You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

At least Angelina Jolie knows Brad Pitt will never have an affair on her with some man stealer.



JENNIFER ANISTON has spoken for the 

first time about BRAD PITT’S 

relationship with ANGELINA JOLIE, 

The U.K. Sun reports November 11th.

Angelina recently admitted that she and 

Brad “fell in love” while making the movie

 Mr and Mrs Smith together.

At the time the Hollywood 

hunk was married to Jen.

In an interview with the 

US edition of Vogue, 

the former Friends star said:

 “What Angelina did was very uncool.”

As always, 

a pal of Jennifer’s is on hand 

to expand on things in words 

she couldn’t use herself.

The source said: 

“This interview shows that Jennifer 

is no longer afraid of Angelina. 

It’s hugely significant.

“She’s never been 

this honest or brave before.”




Rash Manly has

something to add –

“A man who marries
his mistress leaves 
a vacancy in that 

           OSCAR WILDE


4 Responses to “At least Angelina Jolie knows Brad Pitt will never have an affair on her with some man stealer.”

  1. Anyone who quotes Oscar Wilde is a friend of mine!
    He knew “The Importance of Being Earnest” didn’t he! LOL
    I think Jen has given us enough material to make a career on making fun of her. She makes it too easy!
    Blog on my Friend!
    I am a FAN!

    One Blog Love!

  2. Brad can’t leave her…even she knows that! Bill Gates couldn’t afford child support for that crew! …and shes not done yet!!! Angelina fears Jen, and everyone knows it!

  3. Brad chose a woman as a mistress and left a wife he made a sacred vow to.

    Good Luck to Jennifer. She may divorce biblically since her husband found a mistress.
    Rose Lily

    I think the media shoudl promote the legal famlly and not a woman who is starting her own orphanage and single parenting society. Love goes a long way for a while without committment based on feeling what is right and fleeing the moment of distress. Also a good mask of beauty hides the familiar scars.

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