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Drunk women with bare feet offered tax paid flip-flops!



Free flip-flops 
for drunk women

A Devon seaside resort 

is spending thousands of 

pounds of tax-payers’ money 

on flip-flops – 

to help drunk 

women walk home.

It’s part of a £30,000 package of measures 

in Torbay which also includes free 

condoms and safe sex advice, 

reports The Times.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance pressure group 

described the project as an 

“idiotic waste of money”.

Spokesman Matthew Elliott said: 

“People don’t pay taxes for drunk 

women to get free flip-flops, 

they want police to fight crime.”

But clubbers welcomed the scheme, 

including Leanne Thomas, 21, 

who said: 

“I go out clubbing at the harbourside 

most weekends and I usually walk 

home barefooted because my heels hurt. 

I think it’s a great idea.”



The scheme, 

funded by the Home Office, 

is due to start next month in time 

for Christmas office party revellers, 

who pour out of the resorts clubs 

and bars in the early hours.

Officers will carry bags of the unisex 

flip-flops and will hand them to 

anyone who looks unsteady.

The rubber shoes, 

which bear printed messages about 

safe drinking and alcohol limits, 

will also be available free of charge 

from the council’s “safe bus” 

on the harbourside.

They will be paid for by funding secured 

from the Home Office by Safer 

Communities Torbay, 

an alliance of local authority, 

police and health services.

Superintendent Chris Singer, 

head of Torbay police, said: 

“We’re hopeful that this initiative will 

help protect dozens of women who 

are vulnerable to injury after a 

night out with friends.”






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