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SHADOW WORLD by ROBERT CHANDLER / book review part Three of Four




Shadow World 
by Robert Chandler
BOOK REVIEW Part three of four
By William Kevin Stoos





If socialism were to succeed at all, it must work from within, transform, and eventually replace, the values, customs and beliefs which bind together a strong society. 

In short, it could only attack and defeat a country like the United States slowly, imperceptibly, comprehensively, and above all, culturally–

by convincing us to abandon that which made us great in first place. 

Norman Thomas, co-founder of the ACLU held that: 

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. 

But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” 

As Chandler’s book illustrates, this eerily prophetic statement is being played out before our eyes in the United States.

Shadow World reminds us–and most Americans need reminding–that socialism did not dry up and blow away with the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

In fact it morphed, and adapted, because old-fashioned Marxist Leninist doctrine had proved an historical failure. 

Classical Marxist doctrine could not bring down a strong democracy with strong religious roots. 

In time, socialists adopted the thinking of Antonio Gramsci

an Italian socialist, who lived a short but influential life–

a portion of it in spent as a political prisoner under Mussolini. 

Gramsci’s prison writings found fertile soil in the minds of modern day American socialists who run innocuous sounding “charities,” political cover organizations, labor unions, and church groups; 

organizations like ACORN, the ACLU or National Lawyers Guild, 

or big money radicals like George Soros

Chandler tells how Gramsci’s writings have influenced thousands of untouchable and now-tenured “progressive” [sic-socialist] college professors across the country 

(“teachers of destruction” in the book) 

who were radicalized in the 1960s, and now seek to influence thousands of young Americans who will carry the banner of Gramsci socialism into the next century. 



Intent on changing America by attacking its fundamental beliefs, economy, values, religions, concepts of marriage, attitudes about human life, and even its national sovereignty; 

intent on turning it into something it was not, they seek to transform the United States into a secular humanist, socialist state, 

whose sovereignty and constitutional rights are gradually ceded to international organizations like the United Nations, the World Court, and the International Criminal Court. 

As Shadow World illustrates, Gramscian theory–that capitalist democracies may be defeated by controlling mass media, mass organizations and public education and transforming society gradually from within–

is being implemented by the fifth column American progressive movement today.

Chandler’s work will not be popular among certain presidential candidates, socialist politicians, or left-wing, 

big money power brokers such as Soros who spent millions of his personal fortune trying single-handedly to defeat George Bush in the last election. 

It will not be popular with socialist-progressive think tanks and “policy institutes” like the Institute for Policy Studies whose agendas subvert our country’s interests and home and abroad and seek to erode and subordinate our individual rights to the power of the State, in the name of the common good. 

Chandler names names, details their organizational structures, their agendas, and the people who run them. 

As Chandler warns, not everything in our country is what it appears to be. Gramsci socialism—

which works from within to erode our freedoms, change our values, and subordinate our national sovereignty–

is subtly transforming our country every day.



Chandler exposes the shadowy progressive-socialist movement in the United States to the harsh sunlight outside the cave. 

One has only to consider the incessant attack on our religious traditions, the ACLU’s endless legal assault on the Boy Scouts, the movement to redefine the concept of marriage, the rise of the culture of death, to know Chandler is right. 

One has only to consider the incessant criticism of the United States whenever it fails to consult the United Nations on any foreign policy decision, 

the pervasive political correctness that stifles dissent, the shouting down of any college speaker who espouse any views to the right of radical, 

the propagation of class warfare, 

and the movement to redistribute wealth, to know that our society is inching slowly, 

irreversibly down the path of secular humanism and socialism. 

The sinews of common religion, traditions, values, language and political institutions that strengthened us and made us the world’s greatest superpower, gave us the strongest economy in the world and made us a beacon of liberty and hope are fraying. 

Chandler’s book tells us why, and outlines perhaps the greatest threat to our society—

the one from within.

One has only to look at post Christian Europe, where few attend church, marriage is considered irrelevant, euthanasia is widely accepted, and the countries of Europe have ceded their national sovereignty. 

One has only to consider that France prevailed upon one third of the signatories of the European Constitution to drop their references to 

“God,” or “Christ,” or a “Supreme Being,” 

in their own constitutions and agree to a new European Constitution which grants sovereignty to a European secular humanist government. 

One only has to see the paralyzing fear of their own Muslim populations which renders Europe unwilling to fight terrorism and afraid that a simple cartoon will set off religious riots, 

to know that the Gramsci socialists have won in Europe. 

And one has only to observe the decline of that once great European culture to know we are next.



2 Responses to “SHADOW WORLD by ROBERT CHANDLER / book review part Three of Four”

  1. I’m looking for who exactly is pressing a socialist agenda in the U.S. I need names, dates, actions…no vagueness and no blurring lines – what is socialism and why should we be so afraid of it? Is Bush a socialist? If not, why does he read our mail and listen to our phone calls? If he is not a socialist, why is his government taking over Wall Street? Let us separate cogent analysis from paranoid propaganda. Yes, the ACLU goes too far sometimes, but so does PNAC. The “left” has no monopoly on excess. Simply because one is more comfortable on the right side of the spectrum is not sufficient reason to vilify the opposite end of that spectrum. Books should shed more light than heat or they be mere comic books or soft-core ideological porn rags. Also, if this is a “review,” I’d like to see the publisher’s promotional description. I’ll bet they are indistinguishable.

  2. My comment is “awaiting moderation?” That is highly ironic for a site about a book that warns us against the slouch toward Big Brother. Something tells me my comments will be “moderated” right out of the site once and for all. Gosh, it’s good to know such fine, well-adjusted, self-secure people are seeking to influence our society by breathlessly warning us that there might be those who seek to stifle dissent and command bland obedience…

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