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Gulu village school in China requires students have nerves of steel!



The world’s
remotest school 



Children in a remote part of China 

face a hazardous walk to school – 

because it is halfway up a sheer cliff.

The school in Gulu village, 

Sichuan province, lies halfway up 

a mountain and climbing up from 

the base takes five hours.

The elementary school has only 

one teacher who has been there 

for 26 years, reports the 

West China City Daily.

Villagers say going to school is 

very dangerous for the children, 

since the path is only 1ft 4ins wide 

at the narrowest point and has a 

sheer drop on one side.

Walking along the narrow, zigzagging 

path also makes the children feel dizzy, 

they say.


The school has five concrete buildings 

and a playground with a basketball 

hoop made of two wooden poles 

and a broken blackboard.

However, the children are allowed 

to only pat the balls, 

as if they throw them and they go over 

the edge of the cliff, 

it would take half a day to retrieve them.

Shen Qijun, 45, the teacher, 

has threatened to quit several times, 

but each time the villagers plead with 

him to stay as there would be nobody 

else to teach their children.

Shen teaches Chinese and Math to 

the students, but says only two 

students in 26 years have gone on 

to university because of the isolation.

A volunteer who has been teaching 

there for three months said: 

“The students work very hard, 

but they have never seen computers, 

cars or even flushing toilets.”




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  1. Amazing story and pictures!

  2. i like to see how they go to school and study there…


  3. God bless them…

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  5. That is not my photo.
    I got it from ANANOVA.com.

    Thank you for reading 22MOON.com !

  6. […] remote Chinese school Gulu village school in China requires students have nerves of steel! 22MOON.COM […]

  7. I would love
    to see more photos of
    the school myself Lydia,
    I looked on the Internet
    without success.

    Thank You and everyone
    for reading 22moon!

    If I find more photos,
    I’ll run them for sure.


  8. I am looking for just such a village
    in Sichuan for a development project.

    Would it be possible for you to
    send me the exact location of Gulu village?

    In turn I will keep you informed
    of my indentions and ongoings.


    • if i had any
      information I would
      send it to you.

      If any readers have information
      that will help Michael please
      post it and I
      ll make sure
      he gets it.


  9. Please watch,NHK WORLD on 02-12-2011 China WOW program.Then you can see the full story.

  10. i would like some one to tell me how to get to this place, for 0ne reason only, these children+their teacher inspire me…

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