You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Russian mathematician Vladimir Pakhomov deciphers alien message found on Earth!



Russian scientist 

deciphers message 

from aliens, 

which he found 

on Earth 

Russian paper PRAVDA


Extraterrestrial beings visited planet Earth

and left their calendar and a message to

the human civilization,

Russian mathematician

Vladimir Pakhomov believes. 

“I did not find the message from aliens by accident. 

I was searching for it, 

because I was sure that they had visited our planet,” 

the scientist said.

A lot of specialists paid attention to several coincidences, 

which they could find in peoples’ legends and tales, 

particularly in those stories, 

which told of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth in ancient times.



Explorer and traveler, Erich von Daeniken, 

wrote that it was extremely difficult for humans to find aliens’ traces on Earth. 

The global ocean takes two-thirds of the planet’s surface, 

ice covers the planet on its poles, 

vast deserts and immense woods occupy the rest of the planet’s territory. 

The explorer supposed that aliens, 

if they had ever landed on Earth, 

would of course have to think, 

what kind of a message they could leave on the planet so that it could be saved through thousands of ages.

Scientist Vladimir Pakhomov believes that aliens probably decided to leave their calendar on the planet. 

Egyptian pharaohs, for example, 

were taking a rather strange oath when they were acceding to the throne: 

they promised not to make even slightest changes in the calendar.

A lot of ancient manuscripts tell of the god of wisdom that was known under two names – 

Thoth and Hermes. 

Legends say that the god wrote and hid certain “books” before he returned to heaven. 



Researcher Graham Hancock wrote in his book, 

“Heaven’s Mirror” that the books of the god of wisdom remained imperishable and invisible through the centuries. 

Legends say that the god did not want humans to find and read the books, 

for the human race did not deserve such an honor.

The humanity did not have the necessary knowledge and technologies to read the aliens’ calendar, 

but the latter existed on the planet anyway. 

“I was shocked with the matrix of the eternal calendar, 

which was found on the walls of the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. 

The matrix makes it possible to determine the calendar structure of any year. 

For example, you can easily find out the day of your birthday in a hundred years with the help of this eternal calendar,” 

Pakhomov said. 

The scientist used the calendar of the Sophia Cathedral as the starting point to decipher ancient cryptograms. 






One Response to “Russian mathematician Vladimir Pakhomov deciphers alien message found on Earth!”

  1. I read Pakhomov’s article:
    This mathematician has really deciphered the calendar cryptogram.
    He has made the great discovery!

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