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Sexy Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost new Playboy lingerie model!

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IT’S been a while since an

ATOMIC KITTEN has appeared

on Bizarre,

The U.K. Sun reports October 30th.

But in the history of evolution a kitten

has never turned into a bunny — until now.

JENNY FROST is the new face

and body of Playboy lingerie in the UK.

To mark the occasion the singer flew

to LA to meet the godfather of filth

HUGH HEFNER at the famous

Playboy Mansion.

She’s in good shape, Miss Frost.

Apparently the “Bunny Bra” gives lads,

as well as the girls, a bit of a boost.

At the mansion Jenny went to a fancy

dress party done up as a ringmaster

with a leather whip.


Photo below by DAVID ABIAW



Photo below from FHM UK




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