few things
    and i get sunburnt soo easely and when
    i do go out when its sunny i goo as red as red
    can be and i am alot paler that my friends
    they’re all average skin toned and I’m nearly white
    and i dont understand well apart from that my
    mothers the same but shes not pale :/

    I need to know if i am one or not ??? :/ x

  389. I have some of that sympthons
    but I’m not a vampire I can see aura
    can use a little psi energy and the dog
    hates me but when I’m looking in their
    eye straightly they bark on no people
    they just bark on it and the dogs
    hate me even they see for months they
    always bark me like a angry at me
    and I feel tired at day and more active at night
    but I sleep at night I sleep around 12:00 to 1:30
    and theres a time I don’t sleep for a whole day
    but I don’t feel tired I just sleep 12:00 after
    that day and when I have a bone fracture I don’t
    feel pain and when I thought something it will
    happen a accidentally thought I mean a thought
    that I’m not willing to say

    can u help me what its mean?
    and sorry for my bad english I’m Filipino

  390. hey guys,
    i don’t have much time
    but i think you guys may be vampires
    (from my limited knowledge).

  391. I have every single one of those symtoms plus i hate the sun.

  392. OMG i have all the things ecept sex part im only nine
    but i cant get blood and also i have two growing teeth
    that look sharp and vampire any one that has these email me at princess_maryrose@hotmail.com

  393. I Think that you all are stoner’s,
    that have a bad case of Anxiety, Depression,
    Paranoia and partly Psychotic.

    I Have Alot of these urges and stuff.
    But I Am also a very crazy person that has
    i bet half if not more of you have also Studied ASTROLOGY,
    or maybe Half Of You Have also played the Quija board,
    maybe messed with tarrot cards.

    i have spent probably totalled up around 3 1/2 years
    of my life in jail, detention centers, shelters, etc.
    I live a very troubled life,
    that i wish i would die sometimes,
    but i am still here.

    i have to go now,
    BOTH OF MY VEHICLES Heater Cores are frozen.
    2 of my computer harddrives crashed,
    my brother messed my truck up!

    Damn my life sucks ass and still no good luck.
    well ill check yall lata. ~Peace~

  394. i have been a vampire since 6 years old i am now 21
    all my life ive hade dreams of the same woman
    every nite never vague i was turned by her

    she called me her prince every nite i see her
    it seems real i can feel and touch her even taste her
    her blood is like fire on your tounge
    burning down your throat i was small and about to die
    as a kid from a strange sickness my skin was yellow
    and stuff my eyes too when she came
    i saw myself older with her with 7 children
    all daughters we made love and she bite me
    after i woke up bleeding from my neck
    so bad they couldint stop the bleeding

    my parents said they couldn’t enter the room
    and it was cold as ice when they touched the door
    at the hospital i was pronounced dead for 1 hour
    i awoke in my death bed my parents freaked when
    i woke up i remember there faces

    it haunts me to see there faces but every night
    for 16 years ive dreamed of her every time we
    are happy i feel warm alive she calls me her
    prince even spirits do and worst of all demons
    as well her name is ashira shes black
    beautiful green eyes she wears old Egyptian style
    clothes wears a gamed crown at all times tells me
    im her king she even speaks a different language
    which i entirely understand she also never lets me
    see women ever seems they stay a few months
    and disappear when i call there family’s
    i get no answer happened 10 different times

    i no longer date in fear of losing another 1
    all my life i thought it wasn’t real until i saw her
    for real in person told me to only speak the
    language of old to those of royal blood line thing
    is there aren’t many when i speak it to those who
    seem to be they never understand me she caught me
    1 time trying and i never saw him again ever he
    was my best friend they found him dead 30 miles
    from my house decapitated this shit freaks me out
    we are meant to suffer a long time alone
    many years alone somtimes until death

    i love her but i hate her she says she gives so
    much why ask the world for more when she bears
    all i dont fear bieng what i am i embrace it i love it
    and hate it thats how its supposed to be not every
    moment in our life will be embraceable we take in
    what is necessary to survive 16 years is nothing

    i lived before this with her always.
    i died in battle with the Romans
    she has shown me my hunger for dominance
    i plagued the world in hatred we nearly drank
    this planet dry i never want that again not only of
    blood but of undead as well i also practiced
    necromancy before i was turned by her the first time
    she cares nothing for mortals they are just food
    the fuel to our burning desire for blood
    the true meaning of vampirisim is living beyond death
    drinking to fill the deep desires of lust
    and hatred all in all it is a gift we must all embrace forever
    i have learned alot with her not only about myself
    the world and its forgotten history i have been to
    her library millions of pages of spells history things
    that make the skin on your arms crawl even people
    who will become like us everything and every one
    has a story a book even i know when my family will
    die even my freinds it hasent been wrong the hour
    the date the cause so far my oldest in my family
    shows signs of her passing and yet i embrace it i do
    not fear it a true vampire even young has no fear of death
    the uknown or what is to be even there own familys death
    but enough from me i dont expect a reply or for you
    to even belive me truly i dont care we never should for
    we have no heart to care we are empty hollow even we
    only belive we feel but that feeling is hunger deep hunger
    wich will always be there embrace it drink deeply or die
    become what humans call insane i have said enough
    take it how you like embrace or forever feel alone in
    your own darkness …………….

    • hey…this sounds RETARDED, i know, but she has a library ashira..the name is familiar..i know this post is old, but does that library actually exist? where? i really don’t want to sound foolish…

    i think i am and thts sweeet!!!!

  396. none of you probably know me
    but i need help whenever i am around poeple
    i feel total adrenalin and anger and its
    hard to control myself

    • hey. idk what to say about the anger thing, but i am having major deja vu. my friends house has graffiti from before she moved in and it says jacob hunter. your name reminded me of that. bizarre.

  397. Hey guys,
    I just wanted to add that i am very nocturnal, and that whenever i am around people (expecially if they’re excited) i wake up. I haven’t responded in a while due to too much homework, so just ask me personally for any advice.


    p.s. Lauren, where are you? i hope you’re not in trouble so we can keep on talking.

  398. Hey guys it’s me again I’m back from vacation, and I have a question.

    Well I had this dream the other night and here is what happened…
    I was in the dream and first my friend had cut her finger open and she was squeezing the blood out, and I kept telling her to stop, and she qouldn’t and my stomach started clenching up, and in my sleep I could even feel it!

    The feel was so realistic the dream was so crystal clear it seems like it was real!

    And so when she was squeezing her finger my stomach started to clench up, and then in my dream I looked away.

    Then my dream jumped over to me in the living room, and my dad was sitting on the couch and then all of a sudden my stomach was extremly clenched up, and I couldn’t control my self, and you wouldn’t believe how real this feeling was even though I was asleep!

    and I jumped across the room to my dad and was about to bite him when in my head in the dream I kept saying control myself, and then I backed away from my dad, and my mom was standing there in my dream and I kept saying give me a blood bag give me something to help.

    then thats when I woke up.

    but will some one email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com to tell what this dream means????

    because the past two nights I had a dream that I was a vampire, and the one before i just told u about in it me and my friend were vampires but thats all i can remember.

    so please email and tell what these dreams means
    ASAP!!!! 🙂

    • well my opinon is that is going to happen or something like that is going to happen trust me

    • I’ve had a similar dream, but mine didn’t keep flashing about, and it didn’t involve alot of blood…
      Me and my friend were vampires, and we were at school. There were to other vampire wannabes, who were trying to convince everyone in the class that they were vampires.
      Me and my friend were angry about this (It was spookily vivid) and so we gave them a test.
      If they were real vampires, the water they touched would turn red (not to blood, just red).
      So all four of us did the test, me and my friend proved real, and the other two girls prooved fake.

      Does this mean anything? The same dream’s been recurring for a fortnight now. It’s starting to freak me out, though I wouldn’t mind too much if I was a vampire.

      Please reply!

  399. i just noticed that i cant stay in a room
    with a lot of people and if i do me throat
    starts burning and i get headaches.

    But when i go do another room
    it all goes away in a few minutes.

    Please help!!

  400. and i started lisining to piano music but i used to lisen to R&B

  401. try and stay away from other people or steal some blood bags but ive lernt to deal with it and things get alot easier if you train youself to deal with it

  402. uhm…….
    you really shouldnt tell if your a vampire…….
    and fuck the twilight lovers…….

  403. oh crap…
    I really need blood…
    y do I HAVE to have my lizard in the room…
    sooooooooo tempting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i am so sorry saromin…………….
      i have to live with 4 cats also my mom
      and grandma and sister and my sister
      smells SOOOOOO good

  404. If anyone needs help please email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. 🙂

  405. i am a vampire if you some one talk to
    i am here to help

  406. If anyone would like to join my coven called The Shadow Crypt
    (crypt=another name for coven).
    Please email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com .

  407. Hii
    i have 32 of these and im starting to get really scared
    i dont realy like people because i just dont
    and the only people i like is my group of friends
    and i dont even really connect with a few of them
    but i mean when i was extramly emotinal and cut myself
    id be so temted to start drinking my own blood and once i did
    and it just felt like i couldent stop until
    the littlest bit of scence came to
    me to stop :/ and when ever someone near
    me falls over and cuts them selves
    i just have to leave otherwise
    i might get to tempted and jump on them or something

    and anytime im with my friends theyr always
    like omg i feel tired and i only go out after 5 cuzz
    the sun or eny light dose sting my eyes
    and in the summeri refuse to go out till it gets dark because
    when i do go out in the sun it burns my skin so easely

    i hate the sun it gets on my nerves
    im not realy alergic to enything only a few things
    i am alot paler that my friends
    they’re all average skin toned and I’m nearly white
    and i dont understand well apart from that my
    mothers the same but shes not pale :/

    This all stared happeneing after a nightmear
    i had about an attack going on and i was
    the victim and i got bit on my legs and my arm
    and one bite on my neck and i woke up
    with marks all over me

    i need to know for sure

  408. I have to admit, I have watched Twilight, and I like it. Though I know that it is nothing more than someone’s wild imagination.
    What do you think about these traits?

    1) Don’t fit in to any kind of group in school
    2) Never feel a need to fit in, just be yourself
    3) People are curious about you at first, but then tend to avoid you
    4) People tend to hate you one minute, but then won’t leave your side the next
    5) People seem to feel safe when they are near you
    6) You have an odd urge to growl if you get contradicted
    7) Rarely get angry, but scare the hell out of everyone near you when you do
    8) Have a gaze that people find hard to look away from
    9) Have a dark ring around your iris
    10) Have a murderous glare that people cringe away from
    11) Hardly ever feel the cold
    12) Eyes are sensitive to sunlight or bright light
    13) Find you don’t really care what you look like or whether anyone from the opposite gender is interested in you
    14) Have subtle changes in your eye-colour daily e.g. blue-grey-watery green
    15) Natural chatter gets on your nerves
    16) You tend to crave solitude

    I have all of these traits, and believe I have some vampric blood in me. I may be of a different type. Let me know if you have some of these traits.

    • u read my mind i feel all those things every single one of them. its like u know how i feel and stuff.please email me back rozyte@hotmail.co.uk thats my email i would like to talk to u more.

      • By the way, karoloina, my email isn’t working…do you have another way of communicating?
        Let me know.

    • Sorry, I have a few more traits I’ve com up with,
      17) The ability to ‘tune out’ to the presant times
      18) You can will something to happen, and it ususally does

  409. im90% sure that im a vampire but that 10 % im still not sure can anyone help me please i need help
    if you can help me email me Rozyte@hotmail.co.uk

  410. Karoloina,
    I’m not anywhere near as certain as you are,
    but I’m sure that I’m different.

    And that’s a good thing in my dictionary.
    I’ve never wanted to be ‘normal’.

    My email isn’t up to scratch right now,
    so don’t be offended if I don’t reply to an email right away.

    If you want to get something off your chest,
    email me at fearnbritt215@hotmail.co.uk

    That goes for everyone else as well.
    I’m not afraid of what I am;
    even if I’m not sure what I am yet!

  411. By the way,
    All six of my senses (Yes, 6) are enhanced beyond normality,

    I have an accute sense of smell, e.g.
    Whenever I come home from school
    (I have to go to school because I don’t think my mum
    would believe me if I told her I thought I was a vampire
    (and, yes, I’m British))
    anyhow, when I get home from school,
    I can always tell if one of her friends have been round,
    and who they are by just using my nose.
    Is that normal?
    I don’t think so.

    I can read writing at font size 4
    (It doesn’t go any lower than that)

    I can hear the ringing of a phone o
    n low volume even on a plane as it’s taking off.

    I can tell when someone’s near me,
    even when I can’t hear or see them,
    and never bump into people unless they bump into me.

    I can break down every taste in every food
    that I eat (I don’t have to like it)

    I can feel every grove in a wooden table,
    or a scratch in a glass.

    Let me know if you have similar senses to me.
    This is so exciting!
    I’ve never spoken to people like me before!

    • we all have similar senses to you

      • I’m sorry if that sounded vague, but I’m not 100% sure that I’m a vampire…
        I was just double checking if you know what I mean. And it seems that if everyone on this website has exactly those senses, then I must be a vampire.

  412. If anyone would like to join my coven called The Shadow Crypt (crypt=another name for coven) please email me at jonasbrozfan727@gmail.com!! 🙂

    • do you think that it is a good thing
      if my friend is starting to realize
      that i am a vampire?

      he is getting really suspicious

      should I tell him we are realy good friends
      and I am pretty shur he knows after i freaked
      out when he fell of his bike and started to bleed

      WAT SHOULD I DO!!!

      • tell him
        BUT HE WiLL think you are crazy

        TRuST me
        he might go along with it .. Thinking its a game

        he will never think u r serious

  413. I have midterms, i can’t help right now, sorry.