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Sexy song siren Katy Perry wants to hit the Roadshow!



Katy Perry has an alternative 
line of work in mind if her singing 
career dries up – 
she dreams of fronting the 
Antiques Roadshow, 
WENN reports November 10th.

The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker’s mother was an antique dealer and Perry grew up fascinated by old artifacts.
And despite shooting to international stardom, the singer still loves foraging for a bargain.
She says, 
“Any girl knows there is no better feeling than getting a great bargain.
 I love it! 
It’s the thrill, the chase and the chance to get something great. 
So many people have no idea what it is they are just giving away.
“I’ll put the hair under a cap and put on a pair of sunglasses and rarely get noticed when I am on the searches. 
I am like a pirate or a scavenger ready to swoop when I see something worthwhile.
“When I was a kid my dad would wake me up every Saturday morning and we’d go out looking for stuff. 
Plus my mum was an antiques dealer in London, so I guess some of it trickled down to me.”
And Perry would consider a career change if the opportunity arose:
 “I wish they had asked me to host Antiques Roadshow when Michael Aspel left. 
It would be my dream job.”




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