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The Socialist Party liars and cheats stealing an election for Al Franken is no laughing matter!



Wall Street Journal:

Franken Stealing 


by Jim Meyers

November 12th, 2008



Democrats won the White House and 

increased their majorities in the Senate 

and House, but 

“some in their party wouldn’t mind 

adding to their jackpot by stealing a 

Senate seat for left-wing joker Al Franken.”

That’s the thrust of an editorial in Wednesday’s 

Wall Street Journal about the still unresolved 

race between Franken and incumbent 

Sen. Norm Coleman in Minnesota.



On the morning after Election Day, 

Republican Coleman led Franken 

by 725 votes. 

By that evening, his lead had 

shrunk to 477, 

and as of Tuesday, 

the margin was just 206 votes.

“This lopsided bleeding of Republican 

votes is passing strange considering 

that the official recount hasn’t even begun,”

 the Journal observed.

It’s not unusual that state officials, 

in double-checking the initial election results, 

would find and fix errors. 

What is unusual is that nearly 

every “fix” has gone in favor of Franken.

In one case, Minnesota’s director 

of elections announced on Friday, 

three days after the election, 

that she had forgotten to count 

32 absentee ballots in her car.

In Two Harbors, a liberal outpost near Duluth, 

Franken picked up an additional 246 votes, 

while none of the other contests in that 

precinct recorded any changes 

in their vote total.



“According to conservative 

statistician John Lott, 

Mr. Franken’s gains so far are 2.5 times 

the corrections made for Barack Obama 

in the state, 

and nearly three times the gains 

for Democrats across Minnesota 

Congressional races,” The Journal reported.

The newspaper notes that the post-election 

process is being overseen by Democratic 

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, 

an ally of the Association of Community 

Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), 

“of fraudulent voter-registration fame.”

Franken and fellow Democrats are now 

pushing to turn what should be a 

straightforward recount of existing 

legal ballots into a “complete do-over,” 

pressuring election officials into 

accepting tossed ballots, 

according to The Journal, which concludes:

“With their party only three Senate seats 

from the 60 needed to break a filibuster 

(and two still not decided), 

Democrats have a political incentive 

to cut corners to steal a seat if they 

can get away with it…

“If Minnesota wants to retain its 

reputation as a state with clean elections, 

it needs to run an honest recount.”







6 Responses to “The Socialist Party liars and cheats stealing an election for Al Franken is no laughing matter!”

  1. The Dhimmicrats are really going to have to pick up their game when it comes to stealing elections. The current shennanigans are WAY too obvious.

  2. well, they (dems) got away with it…

  3. Yup, it’s kind of ridiculous that he can get away with this, but well hey, he did.

  4. Yeah thanks for printing a retraction on the ballots in the car. It didn’t happen. And you’re all paranoid idiots and whoever used the template for this crappy website shouldn’t wonder why no one visits it. Learn some HTML you high school dropout!!

  5. Anyone who thinks the dems are cheating should look at Lincoln Strategy Group and voter registration fraud

  6. […] Did Al Franken steal the election? No, he’s a Kind of a Big Deal Around Here. He had other people steal it for him. […]

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