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Romanian Christina Zahariuc sent home from hospital with a slightly wrong baby!



Mum sent home 
with wrong baby


A Romanian woman who gave birth 

to a baby girl got home to find the 

hospital had given her a boy instead.

Cristina Zahariuc, 35, 

from Horlesti in Iasi county, 

only realised the mistake when 

she changed the baby’s nappy.

She said: 

“The nurses brought me the baby 

in the clothes I gave them so I 

didn’t suspect anything.

“Only when I got home and I invited 

some friends and the baby’s godparents 

to see her did I notice my ‘girl’ 

had an penis. 

I was paralysed.”

Staff at Sfanta Maria Hospital in lasi 

said the mix-up was due to the fact 

that the babies had similar family names – 

Zahariuc and Zaharia – 

and were in neighbouring cots.

However, the hospital has launched an internal investigation to find out who was responsible for the mistake.

The little girl’s dad, Constantin Zahariuc, 38, said he would not sue or seek compensation as he was just happy to have her home safe.

“It was very strange though. 

We were calling the hospital to tell them about the confusion and they were hanging up on us saying we should stop fooling around. 

They thought we were playing tricks on them,” he said.

The Zahariucs already have two boys, a six and a ten-year-old, and say they really wanted a girl this time. 

They named her Ana Maria.









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