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Governor Sarah Palin may publish her life story



Palin considers 

publishing memoirs



She’s been accused of trying to ban books, 

claims her bedside reading consists of briefing papers rather than novels, 

and once struggled to name a single newspaper. 

But Sarah Palin’s future may yet lie 

in the world of literature.

Taking a leaf out of Barack Obama’s story, 

who made a considerable fortune from his memoirs, 

the Alaskan Governor is apparently considering offers from publishers, 

keen to cash in on her sudden rise to prominence during the presidential election.



“Several of our imprints are 

eager to talk to Governor Palin,” 

Stuart Applebaum, 

a spokesman for Random House, 

told the New York Post. 

“She clearly has a constituency and we know books by conservatively centred politicos usually sell very, very well.” 

Mrs Palin’s first major post-election interview was broadcast to a prime-time television audience last night, 

underlining her enduring ability to capture the attention of the US public.



Reports now suggest that she is being courted by a number of top talent agencies, 

which are anxious to represent her. 

Although details of Mrs Palin’s rise from small-town beauty queen to Governor of Alaska have been dissected by the media, 

the publishing industry still detects an enormous public appetite for her authorised life story. 



But her ability to churn out coherent prose remains open to question so ghost-writers will be in demand.



Speculation that Mrs Palin may want to run for president herself in 2012 means a book deal may make sense. 

But the Hollywood PR Howard Rubenstein told the Post: 

“If she plays a game and looks foolish, 

if she sounds like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about – like saying Africa is a country – 

she may talk herself out of a political job.”

Mrs Palin’s interview on Fox News last night was expected to address some unflattering reports apparently made by aides to John McCain on her conduct during the campaign.



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