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Edward Cullen and Bella Swan hot sexy Twilight photos!

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It’s a bite Christmas!

Brit star’s vampire hit 

set to turn Xmas red!

IT’S been dubbed ‘Harry Potter with fangs’ and sparked mass teen hysteria when it opened in the States last week. 

Now spooky vampire film Twilight is tipped to be this Christmas’s movie sensation when it premieres in the UK on Wednesday.

The tale of forbidden love among sexy teenage bloodsuckers is based on the multi-million selling books by Stephanie Meyer and is set to turn her into the next JK Rowling. 

But you can get your teeth into the freaky phenomenon NOW as we turn the spotlight on Twilight.

HUNKY actor Robert Pattinson first knew Twilight would be a smash hit when 75,000 teenagers complained he was too UGLY to play the lead role.



But the British Harry Potter star has won over the books’ army of girl fans and now they all want him to BITE them.

Robert—the blockbuster’s bloodsucker Edward Cullen—admitted: 

“The initial reaction was that 

I was completely wrong for it. 

The bloggers were disgusted.



“They even did a petition saying they weren’t going to see the movie that got up to 75,000 signings! 

That was my welcome in to Twilight.”

And Robert, 22—doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire—admits that even he thought they had a point.

Twilight, the love story of High School vampire Edward and his schoolgirl sweetheart Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, has captured the imagination of teenagers all over the world.





“When I read the script I was like, ‘Oh, no’, because he is supposed to be this perfect being and I was really fat last year,” laughed Robert.



“Edward is so witty and beautiful and crazy and funny. 

I thought just turning up to audition was embarrassing.”

But despite his initial unpopularity, London-born Robert is now set to topple High School Musical’s Zac Efron as top teen heart-throb.



He said: 

“It’s a little freaky. 

People keep asking me to bite their neck. 



I was with a whole bunch of teenage girls yesterday and they were just saying, 

‘Bite me please!’

“I have to tell them, 

‘Look I can’t I’m afraid because it will hurt.”

Since Stephanie Myer’s first Twilight book was published in 2005, the novels have become the biggest publishing hit since Harry Potter. 

And the movie’s opening sparked hysteria in the US, making it the third biggest grossing film ever.

Former child star Kristen, who plays Bella, admitted she has also been stunned by the reaction to the film — which has seen hordes of fans outside premieres.



She said: 

“The crowds of people screaming, it’s overwhelming.”



The Panic Room star, who turned 18 while making the movie, added that some of the books’ female fans have freaked her out.



She said: 

“I’ve had girls move down autograph tables and look at me with the most severe amount of disdain. 

That is a little unnerving. 

They say, ‘Just your name. 

Can you not write anything but your name? 

I’m like, ‘Sure’.”



Kristen’s character falls for Edward when they are paired as biology buddies at Forks High School. 

But as the pair grow closer, Edward has to struggle to overcome his most basic desires—to suck on Bella’s blood.



He must also fight to protect her from other vampires, including evil James, played by US telly star Cam Gigandet.

In the official guide to the movie, The Twilight Illustrated Companion, director Catherine Hardwicke tells how she fell in love with the story immediately when she first read the novels.



She said: 

“Edward loves Bella and wants to protect her, that’s everybody’s fantasy. 

And there’s sexual tension. 

They can’t go too far or he’ll kill her, which is this exhilarating thing!



“It’s temptation and desire. 

He says, 

‘I’ve never wanted to kill a human being as much as you!’



“That’s the heart of it. 

She loves him and he’s a killer.”



Top 10 Fangs you didn’t know

1. The series of four books has sold 25 million copies worldwide.

2. Author Stephanie Meyer came up with the idea in a dream.

3. The film grossed $7 million (£4.5 million) on its first day, making it the third biggest grossing film ever.

4. Twilight only cost $40 million (£26 million) to make.

5. Its soundtrack entered the US charts at No 1.



6. A fifth novel, Midnight Sun, is planned.

7. The town of Forks, Washington, where the books are set, has a ‘Stephanie Meyer Day’.

8. Meyer chose Forks because it has the least sun in the US.

9. Star Robert Pattison sings Never Think on the soundtrack.

10. A sequel, 

New Moon

is confirmed.








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  1. omg i love these people i am not even kidding edward is so hot and omg i love twilight!! it is the most amazing book i have ever read and omg i cant even explain how hot jacob is and edward omg!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEE ITttttttttttt


  3. hes the hottest babe expression ever felft ever i saw hes movie iam so in loe with him so freaking hot ever!!

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