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Lindsay Lohan wants to date Samantha and men at the same time!





love-in looks like it’s heading 

for choppy waters, 

The U.K. Sun reports Nov. 14th.








At spinner Ronson’s DJ appearance in 

London’s Chinawhite on Wednesday night 

Herbie star Lohan refused to budge from 

her seat to offer her partner any support 

while she was manning the ones and twos.

Grumpy Lohan remained in the VIP room 

chugging back vodka Red Bulls, 

surrounded by burly security while Sam 

performed her set in the club’s main room.

A far cry from the very public 

canoodling in DJ booths that the 

pair have often engaged in the past.

And although they were back to 

normal the next night – 

as they partied with LILY ALLEN 

until the early hours – 

I’m told the frostiness in the relationship 

is down to Lindsay’s desire to indulge 

her heterosexual tendencies.





A pal said: 
“Lindsay and Sam had a huge bust up 
last week at Pure night club in Las Vegas.

“Lindsay was flirting with 

a guy and Sam was ballistic.

“Lindsay says she loves Sam 

more than anything but she just 

can’t help that she is attracted 

to the opposite sex.

“She thinks that they should 

come to some sort of understanding.

“Lindsay wants an open relationship 

where she can explore her heterosexuality 

without feeling guilty or sneaking around.”



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