You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Romanian Cristi Birgu is pimping pretty plastic prostitutes!



Garden gnome 
maker’s plastic prostitutes 


A Romanian entrepreneur 

has come under fire for putting 

plastic prostitutes on the street 

to advertise his garden 

gnome business.

Neighbours in Lilieci, 

Bacau county, complain the 

realistic figures distract motorists 

and are an unsuitable sight 

for local children.

Cristi Birgu, 27, who has just 

set up his business, defends 

his “aggressive advertising” 

and says the dummies will 

remain outside his house 

to drum up trade.

Apart from garden gnomes 

and prostitutes, he makes 

reproductions of Laurel and 

Hardy, Elvis, sports stars, 

cartoon characters and animals.

Mr Birgu said: 

“So far, my girls have attracted 

a lot of beeping from truck 

drivers but not too many 


Sometimes I am afraid somebody 

might have an accident, 

arrested by the view, 

you know.”

Resident Gheorghe N said: 

“I don’t think it’s moral to 

display such objects on the street.

“They are a bad influence 

especially for children not to 

mention there are a lot of people 

with respect for God here and 

who don’t tolerate such things.”



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  5. I think this is totally thinking outside the box
    and that’s a good thing.
    The world needs more visionaries.

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