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Handsome Hugh Jackman is not gay gay gay!





Australian actor Hugh Jackman 
is glad people assumed he was 
gay in his youth – 
because it gave him the chance 
to act like a “vulture” and 
pick up single girls,
WENN reports November 28th.


The X-Men hunk was plagued by 
rumours he was a homosexual after 
starring as gay performer Peter Allen 
in a Broadway production of 
The Boy from Oz.

The speculation surrounding his sexuality 
peaked when his actress wife 
Deborra-Lee Furness took on the 
role of rumour-crusher – 
telling everyone that her man 
definitely wasn’t into same-sex 

And when asked by MTV what the 
biggest three rumours about were, 
Jackman says, 
“Gay, gay and gay.”

But the gossip-mongerers failed to 
make an impact on the thick-skinned star – 
because he had a great time picking 
up surprised girls in gay clubs.

He explains, 
“I probably shouldn’t be saying this, 
but I remember when I was about 19, 
me and my mate used to go to these 
dance parties which were 80 
per cent gay guys, 
18 per cent girls who were sick 
of heterosexual guys hitting on them, 
and then vultures like me and my mate.

“We would go there until two 
in the morning, 
when the girls were really drunk 
and wishing they weren’t with 
80 per cent gay guys. (I was) 
The worst! 
The leech! 
The vulture!”

However, Jackman is starting 
to tire of the rumours which still 
surround him: 
“I just think the whole idea of 
judging someone based on their 
sexuality is ridiculous. 
In Australia, 
we’re much easier on all those fronts. 
I was playing a gay guy. 
I actually took it as a compliment.”


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  1. Hugh Jackman is definitely NOT not gay.

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