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Enfermiere Magazine of France poll reveals men think nurses are madly sexy!




Nurses make 

medicine most 

sexual science of all 




Medicine can be categorized as a science 

which has least to do with sex. 

Enfermiere Magazine (France) conducted an

opinion poll which showed that 48 percent

of men and 30 percent of women confessed

to experiencing unusual sensations

during communication with individuals

of opposite sex dressed in doctor’s robes. 

About 18 percent of the polled males

and 8 percent of the polled females

described their sensations as sexual arousal.


Other opinion polls conducted in Western countries

reveal that a nurse is ranked as the second most

sexual profession after female police officers. 



Russian males are more traditional in their preferences. 

They place the profession of a medical nurse on the first position, and give the second place to an air hostess and a teacher.

It is worthy of note that women do not see male doctors sexually appealing that much and prefer men in uniforms instead – pilots, police officers and military men.

Nurses were never associated with eroticism years ago, when they were dressed in white clothes from head to toes. 



Modern-day nurses take a great advantage of their predecessors. 

They are sociable and easy-going, they use cosmetics and wear shorter overalls. 

Their prime goal is to be around their patients, to comfort and pacify them. 

No wonder that it all makes

men fantasize about nurses. 



Such fantasies have been particularly strong

during the recent 50 years.

The image of a nurse was later

exploited in the entertainment industry. 



Striptease dancers often perform in skimpy medical clothes – a short gown and a cap with a red cross on it. 

Dancers say that it is one of the most comfortable outfits for their performances for it is very easy to unbutton the gown and remove the cap.



Needless to say that nurses have become extremely popular characters in adult movies. 

Scenes of nurses wearing stockings and lacy lingerie underneath tailored white gowns could be found in thousands of porn flicks released during the 20th century.



A nurse is a popular character for role games in sex, when a nurse comes to examine her patient.

Professional medics do not practice intimate relationships with their patients. 

Such relations are unacceptable and contradict to medical ethics, although incidents of doctor-patient love affairs occur rather frequently.



Psychologists say that patients may often fall in love with their doctors because of the so-called erotic transition. 

Delivery of health care and provision of moral support may often trigger a very strong sexual desire with patients. 

However, the desire may only appear if the medical treatment brings positive results and a patient begins to recover from his or her illness. 

Patients fall in love with good doctors only.



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